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Nostradamus C9 Q90: Persian gangleaders distort Israels super-realism about the art of war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In this verse more detail is given about the battle for Paris during the 21st to 22ndC invasion of France. Within its anagrams is one for dreaming which links it closely to other verses in this section as does another for gangs. The reason for Paris' surrender is implied as being due to a viral attack. To  gain access to this future vision Nostradamus uses sounds suited to an ancient Persian medical authority, Avicenna, as his trigger.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

 uncap lineage panic it detain German gangleader dreaming Avicenna alienated danger
Vn capitaine de la grand Germanie

Islum welcomes universes source verse Jerusalems invader envied rare end Persia viruses repairs
Seviendra rendre par ſimule ſecours

Yesod (Seppirot sphere) disorder days deed panned apen ion environ
Vn Roy des roys ayde de Pannonie

squares Ursae lover left feared gangs sourc[e] rancour[e]d
Que ſa reuolte fera de ſang grand cours
A captain of Great Germany
Will come to deliver through false help
To the King of Kings the support of Pannonia,
So that his revolt will cause a great flow of blood
Vn capitaine de la grand Germanie
Seviendra rendre par ſimule ſecours
Vn Roy des roys ayde de Pannonie
Que ſa reuolte fera de ſang grand cours
L1: <~avicenna(persian medical authority) enlarged germ in a pit~><panic alienated minerva><detain gangleader panic remain><a germ garlanded vienna><captain denial> main danger enlarged dateline dreaming midrange lineaged meandering realigned aeneid

L2: <persia uuelcomes rare viruses end><ierusalemsi sources render invader><source variedness><superealism courses > universes viscerous reprimands inversed revised iesvs

L3: <say rosy deed><panned environ dyes > deep rosy day

L4: <~federate gangs loue urs square dracon~><gangs feared dracon><redsea left> faltered qreuus esqrouu
1: uuelcomers, gangleader, uuelcomes, alienated, avicenna,
2: reprimands, sourceless, universes, federates, inverses, minerva, federate, revises,
3: meandering, viscerous, lineaged, captain, faltered, environ, aureoles, gangers, viruses, eddy,
4: superrealism, ierusalems, dreaming, midrange, dateline, draftee, gangs, syros,
5: mulises, agendas, laferte, reflate,
6: variedness, misrule, fertle, aeneid, days, aseda,
7: -
8: legendari, realigned, pitai,
9: yonder, yesod,
10: squares, panic,
11: gang,
12: grandame, cordu, fleet,
13: vienna,
14: dracgon, islum, soya,
15: -
16: garlanded,
17: drapers, detain, dyes,
18: quaeres,
19: impresa, pamiers, rondy, felt, left, day,
20: sources, repairs, engram, german,
21: -
22: -
23: panderer, maris,

Key Ideas:

gangleader, welcomes, superrealism, reprimands, sourceless, meandering, alienated, Avicenna, Jerusalems, viscerous, universes, variedness, inverses, federates, lineaged, dreaming, captain, Minerva, faltered, realigned, viruses, agendas, panic, misrule, reflate, environ, dateline.


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