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Nostradamus C9 Q34: Luther's impact as a Paraclete on ideology and 22nd C war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The following verse describes the impact in the sixteenth century of Luther's views on the wars of that century. It then nominates the same tensions as being the cause of wars later in this century as indicated by the cipher for Polestar (e part ſol). The reference to oil for knives in the text is a particularly apt reference to the trading of arms for fuel applicable to both centuries.

The anagrams for Paracletus borne (rbon e- t Saulce par) in the fourth line gives a bold and demagogic public-speaking framework to the style and aim that Luther's era pass (paſſ -era - ſur le th). The first line contains a full sequence saying Mary armies letter part souls (part - ſoluz - mary -ſera mi - ttre Le). The last line includes a a sequence saying Baron encapsulate court (Narbo -n et Saulce pa - r cout).

The anagrams from which the meaning of this verse will come include:

Mary armies letter part souls Pole-Star remittal martyrise
Le part ſoluz mary ſera mittre

route contour pact assures rules let Luthers ill
Retour conflict paſſera ſur le thuille

[e]arth y[e]ars terrestrial triple arc ink in kin
Par cinq cens vn trahyr ſera tiltre

Baron born Paracletus spectacular court encapsulate USA Hudson ill
Narbon et Saulce par coutaux auons d'huille
The single part afflicted will be mitered,
Return conflict to pass over the tile:
For five hundred one to betray will be titled
Narbonne and Salces we have oil for knives.
Le part ſoluz mary ſera mittre
Retour conflict paſſera ſur le thuille
Par cinq cens vn trahyr ſera tiltre
Narbon et Saulce par coutaux auons d'huille.

There are a total of seven verses holding variant anagrams for Paraclete. There is also a verse C5 Q26 which has an anagram for Paraclet(eus) and relevant other key words but I have found no other variants than these:

  1. <preLate art martyriSe Soul> <~Letter part mary marieS Soulz~><poleStar remittaL> <Leper /repeL artS miStreat mary zoul><Seaport luz mary remittaL yearS>
  2. <lutherS era Pass><luther aSSure ill plaStic forecount><urSae Route paSS luther iller conflict [in text]> <pact aSSureS luther illeR counterfoil><Luther pact aSSureS illeR contour fil>
  3. <in terreStrial Parc> <harry rateS triPle arc><tripPle arreST>
  4. <court place note uSa uxa sound><hudson Spectacular Non-reliable><paracletuS borne> <aS baroNet clue><baroN nucleateS parc><Speculate born><Near hudson ill bone Spectacular>


1: counterfoil, spectacular, nonreliable, forecount, martyrise, plastic, Hudson,
2: encapsulate, sea-polluter, Paracleteus, Paracletus, terrestrial, speculate, remittal, ill-hued, Harry(s)s, armz,
3: letter-pairs, nucleates, Polestar, Luther,
4: postural, contour, hustler / Luthers, letteri,
5: mistreat, tilt,
6: litter (2x), rurals,
7: baronet, army / Myra / Mary, rays,
8: assures,
9: triple, 
10: soulz, sound,
11: seaport, zoul,
12: pastor,
13: surreal,
14: Artemis, court (2x), pacts, retell / teller, borne,
15: -
16: realist,
17: lost, uuax,
18: plaster / psalter, reroute, 
19: -
20: years, hut,
21: parcel, salute, baron,
22: prelates, clause, unseat, place, cqin / incq,
23: result.

Mary, Harry, Hudson, Polestar, Luther, Paracletus, encapsulate, terrestrial, remittal, contour, spectacular, nucleates, martyrise, counterfoil, Baronet, mistreat, souls, realists, borne, assure, rurals, Artemis, seaport, court, surreal, pact, triple, sound, pastor, place, lost.




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