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Nostradamus C6 Q23: Great floods and fire in the sky affect inland towns.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

As the great flood continues its rise towns and cities away from the coast begin to take note of the danger they face. Their responses are as usual not always undertaken for the benefit of those affected but for those who believe it is their chance to make a fortune. Both the anagrams and the text generate this consistent tale and references within the anagram place it clearly within the two major themes of Nostradamus regarding Fire in the Sky and the great floods at the end of the 21st century. The draconian actions taken can be found in the next verse C6 Q24.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Priest unredeeming greed retried gene immuneness energumen decries
D'eſprit de regne muniſmes deſcriees

seems sum consumes counters yet Troyes ruler reset portents pulse
Et ſeront peuples eſmuez contre leur Roy

coastlines waves exceptionalism Mirepoix empires complexities fix apes faction action
Paix faict nouueau ſainctes loix empirees

pray Paris confute entries residents interests used aroused roar
Rapis onc fut en ſi treſdur arroy

# energumen: a person possessed by evil ghost, spirit or entity.
Mirepoix: a small town in Southern France at the foot of the Pyrenees near Carcasonne and on the route to Nostradamus ancestors village of Alet-les-Bains. It was one of the towns that was taken from the Cathars in the early 13th century.
Troyes: a major central-France town that was often prominent in French history due to its location on major highways.
Munismes disparaged by the spirit of the realm,
And people will be stirred up against their King
New peace made, holy laws become worse,
Paris was never in so severe an array.
D'eſprit de regne muniſmes deſcriees
Et ſeront peuples eſmuez contre leur Roy
Paix faict nouueau ſainctes loix empirees
Rapis onc fut en ſi treſdur arroy
L1: <~prieSt decrieS seeD greed immuneneSs~><prieSt meSsed unredeeming seeDs ><unregimented demiSes Speeds crieS><decrieS menu deterring Seism Speeds~><prieSt miSsed gender menu Decries><dimneSs menu greed><energumen (person possessed by evil spirit) prieSt miSsed rice seeD> <perSeiDs Screeds

L2: <peleus muSe rue electonz portentS><sleep conSumez><~oR yet rue norSe septuple electronZ~><yESter muze portuneS electon Sleeps>Ruler

L3: <~uue fix exceptionalism uSa Persiae action~><seer fix complexities as in uuaue action><aS uuaue prime lexiconist see><uSa mirepoix clients See><uuaue action fix aPes coaStlines> auction / caution touun sectional faction count

L4:<Paris reSidents / diSsenter confute><pRay confute iS roar><SiSter tune>unreSisted intereStS entrieS
1: exceptionalism, complexities, unregimented, lexiconist, unredeeming, coastlines, immuneness, consumez, deterring, energumen, episperm,
2: Mirepoix, dissenter, residents, interests, confute, premix,
3: coastline, electronz, septuple, Perseides, auction / caution, screeds, muzes,
4: confutes, dimness, retired, muses, uuaues
5: unresisted, interest, sentries, spiders, decries,
6: portents, Perseids / presides, royster, demises,
7: striped, inserts, muze,
8: missed, Persiae, Durers, afix, 
9: fix,
10: touun, 
11: action, direst,
12: -
13: faction, prides, count, oilx / xoil,
14: clients, Troyes, reside, dirt,
15: strip,
16: -
17: menu,
18: portune, diuerts, speeds,
19: empires / premise, celts,
20: -
21: pressed, reneged, ruler,
22: -
23: tired / tried.

complexities, unregimented, exceptionalism, deterring, lexiconist, coastlines, unredeeming, waves, consumes, Mirepoix, residents, energumen, dissenter, interests, confute, immuneness, muses, screeds, caution, Perseids, electronz, fix, town, direst, action, portents, sentries, dimness, decries, retired, Persiae, interest, demises, reside, faction, menu, portune, Troyes, prides, count, soil, dirt, strip, clients, missed, premise, Celts, ruler, tried.





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