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Nostradamus C6 Q15: Princely numbers used for the Jesus clone and modern war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is the only one to carry an anagram for numbers and there is only one other that has one for number (C.3 Q.53). Together these verses identify both the cipher source for numbers as Cornelius Agrippa in the sixteenth century and Nostradamus' application of them to future wars. In particular they identify critical features of a war where the very young are used by others to deliver the perils of atomic war. The 'number' anagrams in these verses comes from their common use of the name Nuremberg, a name which gives a modern reference point to such deliberations as it was in this place that the analysis of war and collective responsibility was conducted at the end of World War II.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

subdoses blast atom berates tower peril in subadolescents tomb
Deſſoubs la tombe ſera trouue le Prince

Greek war real perils reprisals surpassed praised number Nuremberg uses
Qu'aura le pris par deſſus Nuremberg

incomer in especial long pleasing operancy
L'Eſpaignol Roy en Capricorne mince

crafting tetraptych threat replay danger wind ember emit
Fainct et trahy par le grand Vvitemberg

# tetraptych: a series of painted panels.
# Pelasgi: very early Greek inhabitants.
Under the tomb will be found a Prince
Who will be valued above Nuremberg:
The Spanish King in Capricorn thin,
Deceived and betrayed by the great Wittenberg.

Deſſoubs la tombe ſera trouue le Prince
Qu'aura le pris par deſſus Nuremberg
L'Eſpaignol Roy en Capricorne mince
Fainct et trahy par le grand Vvitemberg
  1. <Seer uurote SubaDoleScents mob a Peril><rebaSe atom touuer peril><bombs-tale arresT DouSeS Peril
  2. <uSeS Numbers spared a uuar peril><Numbers SurpaSsed a greQ uuar peril><reNumber dureSS a uuar reprisal><re-apprised aural dureSS Numbers>
  3. <ESpeciaL mine long opeRanCy> <polaR-Sign operanCy><Royal-prinCe incomer><o-nce pLEaSing / ELapSing>
  4. <theatry antic><pray craFting large threat><and Fearing larger tetraptych (3 part item)>
1: subadolescents, royal-prince, tetraptych, crafting, operancy, numbers, almost, vvit,
2: surpassed, renumber, theatry, incomer, fearing, number, blast, 
3: barometers, pipers, harpy,
4: reprisal, 
5: long-pairs, Polar-sign, especial, despairs, icemen, unsure,
6: parley,
7: ruleout, rapids, threat, agrief,
8: despair, peurile, cinder,
9: silence, ember (2x),
10: assured, berates / rebates,
11: elapsing / pleasing, spreads,
12: Pelasgi,
13: douses, duress,
14: -
15: rebase,
16: bees,
17: -
18: aural / Laura, miner,
19: elapse / please,
20: -
21: louuer,
22: atom.
23: -

subadolescents, royal-prince, tetraptych, crafting, numbers, operancy, almost, surpassed, wit, renumber, theatry, incomer, fearing, number, blast, barometers, pipers, harpy, reprisal, especial, Polar-sign, despairs, unsure, icemen, parley, ruleout, rapids, threat, agrief, peurile, cinder, ember, silence, Greek, Pelasgi, assured, lower, atom, duress, elapsing, spreads, bees.


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