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Nostradamus C5 Q83: Timing of great petrol-state fraud set by the stars.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse contains an anagram for the supergiant star called Rigel ( il reg). The named supergiants Rigel (C5 Q83), Regulus (C5 Q88), Antares (C5 Q58), Canopus (C8 Q63) and Deneb (C5 Q15) can all be seen as anagrams within the Prophecies. Usage of these prominent stars as his prime pointers for dates is consistent with his stated approach to astronomic date codes. It is also possible to conclude from the text of the last line that Nostradamus took his usage from that used in the Bible. It is Bible data that connects this verse to C5 Q81. In this current verse there is also ana anagram for Libra ( lira B) while in verse C5 Q81 there is an anagram for the adjacent constellation of Centaur. It is events in these constellations over three nights that provide datable ( d a table) liberal Bible data ( d a ta - ble lira - Bible) for planets ( ant le pl) that linger ( il regn) i.e. starts their retrogression stage. There is good reason to believe the planets involved are Jupiter and Mars based on the next verse C5 Q84 and the earlier verse C5 Q77.

Libra by equal planet pulse rang liberal data bilateral label
lira B - ib - le Qua - ant le p - e plus - gran - d a ta - t able l ira - able l

Anagrams able to give this verse meaning include:

excur Aq[a]rius rotten neutron Beirut subunits not pertinent
Ceux qui auront entreptins subuertir

Rigel earlier genre pen linger issuant unit unite incompar[a]ble omen
Nompareil regne puiſſant et inuincible

frontier far part widen strict adviser warned true refit avoids
Feront par fraude nuictz trois aduertir

equal planet plugs abradant data Liberia label  quibble Libra tableland  datable
Quant le plus grand a table lira Bible

# Rigel: bright blue superstar in Orionis adjacent to Eridanus. Seventh brightest star in the sky.
Those who will have undertaken to subvert,
An unparalleled realm, powerful and invincible
They will act through deceit, nights three to warn
When the greatest one will read his Bible at the table
Ceux qui auront entreptins subuertir
Nompareil regne puiſſant et inuincible
Feront par fraude nuictz trois aduertir
Quant le plus grand a table lira Bible
L1: <beirut exCur suns neutron quai><quai reCruit pertinent subs uxe><subunits repent><inept subs true Curiex >

L2: <inState Supine rape omeN linger><iSSuant pen unite><inc unite Noble map SaintS><unit aSSent><ariel genre>earlier SuStain naStieSt intent

L3: <Frontier aduiser part fraud><radios uuarned ztrict patron fraud true Fire><uncited riotZ operant><saudi tier> iadeus

L4: <planet bilateral QuiBble><liBra datable><Bible liberal data><planet lugs liBeral abradant><and a table splurge>eQual liBeria eQuant label tableland liaBle
1: tableland, subunits, abradant, quibble, fruiterer, Liberia, Bible, data,
2: pertinent, Andreuu / uuarned, 
3: nastiest, datable, breuus, 
4: Curiex,
5: bilateral, recruit, radios, breuu, uueb,
6: frontier, d'Artois, neutron, intent, Iadeus, Saudi, rift,
7: braille / liberal,
8: issuant / sustain, Beirut, label,
9: belial / liable / labile, earlier, Libra,
10: reeling, linger, sinus, subs,
11: -
12: -
13: brute / rebut, refit,
14: planet, supine, uuaned,
15: Rigel,
16: -
17: instate, Curie,
18: aduiser, fraud, excur, table,
19: Pellus, noble,
20: operant, inept.
21: -
22: -
23: -

abradant, Liberia, tableland, fruiterer, quibble, subunits, pertinent, Bible, data, warned, nastiest, brews, datable, bilateral, recruit, radios, web, frontier, d'Artois, neutron, intent, Iadeus, Saudi, rift, sustain, Beirut, liberal, label, earlier, Libra, reeling, sinus, linger, rebut, planet, supine, Rigel, refit, Curie, adviser, instate, fraud, inept, operant, excur, noble, table.




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