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Nostradamus C5 Q82: Europes despairing miners fight for survival affects the oceans.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is rich in descriptive anagrams that amplify the wording of the text. Miners and their associated workers are compelled by the owners to work over Christmas in badly reticulated mines. At the heights of a great depression they join with other miners across Europe in riots and make legal claims for justice but their win has an adverse impact on the ocean. The time at which this occurs is when bolides / asteroids become great in number and this theme dates the events as being late this century. A similar industrial theme is also apparent in C9 Q58.

Anagrams able to give this verse meaning include:

 on uncl[a]d pad each horse leads foal for forester restores Seers causes
Au conclud pache hors de la fortereſſe

Norse creations Yule deny seeds reticulary impressions imprisons promises deepness
Ne ſortira celuy en deſeſpoir mis

Bordeaux bolides broadside angle enlarges bandoliers range squares enact
Quant ceux d'Arbois de Langres cotre Breſse

numerations om[e]n told decades soluble caused men need Savior
Auront mont Dolle bouſcade d'ennemis
At the conclusion of the treaty outside the fortress
Will not go he who is placed in despair:
When those of Arbois, of Langres against Bresse
Will have the mountains of Dole an enemy ambush.
Au conclud pache hors de la fortereſſe
Ne ſortira celuy en deſeſpoir mis
Quant ceux d'Arbois de Langres cotre Breſse
Auront mont Dolle bouſcade d'ennemis

L1:<foreSterS lead each horse> <he cAuses no ordeals for tree><hordes / herods cheap foal>reStoreS concauSeS (part of joint cause)

L2: <~impreSSioNs/ permiSSioNs Store needy air clue~><raceriotS miNes yule depreSSion><clue deny><iNterceSsorial promiSeS><imprisoN rioterS><or miNers article epiSodes><reticulary deepneSS><deny recruital><reimpoSes need><erratic remiSsioN poSeS><need promiSeS yule recreations>

L3: <roBert SeeS><borDeaux side><unexact broAdside><enLarge cost / scot><boLides (meterites) anger Scot><aLongside sector bArd uxe><bAndoliers unexact><QuareneSS (tendency to query legality) anger scot reB-el>

L4: <numerAtion aScended / ended><cauSed mensurAtion end><Soluble decade><sumeriAn not ended>minotAurs strAmonium (hallucinatory drug)

1: intercessorial, impressions, numerations / mensuration, stramonium, reticulary, concauses, imprisons, broadside, reimposes, conclaue, soluble, Phecda, decades,
2: bandoliers, recruital, Minotaurs, impression / permission, missioner / remission, reticular, Bordeaux, promises, ascended, bolides,
3: deflator(s), imprison, quarereness, concause, episodes, surcease, Robert, decade, needy,
4: depression, spondees, disrobe, deepness, plaud,
5: alongside, dealings, raceriot, Sumerian,
6: raceriots, unexact, erratic, Serbs,
7: recreations, reforests, forester, equants, Oceanus, bodies, 
8: miners, causes, broad,
9: -
10: caused,
11: ended,
12: article / recital, deny,
13: restores, ordeals, caudex, Isolde,
14: -
15: sauior,
16: Herods / hordes / rhodes, sensed, bard, pad,
17: rioters, restore, Queans,
18: speeds,
19: enlarges / generals, 
20: ector, ideals, cluey, cheap, flora,
21: -
22: foal,
23: deaden.

intercessorial, impressions, reticulary, broadside, imprisons, bandoliers, Bordeaux, promises, recruital, permission, soluble, bolides, ascended, needy, decade, raceriots, deepness, erratic, depression, articles, deny, miners, causes, enlarges, broad, Oceanus, ordeals.


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