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Nostradamus C5 Q69: Icons for Pegasus appear in verses on financial Disaster.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The key to this verse comes from the anagram for Selenus (lus ne ſe) since this is one of the ciphers used by Nostradamus to indicate that a verse is about the icons and ideas he used to present his real message. In this verse the icons shift between angelic names and astronomic figures with concepts of gold and flying horses uniting the two fields. These are meant to be timing signals that come into play at the time of a finacial Disaster.

The texts of verses C5 Q69 and C3 Q26 are united by their shared usage of gold and azure but in C5 Q69 the additional term vermeil is used. Vermeil is silver coated with a layer of gold which gives grand decorative pieces the appearance of being gold while reducing its weight. Its usage in these verses therefore implies semi-precious objects embedded with sky-blue coloured gemstones. C3 Q26 also uses the term phalanx meaning a finger or toe which implies the object in this verse is a dress-ring.

Anagrams on which the interpretation of this verse rely include: 

Oxus (river) memo impel Lunes pull real danger Selenus seen unless Englander fanned USA
Plus ne ſera le grand en faux ſommeil

undiverted pre-invader render spore quintile duet envied
L'inquietude viendra prendre repoz

redress Seers Alpheras angel Raphael rode milder meter revert Remeil azure spheres
Dreſſer phalange d'or azur et vermeil

equal organule queries skew so bewigs qualif[i]er
Subiuguer Affrique la ronger iusques oz.

# Selenus: pseodonym for author of a book on cryptograhy written in 1624.
vermeil: a term for a silver-gold gilt intended to give the appearance of gold.
Alpheras: a name for Scheat a golden star in the winged horse (Pegasus)
Raphael & Remiel: names for two of the seven archangels in Book of Enoch.
# Seraphs: angelic beings.
No longer will the great one be in his false sleep
Uneasiness will come to replace tranquillity
A phalanx of gold, azure and vermilion arrayed
To subjugate Africa and gnaw it to the bone,
Plus ne ſera le grand en faux ſommeil
L'inquietude viendra prendre repoz
Dreſſer phalange d'or azur et vermeil
Subiuguer Affrique la ronger iusques oz.
L1: <uxa fanned So runeleSs grael imPel><enSures a enlarged fan imPel><englander eraSe sun Pile><unleSs real Pile endanger><unleSs oxus fan imPel real danger>releaSe sun danger><Selenus fanned uxa larger Pile>

L2: <quite vuide poz panderer render><~panderer undiverted equiLin proze~><proze render vuide quintiLe>

L3: <remeil DreSS raphael><angel phraSeS / SeraphS azure rod relieD> <a SphereS / peSherS angel><SeerS revert milder><alpha reDreSS><alpheraS / alphareS /raphaelS reSileD><repreSS iDle>

L4: <oz qujres use organule><Argue equal riff><equal fir fear><jargoner sqeuus liquer>negro regjon
1: undiverted, unquieted, quietude, jargoner, adorez,
2: quintile, unquiet, unspell, milder,
3: organule, Alphares / Alpheras / Raphaels, reshapes, Raphael, sliders, Remiel,
4: -
5: equilin, quiffer, runeless, phrases / Seraphs, Selenus, linq,
6: unless, Oxus, ,
7: reinvaded, peshers / spheres, seraph, pulls, alpha, riff,
8: preinvade, slider, ensures, gored, azure,
9: resiled, memos, revert,
10: uvide / vuide,
11: liquer, repress, mime, poz,
12: -
13: Englander / Greenland, ensues,
14: release, sqeuus
15: -
16: -
17: regales, relied,
18: endanger,
19: -
20: legand, redress, harp,
21: greuu,
22: uuager, Orlean,
23: panderer, impel.

undiverted, jargoner, adores, Raphaels, quietude, milder, Remiel, quintile, reshapes, organule, Selenus, link, runeless, phrases, unless, Oxus, reinvaded, peshers, pulls, Seraph, riff, ensures, equilin, azure, liquer, resiled, Englander, Alpheras, memos, revert, mime, repress, wide, release, unquieted, harp, relied, endanger, redress, Orlean, panderer, impel.


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