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Nostradamus C5 Q63: Christian dysfunction leads to invasion by zealots.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is a potted history of the profound legacy St Paul and his followers had upon shaping the dysfunctional claims of the Christian faith. The anagrams that provide the key to this interpretation include Pauline ( ue plain), Sumerians ( umains ſer), Nestorians ( ains ſeront), humanises ( humains ſe), reunion ( onneur i). The futuristic component involves astronomic settings of Perseus ( uerſes p) and Altair ( ar Lati) and a reference to the simpler ( mpriſe l') minded views of the Perses leagues ( erſes p - lagues E) that will invade and impose rigid breeding practices on those they conquer.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

invade empires simpler holes none ruined divine-plan Pauline inculpated (blamed) deviate
De vaine empriſe l'honneur indue plaincte

patronizers zealotry infiltrators fit aim for vague gauges
Galiotz errans par Latins froit faim vagues

in doing my duty innocent Angels alter ancient Terra continental breed -
Non loing du Tymbre de ſang la terre taincte

Leagues displeasure hurts Sumerians Nestorian divert verses mensurations Perseus humanises
Et ſur humains ſeront diuerſes plagues

# Nestorians: Christians who emphasize the disunion between the human and divine nature of Jesus Christ.
# Pauline: followers of St Paul's views on the God-Christ dilemma.
# Sumerians: One of the most ancient cultures whose values and ideas were the source for mankind's cultural growth.
From the vain enterprise honor and undue complaint
Boats tossed about among the Latins, cold, hunger,
Not far from the Tiber the land stained with blood
And diverse plagues will be upon mankind.
De vaine empriſe l'honneur indue plaincte
Galiotz errans par Latins froit faim vagues
Non loing du Tymbre de ſang la terre taincte
Et ſur humains ſeront diuerſes plagues
L1: <neuron diuineplan><evaDe inculpated (blamed) ruin none reliSh><planetic ruined empireS helon invaDe><vain empireS enticeD helon><empireS naive helon> Simpler Deviate premiSe premiSe reunion perilS premiSe holeS

L2:<aLtair patronizers><infiLtrators span rioterz><vague aim fit for saint><Gauges zealotri> fiLtrations partial

L3: <coNtintental anglaterres breed my doing><my debaSer><aNcient noodling angelS retreat><certain angelS Note rate bred><later None interact>cOntentional duTy iNnocent argental redSea terrain intact None endearS

L4:<SurEst nestorianS hum diSpleasure><~plague sEe mensurationS reiSsued hurtS~><ur sEt plague humaniSers unreSisted> <Sumerians diSpleasure not hurtS><perSeus lEagueS hurtS><usage repulSeS> <Seniors lapSe intrude>uuarmiSh untried united
1: contentional, infiltrators, mensurations, filtrations, continental, patronizers, inculpated, uuarmths, uuarmish, Sumerians, triazole / zealotri, deviate, helons, gauges, Terranz,
2: diuineplan, displeasure, intercreate,
3: Nestorians, humanises, innocent, partial, Paulien / Pauline, hurts / Thurs, Aegeus,
4: pelican, plagues, ancient, uteruses, helios, holes, vague,
5: unresisted, planetic, interact, duty, evade,
6: -
7: intrudes, repulses, simpler, residues / reissued, leagues, plague, debaser, Perseus (2x), Helon,
8: invade, atrial / Altair,
9: intrude / untried, reunion,
10: noodling, breeds, errz,
11: pleasures, decent,
12: enticed,
13: retreat, surest, breed,
14: intact,
15: eulogias, united, hole, lags,
16: certain, deriues / residue,
17: argental, latins,
18: diuerts, slang,
19: empires / premise, primes, gales,
20: -
21: neuron, rezt,
22: altar,
23: doing.

infiltrators, contentional, mensurations, patronizers, continental, filtrations, inculpated, ancient, Sumerians, empires, zealotry, deviate, Helon, gauges, divine-plan, displeasure, hurts, Nestorians, humanises, Pauline, innocent, reunion, partial, holes, vague, planetic, duty, Perseus, Altair, interact, simpler, leagues, invade, reissued, breeds, pleasures, enticed, decent, retreat.



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