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Nostradamus C5 Q47: An Arabian defeat seen through the eyes of a hisorian.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In this verse the text serves the purpose of relating the broad outline of a battle in which the Arab nations suffer a major loss. The anagrams give us more detail of the battlegound but it is delivered through the eyes of a historian who is a colleague in Nostradamus construction of his prophecies. Through their vision we know that the battle is fought in a wetland surrounded by vineyards and pastures in which onions grow. The blame for the loss according to the historians is due due to a hysteria whipped up by a lazy guardsman's talk about parables. .

The anagrams on which this is built include:

Levant arranged Abdera Bandar macabre beam breach naive hebraic chamber
Le grand Arabe marchera bien auant

hysterias parables praisable by nations historians
Trahy ſera par les Biſantinois

Latin quatrein tardiloquent (slowly spoken) deviously erodes vineyard wetland  awarded
L'antique Rodes luy viendra au deuant

guardsman land-map pasture reap purest serpant onions pelts
Et plus grand mal par auſtre Pannonois
The great Arab will march far forward,
He will be betrayed by the Byzantians
Ancient Rhodes will come to meet him,
And greater harm through the Austrian Hungarians.
Le grand Arabe marchera bien auant
Trahy ſera par les Biſantinois
L'antique Rodes luy viendra au deuant
Et plus grand mal par auſtre Pannonois
L1: <bAndare arm hebraic graeL><Arab danger><a chamber Arranged><Arranged bi macabre hera><aunt Arranged Large beam chainbearer> <archer / carrhae(battle) beam Arranged><Abdera (Thrace) charmer> dAbaran (Taurus follower) anguLate argentaL Breach

L2: <~nationS hySTerias praisable~><hisTorian yearS praiSaBle><Transition real BaSis><into leSBians hySTerias><raTios in Saint paraBles><hearSay in Saint trios><hisTorian Saint paralySer><aThyreosis (thyroid deficiency) in Saint paraBles>

L3: <quatRein deviously end Leuant aura><a taRdiLoquent invader uuaned><quite delusoRy invader uuaned><a Latin vineyard uuanted><a uuetLand eRodes quaint vineyard><unvariedly quainteR lodes undulate><quantiLe Rod auuarded vine>nataL

L4: <an onion PaSture sEt armand gulps / plugs><guardsman slEpt an onion PaSture><ParentS sEt onion landmap aura><aSatru (Odinism) rePan onions landmap><an onion Purest pEst><noiSe no ParentS landmap aura> damn
1: chainbearer, athyreosis, transition, deviously, Bisantines, historian, hysterias, praisable, paralyser, auuarded,
2: tardiloquent, undiversely, guaranteal, guardsman, annulated, grandmas, lesbians, bassinet, chamber, Hebraic, macabre, Dabaran, hearsay,
3: landmap, parables,
4: delusory, breach,
5: vineyard, uuetland, undulate, angulate, Bandare, 
6: -,
7: Ishtar, Bandar, shy,
8: repays, Abdera / abrade, onions,
9: Petrus / purest,
10: quatrein, uuanted, ioin,
11: carrhae, Arnaud,
12: nations,
13: -,
14: quantile, uuaned, basis,
15: anoint / nation,
16: charmer / marcher,
17: argental, grandma, beam,
18: pasture,
19: Yules, lamp / palm, auras,
20: arranged, amber, years,
21: Erbian,
22: Armand, basin, spelt,
23: uuade.

praisable, historian, deviously, awarded, hysterias, paralyser, tardiloquent, guardsman, macabre, Hebraic, bassinet, chamber, hearsay, vineyard, parables, wetland, basin, onions, pasture, landmap, undulate, Bandar, delusory, breach, repays, shy, Abdera. Purest, quatrein, wanted, nations, carrhae, quantile, basis, Yules, arranged, lamp, amber, beam, spelt, years.

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