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Nostradamus C5 Q39: Bourbon blood line carries on Christ's lineage.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The following verse has anagrams that are in near perfect accord with that of the text. It holds the family name d'Angouleme that gives sense to 'His ancient blood woven by long hand' and bears other family names that have relevance to the family line of Marguerite d'Angouleme. The Lorraine family were the bitter rivals to the throne of France which was successfully claimed by Henry, grandson of Marguerite. The Ferriol family were steeped in the same heretical tradition as Marguerite a tradition that claimed the royal line stretched back to Jesus and Mary. This verse is a significant indicator that Nostradamus may well have read the future since its historical truths about the d'Angouleme royal blood line ruling Etruria (for a very short time) didn't occur until well after Nostradamus' death (see below).

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

war array Mary feudal ward evade yields Isis J[e]sus issu[e]
Du vray rameau de fleur de lys iſſu

tired heir dither truer times itemise
Mis et loge heritier d'Hetrurie

d'Angueleme insist Jesus sons equating
Son ſang antique de longue main tiſſu

fear conferral Ferriol Lorraine enforce normal Moira (Fates) fire
Fera Florence florir en l'armoirie
Issued from the true branch of the fleur-de-lis,
Placed and lodged as heir of Etruria
His ancient blood woven by long hand,
He will cause the escutcheon of Florence to bloom.
Du vray rameau de fleur de lys iſſu
Mis et loge heritier d'Hetrurie
Son ſang antique de longue main tiſſu
Fera Florence florir en l'armoirie

The anagrams that frame this verses story include feudal (eau de fl), knowledge (que de longu = qnouuledge), refuelled (fleur de l), array (ray ra), equating olden (ng antique - de lon), Mary (y ram), Isus Son (Son -iſſu), Isis (ys iſ), d'Angouleme (de longue ma), Ossius(iſſu So), ditherer(ier d'Hetr), rudely (ur de ly), enforce ( orence f), army war (u vra -y ram), unlodge (de longu), golden (de long), moral (l'armo).

More detail on these relationships can be seen in my paper called Angouleme. The following is an extract from that paper on Etruria and the Bourbons.


The Kingdom of Etruria (Italian:Regno di Etruria) was a kingdom comprising the larger part of <>Tuscany which existed between 1801 and 1807. It took its name from Etruria, the old Roman name for the land of the Etruscans.

It was created by the <>Treaty of Aranjuez, signed on 21 March 1801. In the context of a larger agreement between Napoleonic France and Spain, the Bourbons of Parma were compensated for the loss of their territories in Northern Italy, which had been occupied by French troops since 1796: in return for Ferdinand, Duke of Parma relinquishing his claims, his son Louis I was compensated with the Kingdom of Etruria, a new kingdom created out of the old <>Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

L1: <mary uvard refuelled ysiS iSuS ><feud yields rule> <rude feudal><array><rudely fled> vary

L2: <i iteMise their truer herd><here i let it go><truer tiMes i log either Herd><i log either ditHerer tiMes>

L3: <giant qnouuledge><in equating d'angouleme insist iSus Son><quite olden minutiae><an inmate equating golden oSSiuS (4th C Spanish bishop)>

L4: <lorraine raFFle florence (orence fl)><ferriol normal conFerral Fee> <normal role i Fear ferriole Fire><i enforce Fire Flare moral>
1: qnouuledge, d'Angouleme, refuelled, yields, array, Ysis,
2: Angouleme, insist, conferral, minutiae, ditherer, Ferriol(e), itemise, Ossius,
3: mesolite,
4: equating, unlodge, la-Ferron, quieted, rudely, feudal, fueled, uvard,
5: normal, either,
6: their,
7: raffle, vary, army / Mary,
8: enforce, suits, clef, suds,
9: -
10: -
11: lorraine, refire,
12: Florence,
13: -
14: -
15: almoner, fence, sits,
16: golden,
17: fled,
18: moral, refuel, fleed, liner,
19: -
20: flora,
21: -
22: giant, foal, herd,
23: linear, tried / tired, floe, here.

feudal, knowledge, refuelled, array, equating, Mary, Jesus, Isis, d'Angouleme, Ferriol, Lorraine, Etruria, normal, yields, itemise, minutiae, Ysis, Angouleme, conferral, Ossius, ditherer, rudely, sits, fence, enforce, army, unlodge, golden, moral.





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