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Nostradamus C5 Q26: Paracletus cipher's import for the Jesus legacy of peace.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Paraclete: According to Trinitarian doctrine, the Paraclete or Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity who among other things provides guidance, consolation, strength, and support to people. Other titles for the Holy Spirit include 'Spirit of Truth', Lightful Spirit of God Almighty, Holy Breath, Almighty Breath, Giver of Life, Lord of Grace, Helper, 'Comforter', 'Counselor' and 'Supporter'....Paraclete in Wikipedia

Paracletus provides a crucial cipher integrating a theme from the past with the action principle of a future event. It identifies a prince of peace who leads a religious sect in the years leading up to the apocalyptic religious war at the end of this century.

The current verse gains its structure from a set of definitive religious definitive anagrams some of which are  Galilean Sect (ial La gen - t eſc), Reporting Ancients (geront pri - nce naiſt), Paracleteus Angel (La gen - t eſclaue pa), Archangelic (ial Changer), Proclaimer Pass (Paſſ-er la mer copi).

The anagrams on which the interpretation of this verse rely include: 

Galilean angel Paracleteus encapsulate humaner mat[e]rial Temurah (code method) neglects
La gent eſclaue par vn heur martial

invader haunted daughter targeted talents
Viendra en haut degre tant eſleuee

Archangelic  Archangel reporting ancients incinerates Niceans proven overprints 
Changeront prince naiſtre vn prouincial

proclaimer compare amounts stolen Eve repass
Paſſer la mer copie aux monts leuee.
The slavish people through luck in war
Will become elevated to a very high degree:
They will change their Prince, one born a provincial
An army raised in the mountains to pass over the sea.
La gent eſclaue par vn heur martial
Viendra en haut degre tant eſleuee
Changeront prince naiſtre vn prouincial
Paſſer la mer copie aux monts leuee.

There are a total of seven verses holding variant anagrams for Paraclete. There is also a verse C5 Q26 which has an anagram for Paraclet(eus) and relevant other key words but I have found no other variants than these:

# Paraclet is a French form of Paraclete
L1: <maturer gaLilean Sect><galiLean paracleteuS maturer><marital angeL Sect> <paracleteuS anGel humaner trial / trail><neglectS aLl><i encapSulate Legal art><aLl agen Speculate rvna temurrah> <nucleateS gaLilea><caStle marital angeL.

L2: <neateSt inVader ungathered><great era Sent haunted><neateSt daughter leuee driven><entreat leueeS harden Vine><ten leueeS targeted> adrienne

L3: <proven arChangelic uni-on retainS><invertS nicean> <ancientS reporting> <garonne print tranSceive> <proven haluCinagenic retainS><encript proven Strain><over-prints nicean /canine >raveStein incinerateS

L4: <rePaSS amountx lame / male copier leuees><amuxe proclaimer toluene/ solvent aPSeS><calmer SeaS> <leuees SpareS calmer amountx><toluenes relaPseS amuxe>
1: halucinagenic, Archangelic, proclaimer, overprints, ungathered, reporting, daughter, proven, haunted,
2: encapsulate, Paracleteus, incinerates, transceive, speculate, amountx, neglects, targeted, humaner,
3: Niceans,nucleates, marital, 
4: Ravestein, compare, Galilean,
5: ancients, Archangel, maturer,
6: cleanest, Gallia, monux, neatest, haunt,
7: toluenes, calmer, canine / Nicean,
8: Rontgen, copier, atrial / Altair, strive /
9: Galilea, inverts, gall,
10: talents, entreat, leuee (2x)
11: harden,
12: negates,
13: encript, Adrienne,
14: castle,
15: entreats, Garonne, legal, 
16: -
17: amuxe,
18: elegant, leanest,
19: reagent, Celts,
20: arsenite,
21: -
22: clause,
23: leuees / sleeue (2x).

halucinagenic, Archangelic, proclaimer, overprints, reporting, daughter, proven, haunted, encapsulate, Paracleteus, incinerates, transceive, speculate, amountx, neglects, targeted, humaner, Niceans, nucleates, marital, Ravestein, compare, Galilean, ancients, Archangel, maturer, neatest, haunt, calmer, Nicean, copier, inverts, Galilea, talents, encript, Garonne, legal, clause.


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