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Nostradamus C5 Q12: Islamic trends of today affect us throughout this century.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In the verse the key anagrams lay down a picture with which we are becoming increasingly familiar and which via the text tie into events given in my paper called Geneva 2065. Within the anagrams one for Eucrite (which means a stony meteorite) places the events of this verse in the second half of this century alongside those detailed in my paper called Fire in the Sky.

A strategically important set of adjacent anagrams in the second line give elocutive greatness (ſe eſtrang -e cite voul) and the topic of a person in our century with great speaking powers is found in the text of many of Nostradamus verses such as C1 Q95 line 3 which says His fame, renown and power through sects and speeches and in its anagrams it contains an anagram for Paracletes. And equivalent terms are found in the anagrams of other verses such as C4 Q67 which refers to the richest runic tongue of heretics. I have shown in other papers that these are associated with the emergence of Nostradamus' antichrist, the cloned being formed from the DNA of Christian relics which is again a part of events expected later in this century.

But it is other anagrams that recognise concerns we have today for they relate to the denial of education by Islamists and their indoctrination of their Saracen followers who become pariahs.

The anagrams from which the frame for this verse comes include:

Saracen documentarians persuade duels called Dracon names united education
Au pres du lac Leman ſera conduite

pair agrees genetic elocutive greatness generates unlocative tartan scattering pariah
Par garſe eſtrange cite voulant trahir

tournaments truer enumerator groups suit garland attenuations 
Auant son meurtre a Auſpourg la grand ſuitte

heretic executed H[e]nry naively rendition
Et ceux du Rhyn la viendront inuahir


To near the Lake of Geneva will it be conducted,
By the foreign maiden wishing to betray the city
Before its murder at Augsburg the great suite,
And those of the Rhine will come to invade it.
Au pres du lac Leman ſera conduite
Par garſe eſtrange cite voulant trahir
Auant son meurtre a Auſpourg la grand ſuitte
Et ceux du Rhyn la viendront inuahir
L1: <documentarianS persuAde><caLl era nameS pursued><it persuAde Saracen undo><a pure educAtion><manacLeS are educAtion pursued><A manacLes counter-idea pursued>< dual petrAeus>repudiAtes ordnanceS

L2: <PreSager/S creating/recAsting ovulate><cite Phratriant (gk:phratry= kinship) ovule reagents><grecian eaSterS ovulate>< elocutive greatneSS><reaSSert genetic><pariah agreeS cite ovule grant><Scattering PreSager ovule><generateS unlocative> outlive nearest

L3: <uSA group enumerators Suit garland><sudan AttenuationS> <uS Area group tournaments SituAted><nemours aunt AtitudeS>truer groupS tituS remounts

L4: <thEir naive inundator><anvl rendition><naively a nord hEretic unit><Execut'd h'nRy alive><no invader uxe a unit thricE>Eucritex (stony meteorites)
1: documentarians, attenuations, tournaments, unlocative, scattering, education, elocutive, recasting, manacles, outlive, Eucritex, naively, 
2: counteridea, enumerators, unsatiated, inundator, repudiates, rendition, phratria, situated, uuiretap, ovulate, groups,
3: enumerator, guardians, executud, theriac, manacle, Grecian,
4: ordnances, genetic, heretic, pariah, datiue,
5: runacode, Eucrite (stony meterite), anvil,
6: thrice, ovule, their,
7: argentic / creating / reacting, ovulant, Saracen, Harri,
8: eduction, remounts, Petraeus, pursued / usurped, invade, Nemours, group,
9: Titus,
10: garlands, venial, vote, veto,
11: -,
12: nonvaried, call,
13: evict,
14: -
15: reassert, united,
16: remount,
17: greatness, menu,
18: anvl,
19: recite / reiect,
20: generates/ teenagers, aunts,
21: -
22: camel, alive,
23: -

documentarians, tournaments, attenuations, scattering, unlocative, education, recasting, elocutive greatness, Saracen, manacles, naively, persuade, heretic, Grecian, outlive, ovulate, groups, genetic, guardians, counter-idea, repudiates, rendition, enumerators, thrice, creating, ovule, Nemours, group, usurped.

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