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Nostradamus C4 Q100: Quatreins that focus on Prophet's dreams of war fire and floods.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In verses C4 Q97 and C4 Q98 Nostradamus text allows astronomic dating solutions to evolve out of a combination of the text as a classical star reference, the poetic structure and the content of the anagrams. In the current verse there is once more a readable astronomic setting.

The celestial fire is the Sun and the royal edifice is the house of Leo in the Zodiac. The light of Mars goes out when that planet is totally covered by another.

From the celestial fire on the Royal edifice,
When the light of Mars will go out,

The content of the anagrams and the structure of the sounds again allow the date to be precisely determined using Agrippa's scheme. The sound of the verse is of the voice since there is little evidence of internal rhyme. The letter 'r' is dominant and this is one of the sharp sounds that Agrippa alludes to in his musical notation for Mars. These all confirm that the planet Mars is the essential ingredient in setting the date.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

edifice feed austere clue select your deifical ideal
De feu celeſte au Royal edifice

dreams failled quatrain illumant redeem liar
Quant la lumiere de Mars defaillira

female pieces competes Sigr  guard err remoter tremor  dement gen[i]tor
Sept mois grad guerre mort gent de malefice

your finale liar renew our wars
Rouen Eureux au Roy ne faillira.
From the celestial fire on the Royal edifice,
When the light of Mars will go out,
Seven months great war, people dead through evil
Rouen, Evreux the King will not fail.

De feu celeſte au Royal edifice
Quant la lumiere de Mars defaillira
Sept mois grad guerre mort gent de malefice
Rouen Eureux au Roy ne faillira.

In the verse there  a high usage of double letter sounds such as 'll' and 'rr' which is typical of verses about the male-female relationship in the Jesus-lineage myth. (see C.IV Q.94). But there is another pattern present and it is much the same as that used in C.IV Q.98. since they both over-use sounds from the Venus collection ("ou ux us uz uc ue eu oiol loilli ly lu ul sl unnu am ma muommo ns sn en an is ys iz ez") and it makes Venus the logical planet for obscuring the light of Mars when they and the Sun are in Leo. In the 850 year period from 1500 to 2150CE there is only one tiny window where this setting is valid and that occurred in 1891 at about 8.30am on the 2nd of August. At that time the Sun was very close to the star called Regulus one of whose meanings is that of a Royal Prince or Ruler.

One war that started seven months after the foregoing date was in the Wild West of the USA (See Johnson County War for more). The last line of text implies that a bloodline with links to French Kings is involved in this event and becomes the fount from which the last war of this century springs.

The leading anagrams delivering a clearer dimension to this verse include illumant (nt la lumi), quatrain (ira Quant), filamented (nt de malefi), deifical (al edific), pieces (ice Sep), competes, (ce Sept mo), Iraq (ira Q) wars (ux au R), rearmed (re de Mar), female (e malef) , delay (yal ed).

L1: <eaSt feeD youR deifical (godlike) clue><if youR ideal ceDe a Select feu><youR ice failed feeD eaSt>icefield

L2: <ill Quatrain all dreaMs fade><illumant aQua redeeM><all Quanta ill air dreaMs fade> <Quantal (composed of discrete units) air dreaMs failed>filarial (parasitic worm)

L3: <omits female pieceS><mated life competeS><if male urged mortgaged-renter epitomeS (represent a class)><moist pieceS flame><filamented get more><lamented if get more>

L4: <youR finale oR uxa liar rEneuu><ouR ill air nEuer uuax><uuaRx ill Roar reneuu>filarial (parasitic worm)
1: illumant, quatrain,
2: filamented, deifical, demurrage, competes, pieces, 
3: icefield, epitomes, defamers,
4: edifice, impost, rearmed, female, uuarx,
5: quantal, Iraq,
6: delay,
7: lamented, poem-set, reneuu,
8: filarial (2x) flailed, Gisor,
9: fades,
10: field,
11: facile, failed (2x), mated, tamed,
12: Quaran,
13: -
14: austere, omits, moist, redeem,
15: tremor,
16: finale, aqua,
17: argued, uuax,
18: flame, alum,
19: ideal,
20: dreams, 
21: omit,
22: iraqu, Medea,
23: -

illumant, quatrain, filamented, deifical, pieces, competes, Iraq, wars, rearmed, female, delay, lamented, tremor, poem-set, renew, edifice, demurrage, quantal, impost, epitomes, austere, moist, aqua, icefield, defamers, argued, wax, flame, ideal, finale, redeem, Quaran, dreams. 

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