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Nostradamus C4 Q87: When Germany feeds its pensioners fluids agundeal and a cloned head create world-wide panic.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

It is very noticeale that the text's first line fits into the theme of the birth of a man with exceptional language skills and as with other verses holding this property it can be tied into the reinacarnation of a Christ clone.

This verse holds detail of a family's dynastic struggle for power. The anagrams imply  Fatherland ( l adherant F) feeding ( egne dif) pensioners ( ins Son pere) fluids ( filz du), herald panic ( ncipa -l adher), Tehran ( herant), Persians gundeal ( de langu - es aprins), insane ( n aiſne), persons ( s Son per), response ( s Son pere).

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

Sun fluids attend your gundeal notary guanase asprin untangled
Vn filz du Roy tant de langues aprins

insane Son urea gene differ treason enter
A ſon aiſne au regne different

person response be awe Pauls dang[e]r fi[e]lds compil[e]rs sin
Son pere beau au plus grand filz comprins

after reaper herald rep[a]ir Tehran Fatherland panic
Fera perir principal adherant

This story ties in with that in C1 Q95 and C4 Q88.

A King's son learned in many languages,
Different from his senior in the realm:
His handsome father understood by the greater son,
He will cause his principal adherent to perish.
Vn filz du Roy tant de langues aprins
A ſon aiſne au regne different
Son pere beau au plus grand filz comprins
Fera perir principal adherant

L1: <persian notAry dealt gun fluidz> <attend your><persians gundeal><untangled at your persian sVn fi(e)ldz> <piraeus /upraise notaRy tangled fluidz> <~sVnni notaRy dealt panurges fluidz><ant led tRoy guanase fluidz><notaRy dealt asprin genus fluidz>

L2: <~euraSian gene differ neaT Son~><uneaSier if free Asonant (not sounded)><genre differ><AfferentS anionS reigned (mental triggers)><urea gene inSane treASon><feeding urea a sin> reSonAnt argue

L3: <auu reSponse be><find Paul Argus (Gk giant)> <reopen Sins> <penSioners>

L4: <Fatherland reap riper panic><Fear tehran><herald a panic> <aFter head principal ran riper>
1: Fatherland, untangled, pensioners, afferents,
2: afferent, feeding, herald, finvl,
3: Panurges, fluidz, asonant, persons, Ferrant, differ,
4: principal, response,
5: adherant, reigned, Tehran,
6: reopen,
7: farding, Pacini, fife,
8: Sauniere / uneasier, Paulus, pauu,
9: fenestra, find,
10: resonate, Ferrante, anions, panic, genus,
11: gundeal, harden, Lupus,
12: notary,
13: resonant,
14: fiend,
15: underage, Persians, heard,
16: Piraeus / upraise,
17: -
18: insane,
19: -
20: head,
21: -
22: iona, herd, had,
23: -

Fatherland, herald, feeding, pensioners, afferents, fluids, notary, untangled, uneasier, persons, differ, principal, response, reigned, Tehran, find, gundeal, resonate, harden, genus,  panic, insane, fiend, upraise, underage, head, Persians, Lupus, Paulus, heard.



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