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Nostradamus C4 Q86: Reincarnation begins before the turning of the Polestar.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse has strong ties to C4 Q84 since both hold the anagram for qlan and both have astronomic settings in their text. It is important that these settings be properly interpreted and the dates made specific as Nostradamus intended. I have given a lengthy disscussion of of the current verse in my web pages and in my quatrain analysis however although I have alluded to this verse in my earlier works I didn't present its astronomical dating. This is done below the anagram analysis.

The anagrams provide a strong stucture to set the essential them of this verse. Of these Klan ( L'an q),  quest ( queſt) germinates ( ngtA Reims e) reincarnations (trira innocens A) are very prominent.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

Klan use  waters rune equat[e]s natures incinerator scenario
L'an que Saturne en eau ſera conioinct

weak loss role forty potter issuant
Auecques Sol le Roy fort et puiſſant

mastering rotating giant axis times germinates race career veto originate
A Reims et Aix ſera receu et oingt

once quest resume truer reincarnations oceans reap
Apres conqueſtes meurtrira innocens
The year that Saturn will be conjoined in Aquarius
With the Sun, the very powerful King
Will be received and anointed at Reims and Aix,
After conquests he will murder the innocent.
L'an que Saturne en eau ſera conioinct
Auecques Sol le Roy fort et puiſſant
A Reims et Aix ſera receu et oingt
Apres conqueſtes meurtrira innocens.

The tone of the verse at both levels is about the timing of a conqueror whose reign is marked by genocide. Now the calendar dating is well confined by Nostradamus wording. The period of Saturn is such that in every thirty years there will be two consecutive conjunctions of Saturn and the Sun and the second of these will be about fourteen days later in the year and not quite as small a separation as the first. Therefore in 600 years there will be forty possibilities but many of these are ruled out because they either involve another planet in the conjunction or in the region of Aquarius. And the anagrams prove quite helpful in the resolution of the date for they are distinctive and the number forty( y fort) which is part of the second line only occurs here and one other verse thereby limiting the period covered to 600 years.

The rotating ( t oing A R) giant ( ing A) axis times ( ims et - Aix ſ)presented within the third line's anagrams suggests that of the dates able to be identified the most relevant is that closest to the Polar turning point in 2105 CE. The date that best fulfils all the requirements is the one on the second of March 2054 but there are others which have some potential. The indications in this verse point to these datings being critical times in the clan's family history beginning with its origins in Scotland then proceeding through their involvement in nineteenth century European revolutions all of which impinges on the lineage and titular ambitions of the North American branch of the family later in this century. I believe the verses that are in this part of the Prophecies are linked to this lineage at these Saturn-Sun dates. Below I show the dates and indicate some of the earlier possible events linked to the family. Other verses should either confirm this data or lead to its amendment as the three verses after this demonstrate (See C.04 Q.87, C.04 Q.88 and C.04 Q.89)

  • 10/02/1582 Mary Queen of Scots- Throckmorton Plot of 1583 to replace Q. Elizabeth I
  • 20/02/1641 Civil War in 1642 of king Charles against Eng & Scot parliamentary armies.
  • 23/02/1700 abandonment of second Caledonia colony led by Alexander Campbell
  • 06/03/1848 Year of Revolution-Europe has the most widespread political upheaval.
  • 18/02/1876 , 01/03/1877
  • 09/03/1907
  • 05/03/1996
  • 02/03/2054


L1: <qLan uSe nature><urSae Latonic icon><Sate rune uneaSe><qLan Scenario tonic uuaters><rune quanteLS> equantS

L2: <iSSuant pretty-role for a uueecq loSs><Satan iS put><putter (time-wasting) of ueAcq SaintS><SatanS uueAcq Role loSeS forty>Acute

L3: <rare times ARe set to giAnt AxiS><RotAting><Six eAt into mAgisteR rarer cue><Six teaMs oRiginAte><~career ReestimAting Axis uote~><geRminAtes / st-geRmAin /mAsteRing ion>

L4: <queSt resume corpse reincArnations><once rApes Scots-queen><incinerator resume rApe conqueSts><resume Set spAn once iran conquers etrurria> muster truer
1: reincarnations, reestimating, Scots-Queen, conquests, rotating, axis times,
2: incinerator, originate, conquers, magister, amities, putter, forty, taxis,
3: reconquests, germinates / mastering / St-Germain, conquest,
4: latonic, scenario, Roselles, uueecqs, ionic,
5: quantels,
6: -
7: Pensaco, equants, esteems,
8: issuant /sustain, unease, qlan,
9: uueecq, uuaste, quest,
10: ingot, careers, taxi, ioin, axis, loss,
11: uuaters, rating, uueacq, muster, anion,
12: caesura, uneqal,
13: Perseans, resume,
14: sonance, Artemis, triage,
15: oceans, career,
16: respans, 
17: queans,
18: Satans, mates, / teams,
19: acute,
20: -
21: -
22: granite, capers / pacers / scrape, giant,
23: -

qlan, careers, quest, reestimating, reincarnations, scenario, rotating, axis times, forty, originate, Roselles, conquests, St-Germain, amities, mastering, Scots-Queen, Pensaco, incinerator, germinates, weak, ionic, waste, weeks, unease, sustain, Satans, career, join, waters, loss, Perseans, rating, weak, ionic, anion, oceans, muster.



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