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Nostradamus C4 Q72: Nostradamus critical of those who restrain his study of the stars.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The structure of this verse is set by anagrams about Nostradamus own prophetic skills. The words found as anagrams include Parques, presageant, considerations, fascinate and Nostradame. The anagrams also show that this interest takes him into a study of the stars and their impact on the belief systems of Southern France including that of the Lord of Les Baux. Les Baux and Agen are both towns with which Nostradamus was very familiar. The story line of the anagrams combines the manner in whuch different people in different eras have adjusted to their understanding of the stars.

 The anagrams also suggest Nostradamus own dating system is based on naming considerations used for the belt of Orion the Hunter and that this Constellation heads his astronomic cycle. This cycle may be the Latona cycle mentioned in a flood tale context in C.01 Q.62.

Anagrams with greatest potential to resolve this verse include:

mortalise Parques presageant letters store relates gentle star atomiser misquote equips
Les Artomiques par Agen et l'Eſtore

fantastic life refix forsent rule pure Talermane animates Satanic fanatics as fascinate Asia
A sainct Felix feront leur parlement

reducex 'des Baux' base as invaders Latona (Roman Goddess) not 'al Hamal' (Aries star)
Ceux de Baſas viendront a la mal'heure

amnesties Nordic considerations condone star-name stream Nostradame span emportent seminarist sanitise Osiric astrionics adornment
Saiſir Condon et Marſan promptement
# Parques: French name for the Roman Parcae who were female personnifications of destiny. They were often called the Fates in English. In latin their names were Nona, Decima and Morta.
Those of Nimes through Agen and Lectoure
At Saint-Felix will hold their parliament
Those of Bazas will come at the unhappy hour
To seize Condom and Marsan promptly.
Les Artomiques par Agen et l'Eſtore
A sainct Felix feront leur parlement
Ceux de Baſas viendront a la mal'heure
Saiſir Condon et Marſan promptement
L1: <misquote ArLes pArentage> <a reAgent equips> <parques (Roman fates) SEttle atomiser roLe> <parques mortALise a gene> <meLiorAtes parques range> gentle misquoter quipsome

L2: <liFe antics meant real pure> <reflexion Fantastic men><fix as pure tAmerlane inFlect> <filex FAscinate> <Felt rule not refix> <sAtan inFect><lifex Fanatics> <Felt / leFt sAtanic men fix> <Asia inflect><fix Asian cleFt><paler rule inFlect Animates><seminArist (trainee priest) inflect paler rule>

L3: <deS-Baux invaders not al hamal (Aries star)> <BaSed as latona driven> <malta uuheelraCe uxed> <adversion BaSed><invaders BaSe Cure uxed not heal malta>

L4: <nostradaMe AStrioniCS <space electronics> <oSiriC adornMentS> <prompt StarnaMe> <MarS ConSiderationS> <Meant SanitiSe Cordon> <taMarS Condone / teStament iSir Statement> <emportment Span> <note nordiC arMS>
1: uuheelrace, reflexion, invades,
2: considerations, seminarist, fantastic, misquoter, meliorates, quipsome, parentage, sanitise, starname, Hamal, 
3: astrionics, presageant, fascinate, misquote, des-Baux, Osiric, Siriac, inflect, cleft,
4: fanatics, Nordic, de-Baux, forex, refix, abase,
5: emportment, Nostradame, adornment, adversion, Latona, Tamars,
6: adornments, infect,
7: atomiser, condone, Satanic, 
8: mortalise, amnesties, Tamerlane,
9: Nostredam, Paques, fix,
10: pasquier, based,
11: prompt, Sciron, Iris,
12: -
13: gentle, Malta,
14: equips, settle, visa,
15: -
16: Menastor / nearmost
17: -
18: elegant, Timor,
19: reducex, Parques, reagent, left / felt,
20: inmates,
21: omit,
22: master / stream,
23: apron, relose, Asia (2x).

Parques, fantastic, considerations, presageant, wheel-race, fascinate, Nostradame, seminarist, refix, des Baux, Osiric, Hamal, star-name, adornment, Tamerlane, fanatics, invades, Asia, mortalise, Tamars, astrionics, misquote, Nordic, Satanic, amnesties, gentle, Malta, equips, visa, condone, atomiser, reagent, emportment, reducex, inmates, left, sanitise, stream, Latona, infect.

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