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Nostradamus C04 Q70: The quatrains reliance on Paul's account of Jesus heritage.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse and its battle tale relies for its interpretation on one of the tales of Hercules. The first line holds a cluster of anagrams saying strongmans Prey /Pyre seen (grans monts - Pyre - nees). The text of the first two lines identify Heracles' prey as the Eagle of the Caucasian Mountains. The Caucasian Eagle was a gigantic bird commanded by Zeus to feed on the ever-regenerating liver of the Titan Prometheus. This punishment was ordered after he was chained to the peak of Mount Kaukasos for stealing fire from the gods.When Heracles set out to free Prometheus from his bonds, he shot down the eagle with a volley of arrows. Afterwards the Eagle, the Titan and the Arrow were all placed amongst the stars in the form of the constellations Aquila, the Kneeler and Saggita. Nostradamus' modern tale wakes Paul ( usque a - Pau l) the strongman of the Christian religion to Jesu ( e jus) lineage base in the Jews ( ue jus) of Galilee ( e l'aigle) and the Middle-East.

The anagrams of greatest potential for resolving this verse include:

pyres seen continue guide by counting strongmans seeds
Bien contigue des grans monts Pyrenees

Seers verse conserves nonvertical Dracon and Galilee triangle copied Edda address
Vn contre l'aigle grand copie addreſſer

worse envies seventies seen enforces sex term in extremes
Ou vertes vienes forces exterminees

queries Jesu[s] wakes Paul fleech (coax) invader chases queers
Que jusque a Pau le chef viendra chaſſer
Quite contiguous to the great Pyrenees mountains,
One to direct a great army against the Eagle:
Veins opened, forces exterminated,
As far as Pau will he come to chase the chief.
Bien contigue des grans monts Pyrenees
Vn contre l'aigle grand copie addreſſer
Ou vertes vienes forces exterminees
Que jusque a Pau le chef viendra chaſſer

Anagram Clusters contained in French text

  1. <ungeodetic ranges><counting d(e)grees><guides ranges><once seen Bi syntroPe [same words ]><strongmans Prey /Pyre seen>
  2. <dread VerSeS nonrecital><SeerS nonVertical><addreSS copied range><relocating large rVne addreSS><triangle conSerVeS>galilee oriental / relation
  3. <seventies Overuse><forseen restive> <force exerts><see enforces vOu in restive extremes>
  4. <jesu SQuare arch> <Paul uuaqes><leech five><chaSeS invader><jeuu Paques [Easter]>
  1. counting, strongmans, relocating, nonvertical, conserves
  2. dreamsongs
  3. ungeodetic, strongman, overuse
  4. copied, seventies, enforces
  5. verses, address, extremes
  6. exerts
  7. encoders, guide, Galilee
  8. Pyrmonts, restive
  9. syntrope, triangle
  10. squares, ingot, five, idea,
  11. -
  12. recital
  13. forseen, greeds
  14. dracgon, reliant, shares,
  15. foes, exert,
  16. aqueus, uuaqes, spry, bees,
  17. pyres / preys / respy, add,
  18. dreads / sadder, miner, rvnes,
  19. grades, ermine, Jesu, Jeus,
  20. redress
  21. chasers / crashes,
  22. edges,
  23. -

counting, strongmans, dreamsongs, relocating, encoders, nonvertical, guide, conserves, Galilee, ungeodetic, address, verses, extremes, enforces, overuse, seventies, copied, Pyrmonts, restive, syntrope, triangle, five, squares, share, edge, idea, reliant, foes, exert, Jesu, sadder, pyres. runes./p>

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