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Nostradamus C4 Q15: Sediment from the Seas helps survival through spontaneous generation.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Anagrams such as from (from) Hadron (donra h), relearned Seas sediment alive (endra le re - e ſſa - Siement D - e la vi) provide a link to the next verse C4 Q16 where anagrams for Deuteron and positron and a story of spontaneous generation from organic material is found. The text is about of a war of attrition whereby one side tries to make it impossible for the other to supply its own needs but instead they find their efforts turned against them. The mechanism comes from material found in eye of the sea which is traded for fuel and food. The anagrams build a tale around this with emerald (de la mer) being material that is harvested from the seas sediment and changed by fiery industrial processes into products that are meant to be used as medications.

There is a small group of anagrams that enrich this verse's tale and these include: 

Europeans afire even farm finer amine fireman dine
D'ou penſera faire venir famine

lead invader lamented slanderers learned Seas divalent sediment alive
De la viendra le reſſaſiement

arcane Nicean Leonine emerald remap allied aura
L'oeil de la mer par auare canine

from unpromoted Yule flyer portune neutral Hadron ruled true radon
Pour de l'vn l'autre donra huyle froment

From where they will think to make famine come,
From there will come the surfeit
The eye of the sea through canine greed
For the one the other will give oil and wheat.
D'ou penſera faire venir famine
De la viendra le reſſaſiement
L'oeil de la mer par auare canine
Pour de l'vn l'autre donra huyle froment
L1: <~riven europeanS afire infameD~><afar up finer maiDen Seen> <mine never fair><even fearS unopeneD mine air afire>fireman unrepoSeD

L2: <Slanderer amneStieS alive><DementiaS venial redreSSal><As leSSer invader lamenteD><SeaS real end SeDiment alive><learned SiameSE DivalenT><real SeaS deal driven><driven men Dealt / Delta> <ireland vale seDiment><naive redreSSal>

L3: <arcane Line ampler aura idle><nicean aura ramper led><Leonine male idle><allied Leonine prearm>

L4: <unPromoted throneuuard flyer anvl><~neutral hadron yule forment Poured lv~><Portune from yule hadron neutral><neutral hadron Premounted for yule lv>foremen Pored radon
1: throneuuard, unpromoted, divalent, flyer, redressal,
2: slanderers, vetland, fireman, Hadron, 
3: premount, unopened, sediment, foremen, Siamese, farm,
4: allied,
5: unreposed, slanderer,
6: infamed, linen, 
7: dementias, lamented, fomenter, leonine, canine / Nicean,
8: amnesties, Europeans, forment / Fermont, invade, arcane,
9: -
10: venial, mined,
11: -
12: oiled, from / form,
13: -
14: emerald, online, inane,
15: infame,
16: -
17: -
18: portune, never, anvl,
19: infer / finer,
20: maiden,
21: -
22: alive / avile.
23: -

throne-ward, flyer, unpromoted, divalent, slanderers, redressal, unreposed, fireman, foremen, premount, unopened, Hadron, sediment, allied, Siamese, farm, lamented, dementias, venial, Leonine, canine, amnesties, forment, Europeans, invade, arcane, form, from, mined, emerald, portune, inane, never, infame, finer, maiden, alive.


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