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Nostradamus C4 Q6: Impact of a Califate using water supply and climate as a means of control.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Through its anagrams this verse  tells how a califate (faicte la) forms that has a considerable impact on how they reticulate (icte latreu) water (a treuu) within habited towns (e D'habit  - ts nouu). It also machinates (et machina) to change the climate (Malice t) and in so doing produces indications (nſidiation C) that man's universe (eur venis) is feral (fera l). There is only one other verse where the anagram for califates exists and it can be viewed at C8 Q30.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

habited towns obtains wave apex fears califate reticulate water breadthwise
D'habits nouueaux apres faicte la treuue

Antiochian climate arm meet machinate relaimant ion article animation
Malice tramme et machination

Empire rearmour Ukraine refine feral fear paler weep Rafael aflare
Premier mourra qui en fera la preuue

indications Wolverines lower universe elocution
Couleur venis inſidiation
By the new clothes after the find is made,
Malicious plot and machination:
First will die he who will prove it,
Color Venetian trap.
D'habits nouueaux apres faicte la treuue
Malice tramme et machination
Premier mourra qui en fera la preuue
Couleur venis inſidiation
L1: <~uxa rape califates true habituDe~><later cite safe bits. Uue nouu had><Dabih (star) a tenuous califate aruspex (entrail divination) ><a uureatheD bit><habituDe reticulate touuns safer head-uuater><nouu breaDthuuise><safer lattice> obtains

L2: <into a Metrical chain><it machinate commentarial / manometrical (air pressure(><arm i match nation cliMate><meet anthiochan (Edessan) claiM><match aniMation><iota reclaiMant> <meet matrice> article

L3: <emPire armourer pre-lauu fear><uqraine aflare> refine / finer

L4: <louuer vein / vine is indiCationS><~universe iS in diatoniC louu~> <~aCtinoid iS in uuolverines~><Sin aid universe eloCution>
1: uuolverines, reclaimant, habitudes, amination / animation, machinate, headuuater, uureathed, Dabih,
2: indications, breadthuuise, Antiochian, elocution, metonical, califates, diatonic / actinoid, antimoni, metrical, hiation,
3: reticulate, ferquine, touuns, lettera, match,
4: habited, verneuil, armourer / rearmour, uuatered, rumorer, micah, claim,
5: acanthi, obtains, climate, universe, matrice,
6: califate, sexupara, Uqraine, malice,
7: -
8: habits, UUalter, latter / rattle,
9: aruspex,
10: -
11: action,
12: lattice / tactile, tenuous, article / recital,
13: -
14: uuater, refine,
15: anoint / nation,
16: bits,
17: -
18: -
19: aflare / Rafael, uueep,
20: habit, chain / China, head,
21: louuer, Emma,
22: Iraqu, had,
23: Sefira.

Wolverines, reclaimant, habitudes, machinate, headwater, animation, indications, Dabih, wreathed, breadthwise, elocution, Antiochian, Califates, reticulate, water, match, habited, towns, obtains, watered, climate, Ukraine, Califate, universe, malice, refine, tenuous, latter, aruspex, action, nation, tactile, bits, aflare, Sefira, had, lower, China, weep.


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