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Nostradamus C3 Q59: Events at the Nicene Council set the tone for cloning experiments on the Christ Gene.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

There are eight verses with an anagram of Agennos and this is one of them. These verses form a remarkable set with a strong link to Christs mortal / immortal status and his family connection to God all of which is in keeping with agennos (not begotten). All eight of the agennos anagram verses can be accessed through agennos quatrains

Agennos is a cipher of great import to Nostradamus' thesis and its significance goes back to the debates at the Nicean Council in the 4th Century CE. The discussion of the context of that council is throughout the Prophecies and is brought together in my paper Nicea and Agennos

Within the anagrams of this verse the ones for Tetragrammaton ( ang mettra a mort), transposed ( d part de ſon ſ), Silvester ( le tiers vſ), Superb ( ſurpe B), viruses ( iers vſu), Montpeliers ( mort ſenile p), Palestine ( t ſenile p), and monogenist ( ng ne ſoit mo) are either singular with no other occurrences or have a maximum of two. Together they weave a consistent tale about the bloodline of Jesus as viewed by the dominant Christian Church. And although other anagrams are not quite so rare they are still infrequent enough or form powerful sequences and thereby instil confidence in the theme (e.g. Paul's mortal matter ( mettra- a mortL-a plus), Tamar ( tra a m), San-Grael ( arle ſang), pagan ( ang pa), epulary ( e par luy), tremors ( r mort ſe) and agennos ( ang ne ſo).

The anagrams for rebuilding this prophecy include:

superb Arab empire repair Silvester usurpers viruses
Barbare empire par le tiers vſurpe

Pauls mortal matter Tamar Son depart transposed tetragrammaton
La plus grand part de ſon ſang mettra a mort

ape tremors appeat Montpeliers Palestine paler Yule equal Apep art
Par mort ſenile par luy le quart frappe

monogenist purport purer square pagans genomist San Grael real agennos monitors
Pour peur que ſang parle ſang ne ſoit mort.

# Agennos
: not begotten - a major part of Nostradamus' vision for our future.
# Tetragrammaton: four letter permutations for the name of God in Hebrew.
Tamar: one of the names those believing in Christ line apply to a person in his maternal line.
Silvester: reigning Pope at the time of the Nicean Council.
Barbarian empire usurped by the third,
The greater part of his blood he will put to death
Through senile death the fourth struck by him,
For fear that the blood through the blood be not dead.
Barbare empire par le tiers vſurpe
La plus grand part de ſon ſang mettra a mort
Par mort ſenile par luy le quart frappe
Pour peur que ſang parle ſang ne ſoit mort.
  1. <SuperB arab empire><Silvester repair><Be prime bearer><arab alter pre-empire viruSes viruSes><~prime era Strives repeal pure Barb~>
  2. <agennoS'S mortaL matter departs on pauL's><tranSpoSed tetragrammaton><tamar Portal / patrol>

  3. <Pape line tremorS><(t)ruly paleStine equal><tafur (cannibalistic crusader) paper> <remaP montpelierS epulary (banquet)>
  4. <genomiSt (DNA researcher) learnS pagan pouuer Square><San-Grael emotionS><monogeniSt (single ancestor) Seal Purport><agennoS omit>

1: tetragrammaton, Montpeliers, monogenist, purport, Paul's mortal matter, superb,
2: Silvester, vsurp, Appep,
3: viruses, 
4: transposed, vestries, strives, queuers,
5: genomist, Palestine / penalties, pagans, pagan,
6: emotions, grandpas, Tafur,
7: agennoss (2x), epulary, roasted, arsenal,
8: retailers, agennos, restive, strive,
9: san-grael, sang-real, moisten, tremors, troop,
10: departs, patrol / portal, aroma, Tamar, ruly, 
11: gennos, piper,
12: plenaries, penile, bearer,
13: pangs,
14: moist / omits, gap,
15: listener, 
16: pad,
17: grandpa, Queans, purer,
18: plainer, Timor,
20: -,
21: mange, omit,
22: mortal,
23: -.

tetragrammaton, Montpeliers, monogenist, purport, Silvester, vsurp, agennos, Palestine, genomist, transposed, superb, San Grael, viruses, pagan, emotions, Tamar, gennos, moisten, Paul's mortal matter, tremors. 


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