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Nostradamus C3 Q53: Aggrippa's cipher code reveals the numbers of people executed in a future war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is the only one to carry an anagram for numbered ( De Nuremb) and there is only one other C6 Q15 that has an angram for number. Together these verses identify the source for numbers as those that Cornelius Henrich-Agrippa (ar Agrippine ch) enciphers (Fr: ine che Fr) in the sixteenth century. Nostradamus' application of these is to to the statistics of executions in a future war. In this verse the anagrams suggest the danger for the future involves parentdom perils of that era ( le pris - era  - an emport) and treasure ( Trauerſe) for which groups ( ſpourg) are executed ( et ceux de) by the use of blades ( de Basl). The code appears to work by giving a rank to paired vowels such as pp and Ff as found in the third line.

Anagrams that provide the frame for understanding this verse include:

Iraq's land splurge guardmen poem relate parentdom reprisal perils
Quand le plus grand emportera le pris

Number agre[e]d guards argued numbered groups executed blades endure 
De Nuremberg d'Auſpourg et ceux de Basle

Henric Agrippa enchiffer rank for Paris report
Par Agrippine chef Frankfort repris

Que[e]ns argental treasure patron far Maltan junta w[a]kens
Trauerſeront par flamant jusqu'en Gale
When the greatest one will carry off the prize
Of Nuremberg, of Augsburg, and those of Basle
Through Cologne the chief Frankfort retaken
They will cross through Flanders right into Gaul.
Quand le plus grand emportera le pris
De Nuremberg d'Auſpourg et ceux de Basle
Par Agrippine chef Frankfort repris
Trauerſeront par flamant jusqu'en Gale

L1: <report named a splurge peril><guardsmen report a peril><danger pulse land ><re-alter poem><~pasQuiler (lampooner) named report splurge land~><perils are parentdom><pretemporal dangers><paler redemptor><and pellus danger>reprisal pulled dampen

L2: <guArdS BlaDes executed numbere(d) group(S)><~groupS Argued Number blaDes executed~><reNumbereD seal><guArd executed unSealeD ember groups>

L3: <Appraiser ripping><henric-Agrippa><Frank report Paris enchiFfre><niche for Agrippas-rr Ff pp rank><hence rank for Ff>

L4: <patron TreaSure><arGenTal (silver ) uſer><que'ns junta><TreaSurer not anGel><falman just que'en auSterer patron>

1: Henric-Agrippa, (re)numbered, redemptor, ripping
2: pretemporal, parentdom, guardsmen, (re)number, groups, juntas, frank, rank,
3: enchiffre, unreeled, pulled, pipers, junta / jaunt,
4: pasquiler, appraiser, reprisal, treasurer,
5: unreleased,
6: -,
7: executed, blades, planed,
8: guards, group, quasi,
9: ember, just,
10: unsealed, dampen, based, grip,
11: splurge, austerer / treasure, jut,
12: requips,
13: -,
14: -,
15: -,
16: niche,
17: argental, argued,
18: -,
19: Pellus,
20: operant,
21: -,
22: report / porter (2x)
23: hence, poem.

Henric Agrippa, renumbered, junta's, groups, encipher, rank, ripping, treasure, parentdom, guardsmen, blades, executed, Frank, appraiser, redemptor, numbered, reprisal, just, unsealed, ember, dampen, grip, re-equips, niche, argental, report, hence, poem, argued.


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