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Nostradamus C2 Q62: The curse of Mabus whose infection defeats man's higher goals.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse has held the interest of many since the time it was first written and there is good reason for this to be so for it tells the tale of how the greatest Disasters of man begin. The anagrams form a powerful set that dramatically enhance the story in the text and it again complies with the theme of comets bringing biologic Disaster to man via evolution. They also set a scene of  Camelot and Utopia's  period where the Utopists morals lead to people dying unexpectedly. Both these themes bring out the influence of the ancient symbols of disaster to which future men will return. The examination of the bodies only enhances the problem by confirming that the events are not isolated but occuring across the world. In Geneva nations convene and set out to aid those who are are at the mercy of the ocean. But it is too little, too late and the material in a comet changes the dynamics of the genes mutation.

There are substantive links between this verse and C2 Q64 for both refer to hand, thirst and hunger and the text of one matches the anagram of Geneva found in the other. The other verse alludes to the attempted resurrection of Jesus that goes awry but leads to a new species that displaces man.

The anagrams from which the message of text can take on its full colour include:

Abram drama autopists totals mortals Tolosa [Toulouse] utopists rumour solar armour arrive Marienbad
Mabus puis tost alors mourra viendra

hone heron deifiable birdlore tied genes beset seventh best events
De gens et beſtes vne horrible defaite

Genevan evangel convene once rear up Verrone outcast is overran
Puis tout a coup la vengeance on verra

rural Camelot centesimation [select 1 in 100 for execution] Minnesota candour nominates somnifacient [made sleepy] quaff-aim
Cent main ſoif faim quand courra la comet
Mabus will then soon die, there will come
Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will come
Mabus puis tost alors mourra viendra
De gens et beſtes vne horrible defaite
Puis tout a coup la vengeance on verra
Cent main ſoif faim quand courra la comete
L1: <autopsist (examiner of corpses) armours vein sub-drama><so its pus our mortals arm invader><Marienbad (German city) totals uuisps><~our utopists morals naiver subdraMa><utopists subMarined solar armour><~rumors arrive tolosa (Toulouse) arMband suit pus~>

L2: <gene events beSets deaf tiDe><~it veSt hornier genes deaf bleed beSt~><or defiable seventh genes beSt tied><~he bleed Defeating events besets orri~>

L3: <geneva convene at cupola (domed place) ><stout cupola avenge ocean><verrone utoPias can avenge>overran outcast

L4:<if minneSota><a rural CenteSimation (random selection of one percent to die) come> <somnifaCient (sleeplike) meet><So if in a comet mafiq (silicate rich in iron and magnesium) Cement><camelot Cement><Cement in a rural coma>
1: autopsist, centesimation, somnifacient, birdlore, defiable, Camelot, Utopias, convene, seventh, evangel, Tolosa, totals,
2: Marienbad, utopists, outcast, cupola, hornier, uuisp,
3: alum-roots, tuuo-pairs, vengeance, Genevan, avenge, Geneva, Abram,
4: Minnesota, nominates, Verrone, uuisps, belied, moors / rooms,
5: morals,
6: arrive, drama, vests,
7: upstair, rumors, besets,
8: invade, comet,
9: mortals, armours, overran, rural,
11: events, vents,
12: ravine / vainer /naiver,
13: heron, bleed, ocean,
14: hone,
15: Horace,
16: Ormus, venal, seven,
17: bled,
18: fleed, beset,
19: coma,
20: stout,
21: -,
22: Armand,
23: -,

autopsist, somnifacient, centesimation, defiable, birdlore, heron, bleed, nominates, Camelot, Utopias, convene, seventh, totals, Tolosa, Marienbad, outcast, Genevan, utopists, cupola, avenge, ocean, Minnesota, Verrone, wisps, Abram, morals, arrive, drama, vests, rumors, bests comet, mortals, rural, armour, overran, naiver, events.

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