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Nostradamus C1 Q96: Biological triggers delivered by airplane harm the land.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In this verse the keys that trigger understanding of the text are astatine, organule, granule and asepsis which represent a biological basis for the destruction mentioned in the first lines. It is a story of intervention by a leader to deliver chemical remedies of questionable origin while using unorthodox means.This verse tells the same story as that about terrorists in C9 Q61.

The anagrams that make this conclusion possible include:

quay clue war aural arch degree deeds recruits strive
Celuy qu'aura la charge de deſtruire

estimate empties temples cachets teaches changes pages a far astatine instate
Temples et ſectes changez par fantaſie

pulse USA heroic square Venusian laws invader ruin
Plus aux rochiers qu'aux viuans viendra nuire

Persia airplanes asepsis angular organule need iller sellers reassess
Par langue ornee d'orielles reſſaſie

# organule: one of the essential cells or elements of an organ.
astatine: a highly unstable radio-active element resembling Iodine in solution.
# asepsis: the state of being free from disease-causing contaminants
A man will be charged with the destruction
of temples and sects, altered by fantasy.
He will harm the rocks rather than the living,
ears filled with ornate speeches.
Celuy qu'aura la charge de deſtruire
Temples et ſectes changez par fantaſie
Plus aux rochiers qu'aux viuans viendra nuire
Par langue ornee d'orielles reſſaſie
L1: <charge reCruit deedS equaly aural><aural cluE charged deSert quay>agreed yule uuar degrade

L2: <~sect hang rapez Sect eSTimate fan sleep~><eSTimate sect fan change Steeples><an eSTimate far Steeples catches><pagez chasten sleep far Sect inSTate><Sect cheats see Temple rapez fantasi>Satan

<invaders ruin uxa heroic Pulse><auu xvi (16) venusian><~xvi (16) square venusian drau-un or usual x i cip-Pher~><Peril uuas runa><aurox riches> uuax veins choir unripe

L4: <~or i need reaSSeSs aPe iller organule~><~or i need resell PeRsia SeaS organule~><~or i need SeaS rogue airplaneS seller~>angular lesser granule redone
1: uninvasive,
2: Venusian, estimate,
3: organule, recruits, angular,
4: airplanes, changez, astatine, charged,
5: airplane, catches / cachets, recruit, reassess, heirs,
6: degrade, sellers, choir, lauus / usual, quay,
7: heroics, granule, aurox, edged,
8: Paulus, heroic, xvi,
9: asepsis, charge,
10: chasten,
11: -
12: changes, planar, unripe, chest,
13: riches, 
14: fantasi, empties,
15: -
16: redone,
17: instate, Curie, uuax,
18: diuerts, agreed, aural / Laura,
19: -
20: pelmets, Stemple / temples / Stempel, cluey,
21: cheats / chaste / scathe, risque / squire, resell / seller, vans,
22: -
23: apez.

uninvasive, Venusian, recruits, airplanes, estimate, astatine, changes, organule, charged, heirs, degrade, sellers, laws, Paulus, heroics, cachets, riches, reassess, choir, usual, quay, charge, unripe, granule, xvi, chasten, fantasy, asepsis, empties, chest, agreed, aural, pelmets, cheats, apes.



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