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Nostradamus C1 Q63: Religious differences and fuel shortages lead to 21st C war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is included in the discussion of Nostradamus on War and has a direct link to C4 Q43 through an anagram for disseminule (propagation section of plant). The anagrams imply this verse relates to the wars starting in this century and their cause is linked to fuel for transport and to religious differences.

The anagrams from which the keys will come include:

seLf rule surpasses disseminule indium luminised olden fuels
Les fleurs paſſes diminue le monde

Elisabeth banish negotiables longest papalisms reinsert shrine habit
Long temps la paix terres inhabitees

surnamed archer tremendous carrhae
[unlosable battle lost] sounder meteor particle reach altarpiece
Sur marchera par ciel, terre, mer et onde

disputees endow leagues users cites upsides owned
Puis de nouueau les guerres ſuſcitees.
Pestilences extinguished, the world becomes smaller
For a long time peace will inhabit the lands 
For all who travel by sky, land, sea and wave
then wars will start up again.
Les fleurs paſſes diminue le monde
Long temps la paix terres inhabitees
Sur marchera par ciel, terre, mer et onde
Puis de nouueau les guerres ſuſcitees

Anagram Clusters contained in French text (~ means full line)

  1. <~seLf rule seaps luminised demon~><else demon pass disseminule [plant disseminator]><refuels sided olDen pass><surpaSSes indium>
  2. <Longest papalism [ believers in papal supremacy] x[10] retires / retries><see it banish><shrine negotiabLes> eLisabeth
  3. <~mere carrhae [battle] err tremendouS particle~><~noStredamu archer altarpiece~><meteor particle Surnamed archer><meter replicate a Sounder charm> <particle reach eardrumS>charmer
  4. <nouu leagues rue uPside><cite Surer-uSes leagues endouu>disPutees
1: negotiables, luminised, altarpiece, Elisabeth, disputees, surpasses, surnamed, eardrums, 
2: Nostredamu, papalism, indiums, surpass,
3: disseminule(s) tremendous, undermost, endouus / UUodens, indium, banish, shrine,
4: self-rule, appals,
5: inhabit, replica, denotes,
6: particle, reinsert, endouu / ouuned /UUoden, psalm,
7: unrestored, amplest, leagues, 
8: unsorted, longest, missed,
9: replicate,
10: refuels, upside, sample, taxi, shin,
11: carrhae, undoes (2x), reurges, retires / retries, denote,
12: article / recital,
13: Eparch / preach, glues, exit,
14: sounder, uueal / ualue,
15: Selene,
16: charmer / marcher,
17: meteor / remote,
18: fuels,
19: -,
20: habit, feels / flees,
21: sides,
22: -,
23: relic.

luminised, altarpiece, surpasses, Elisabeth, negotiables, disputees, surnamed, Nostredamu, banish, papalism, shrine, tremendous, indium, particle, disseminule(s), endow , leagues, self rule, longest, meteor, retries, carrhae, fuels, habit, sounder, value, flees.


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