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Nostradamus C1 Q35: Fate's hand in the death of Henry II of France.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This is one of the most famous verses of Nostradamus. Its fame comes from its deadly accuracy of the details of King Henry II of France's death through wounds incurred in a tournament during june, 1559. This verse was first published in 1555, four years before the event.

Because of the accuracy of the text there was and is no need for the anagrams to give detail of the death of Henry at the hands of Gabriel de Lorges comte de Montgomery and instead it gives another story of how this verse transfers to events in a later time. This verse is the only one that contains an anagram for de Lorges.

The anagrams that serve as keys to unlock this verses connections include:

lonely june enjoy evil use Montreal mourns Iesux eternally
Le lyon jeune le vieux ſurmontera

hence map libel Parques [Fates] equip singular sign uglier duel wielder deliver
En champ bellique par ſingulier duelle

Canada's casing g'ide de Lorges Lord Yesux older eyes use curare cruely
Dans caige d'or les yeux luy creuera

vassels unimperious mirror cruel truce used up seven excusals
Deux claſſes vne puis mourir, mort cruelle
The young lion will overcome the older one,
in a field of combat in single fight:
He will pierce his eyes in their golden cage;
two wounds in one, then he dies a cruel death.
Le lyon jeune le vieux ſurmontera
En champ bellique par ſingulier duelle
Dans caige d'or les yeux luy creuera
Deux claſſes vne puis mourir, mort cruelle

L1: <Lonely numerator evil uxeS> <mournS only june reLate evil uxe> <orMus (Persian Gulf) eternaLly uxe evil><only ieSux (Jesus) remount real june> montreaL enjoy

L2: <hEnce bell map equip Singular ride><pariS ungirdle><hence parqueS (fates) in uglier map><~hEnce guile in parQues map duller libel~><perSian guile ruled quill><dire rulingS><ligurianS (Genoans) equip bell map><rude pleaSuring> upraiSe / Piraeus

L3: <yes arcaDians (Greeks) cruely relodge uxe><lux casing older eyes><arcaDians gored><canada's glorieD eyes rue lux>

L4: <excluDe cruel unimperious vaSSels><truce mirror claSS uxed seven ell><supine vaSSEl excluDe><seven excuSalS><cruel Deluxe Scales>europiums (rare earth element)

1: unimperious, Ligurians, Arcadians, eternally, ungirdle, campthene, rulings, Canadas, liuing, relodge, curly, geoid,
2: pleasuring, europiums, singular, vassels, mirror, slyer,
3: excusals, parsing, really, enjoy, sevens, calx,
4: Pasquiler, excusal, uuilder, casing, using,
5: numerators, clux,
6: numerator, ceasing,
7: classes, Adige, isxue / Iexus, eyes,
8: remounts, loyaler, lonely, grins, gored,
9: mourns,
10: -,
11: easy,
12: uglier, Gedi,
13: Montreal, deliuer,
14: exclude, supine, mourn, lord, qill (q=k)
15: lasses,
16: remount, Piraeus /upraise, sorely, quill, deriue, seven,
17: eternal,
18: cry,
19: Parques, guile, elven,
20: apart,
21: june,
22: libel,
23: deluxe, hence.

unimperious, Ligurians, Arcadians, eternally, ungirdle, Europiums, campthene, rulings, Canadas, living, relodge, pleasuring, singular, vassels, mourns, mirror, slyer, excusals, really, enjoy, sevens, wilder, numerator, Parques, scales.


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