Jesus bloodline: the catalyst for war

A paper on Nostradamus' eight verses that hold anagrams of agennos (Gk: not begotten)

Copyright:  Nov 2013 Author: A.T Webber B.Sc
Agennos is a cipher of great import to Nostradamus' thesis and its significance goes back to the debates at the Nicean Council in the 4th Century CE. The discussion of the context of that council is throughout the Prophecies and is brought together in my paper on Nicea and Agennos.
There are eight quatrains where the anagram 'agennos' occurs and their visible text has unity when the idea of Christ's birth, death and legacy are used as the framework for a single story, the basis of a religious war in the 21st century.
In this paper I show the scope and unity of both the verses and the hidden anagrams. I reveal almost all the complex anagrams so the reader can judge their cohesiveness and relevance. 
By presenting the verses as a collective I believe these themes will be readily seen by all those with open minds.
The Nicean Council of 325CE was the watershed moment when the Arian view that Christ was a mortal was declared a heresy.  The debates over the previous centuries from the time of Paul centred on interpretation of the Greek words for begotten, not begotten, kin, parents etc.   The concept of the Holy Trinity was adopted by that Council to resolve the contradiction that Christ was equal to God and yet was his son.
The unity of Jesus bloodline in Nostradamus' text. In this section the eight quatrains are listed in order and alongside of each is what I believe it contributes to the story of Jesus' bloodline and the war that arises out of religious division.

  The translated verse with link to my further analysis    My summary of contribution to a unitary tale.
C.01 Q.54
Two revolutions made from the evil scythe making a permutation of reign and centuries. The mobile sign thus moves into its place: At two [times / people] of equal worth and inclination.

N. uses the historic event of the Polar stars maximum ascension to set the dates of his foreseen events as 2000 to 2100CE. (See C.1 Q.51).
C.01 Q.56
Sooner and later you will see great changes made,
dreadful horrors and vengeances.
For as the moon is thus led by its angel
the heavens draw near to the Balance.
N. identifies the turning point of the Polar star as being a horrific time of great upheaval when the great mutations of mankind will occur. (See Mutations ).
C.03 Q.14 Through the branch of the valiant personage Of lowest France: because of the unhappy father Honors, riches, travail in his old age, For having believed the advice of a simple man.
N. sets out the part debates with Jules Scaliger in Agen on these issues played in his developing Norse runic ciphers to conceal his Jesus bloodline story. (See Gnostic Nostradamus).
C.03 Q.59 Barbarian empire usurped by the third, The greater part of his blood he will put to death. Through senile death the fourth struck by him, For fear that the blood through the blood be not dead.
N. shows the importance of the 4th C Nicean Council in the story of Jesus relation to the Christian God.  (See Nicea and Agennos).
C.04 Q.01
That of the remainder of blood unshed:
Venice demands that relief be given:
After having waited a very long time,
City delivered up at the first sound of the horn.
N. gives a quick precis of events of WWII that create the precedent  for the religious bloodline war in the 21st C.
C.04 Q.14
The sudden death of the first personage,
Will have caused a change and put another in the sovereignty:
Soon, late come so high and of low age,
So by land and sea it will be necessary to
fear him.
N. presents his thesis that the religious wars to come are based on divisions over Jesus relationship to God.
C.10 Q.65
O vast Rome, thy ruin approaches, Not of thy walls, of thy blood and substance: The one harsh in letters will make a very horrible notch, Pointed steel driven into all up to the hilt.
N. details the fall of those who believe in the mystic view of Jesus. A fall that is brought about by a war with those who hold Jesus was a mortal being who left a bloodline.
C.10 Q.87 A Great King will come to take port near Nice, Thus the death of the great empire will be complete  In Antibes will he place his heifer, The plunder by sea all will vanish.
N. completes his thesis with a description of the devastation the war inflicts on all people in the World.

The remarkable illumination bestowed by the other anagrams in the agennos verses.

So far by choosing a single greek word I have selected a set of eight verses that give strong indications they are linked as part of a single tale. It is also apparent that the nature of their allusions fits well to the theme of Jesus death and status since the time of Paul. In this section I present the anagrams as a further body of evidence that this Jesus-bloodline theme is Nostradamus' handiwork.

 The rarest , most complex anagrams found in these verses are quite definitive of this central theme as demonstrated by the word tetragrammaton, a hebraic term of great religiosity being the lettering code for God. The technique it employs is used when the unspeakable name needs to be spoken or written.

It is not an isolated example since there are a huge number of distinctive anagrams in these eight verses and such plentitude allows a fair test of relevance and connectivity. These words do not stand in isolation however since in the same line and often adjacent to each other stand complex terms of relevance to each other, the theme of the line, the theme of the verse and the uniting theme of all these verses. I show all these things in the two sections that follow.

The first shows the anagrams for each line in the groupings that can be found. Of course not all of these groups are the work of Nostradamus but there are so many of such high improbability that they cannot be all discounted as the product of chance. And the nature of their occurrence is such that a well-structured story can be built that adds immense detail to the ideas suggested by the text.

In the table below the original French version is given with its translation alongside. Underneath the anagram sequences are shown in brackets. (note: I use uu for w and I retain capitals from the original for these are Nostradamus' intended markers.) I don't believe Nostradamus wrote every line to be a pure statement but there are many in which distinct clusters can be seen and I have endeavoured to show the path to their revelations.

   C.01 Q.54

Deux reuolts faicts du maling falcigere (Two revolutions made from the evil scythe) <flaming glacier exuDe flourates><a falling mud ci (101) Degree>
De regne et Siecles faict permutation (making a permutation of reign and centuries.) <Degeneration Site><citeS false gene><genDer mutation><importunate gender fascicle [cluster]>
Le mobil Signe a Son endroict Si ingere (The mobile sign thus moves into its place:) <agennoS doctrineS mobiLiSe><directionS><a Single Son><reigniteS> <conSiderations>
Aux deux egaux et d'inclination  (At two [times] of equal worth and inclination.) .<uxA nation uxed no incidental uxage><uxe indictional [15 yr Roman tax cycle] age><ion uxage uuAxed>

  C.01 Q.56

Vous verrez toſt et tard faire grand change (Sooner and later you will see great changes made,) <danger change><air draft><revertz`rotateS><to teSt><genoVa>
Horreurs extremes et vindications (dreadful horrors and vengeances.) <divinest actions> <actinoids invest><Hornitos [volcano detritus] indicates extreme>
Que ſi la lune conduicte par ſon ange (For as the moon is thus led by its angel)   <agen precautionS><eQualise nucleon><practiSe on><agennoS>
Le ciel s'approche des inclinations (the heavens draw near to the Balance) <nation declines><heed special crop Lineations since><pedospheric [soil layer]><sapropelic [organic mud] coastLine><applies>

    C.3 Q.14

Par le rameau du vaillant perſonnage (Through the branch of the valiant personage)


<a ill parent agen Son [Joseph Scaliger] uuaved>agen perSon [Jules Scaliger] ><plant norSE><nornS planet age>

De France infime par le pere infelice  (Of lowest France: because of the unhappy father )


<nicean Feared if emperial peer in life><Financier reD-Face>

Honneurs richeſſes trauail en ſon vieil aage (Honors, riches, travail in his old age),


<auStralian SeeS rich rune on Hegalia><reSearchiSts enviSion no Hagael runes><austria Slovenian age lie>


Pour auoir creu le conſeil d'homme nicee (For having believed the advice of a simple man.)(For having believed the advice of a simple man.)   <once cruel icemen demoliSh><uuar courier encloSe><euroPa mnemo-nic Shield>< emmenic [ menstruous] enclosure>

   C.03 Q.59

Barbare empire par le tiers vſurpe (Barbarian empire usurped by the third,)


< SuperB arab empire><Silvester repair><Be prime bearer><viruSes>

La plus grand part de ſon ſang mettra a mort (The greater part of his blood he will put to death )


< agennoS'S mortaL matter departs on pauL's><tranSpoSed tetragrammaton>

Par mort ſenile par luy le quart frappe (Through senile death the fourth struck by him,)


<Pape line tremorS><(t)ruly paleStine equal><tafur [crusader] paper> <remaP montpelierS epulary [banquet]>

Pour peur que ſang parle ſang ne ſoit mort (For fear that the blood through the blood be not dead)


<genomiSt learnS pagan pouuer Square><Sangreal><monogeniSt [single ancestor] Seal Purport><agennoS omit>

   C.04 Q.01

Cela du reſte de ſang non eſpandu (That of the remainder of blood unshed:) <and agennoS / gennoS penS Steered dual Cue>
Veniſe quiert secours eſtre donne (Venice demands that relief be given:) <eVen in querieS our sect reSet><secret routeS><requiSite sources><none reSted>
Apres auoir bien long teps attedu (After having waited a very long time,) <persuAde state> <updAte past><a long step><berlin oiseau>
Cite liuree au premier cornet sone (City delivered up at the first sound of the horn.) <crime eleCtions / seleCtion><seCtion / notiCes><prime cornerstone>

   C.04 Q.14 (also see Jules of Agen)

La mort ſubite du premier perſonnage (The sudden death of the first personage,) <Subedit Mortal agennoS><robuSt norSe Male><reputed empire SubliMator><agen perSon rime>< Moral tributeS>
Aura change et mis vn autre au regne (Will have caused change and put another in the sovereignty) <gethsemanic uuater genre Aura><argue v(5) meetings nature>
Tost tard venu a ſi haut et bas aage (Soon, late come so high and of low age,) <verdant uSa habituate saga><To start beast age><transudative seagoaT [Capricornus] ><age abates>:
Que terre et mer faudra que on le craigne (So by land and sea it will be necessary to fear him.) <re-eQuating clone><clearing Queen on><grecian><glacier><marqet-fraud>

   C.10 Q.65

O vaſte Romme ta ruyne s'approche (O vast Rome, thy ruin approaches,)

<uneasy prop Stave echO><papers> <maumetry[Islamic] propanes> <OverheatS super-canopy>
Non de tes murs de ton ſang et ſuſtance (Not of thy walls, of thy blood and substance):
< noStredamus eNcodements denote Agennos StatuS><agennetoS deNouncements><tremendous agentS>
L'aspre par lettres fera ſi horrible coche. (The one harsh in letters will make a very horrible notch,) <Sefira's letter> <latter papers refers> <hiS fear><appears><his bricoler [Fr. tinkerings] echo flatterers appareLs>
Fer poinctu mis a tous juſques au manche (Pointed steel driven into all up to the hilt.)
< computerisation><manchu perFection><aqueuS tsunamic joust><French-name><juSus to pro / actiniums>

   C.10 Q.87

Grand roy viendra prendre port pres de Niſſe (A Great King will come to take port near Nice, <preSidents ponder danGerS><draGonry invader><reaSSiGned reports pander><GeneSis ordnary>
Le grand empire de la mort ſien fera (Thus the death of the great empire will be complete)

<fear radioelementS prime danger><mortalS refine a enLarged><atomiSer><redemptorial fineS named><Large reprimand><meliorateS pride><moralIst><and empire><fraterniSe>
Aux Antipolles poſera ſon geniſſ (In Antibes will he place his heifer,)

< psellos [11th C writer] reaSonS geneSiS><exSAnguinAtes [drains blood]> <psellos reaSoning agennoS AuxeSis [overstates] A point><Spores pollinate><AgeneSiS [still-born]><organS>
Aux deux ePar mer la Pille tout eſuanoira (The plunder by sea all will vanish.)

/ <uueSt Paranoia><aPril tell ParamonariuS [anyone in charge of church property]> <rearm a Pillar outlet no Pair uSe>


The rarity factor of these anagrams The only order other than frequency comes from the order of the verses. It results in an unusual distribution curve with a preference above chance being given to single occurrences yet this is not part of any deliberate personal influence. There are also possibly some other clustering mechanisms at work within the frequency levels.


Number of Occurrences in Nostradamus' Prophecies for main anagrams given above.

  • 1-flaming, fascicle, degeneration, directionis, indiscretions, incidental, indictional, draft, divinest, hornitos, vindicates ,nucleon, pedospheric, lineations, researchists, envision, Slovenian, demolish, emmenic, superb, tetragrammaton, Montpeliers, monogenist, purport, sublimator, 'Norse empire', 'uuar courier', Gethsemanic, habituate, transudative, reequating, maumetry, overheats, supercanopy, Nostredamus, agennetos, encodements, denouncements, flatterers, Manchu, computerisation, tsunamic, joust, radioelements, actiniums, proactinims, redemptorial, Psellos, exsanguinates, paramonarius, paranoia, pollinates

  • 2-falling, fluorates, importunate, mutation, doctrines, considerations, reignites, Genova, indications, precautions, equalise, sapropelic, Silvester, requisite, cornerstone, tributes, meetings, clearing, status, uneasy, sefiras, Presidents,

  • 3-coastline, practise, shield, enclosure, viruses, update, crime, Grecian, tremendous, bricoler, frontpiece / perfection,

  • 4-glacier, financier, transposed, auxesis, agenesis, pillar

  • 5-extreme, applies, special, Australien, icemen, Palestine, epulary, genomist, pagan, selection / elections, robust, reassigned,

  • 6-Tafur, saga, verdant, Genesis, reasoning, UUest

  • 7-rotates, actions, Nicean, Austria , reputed, atomiser

  • 8-agennos, subedit, courier, latter, reprimand, spores

  • 9-tremors, degree, declines, SangReal, appears, ponder, mortals,

  • 10-bolis, departs, propanes   12-emperial, bearer  13-organs 14-uuater, start, reports, refine     15-single, queries   17-invest, dragonry 18-outlet

  • 20-enclose. queen, reasons 21-fraud, letters, refers  22-mortal, empire (?), beast   25- state, heed  26-matter, agents 27-uuar     28-pouuer, persuade, letter, 29-point

  • 30-square, times / emits    31-secret 32-gender, papers 38-equal 40-learns, source

  • 45-repair, even  46-rearm     54-change    55-crop, nature   56-routes   57-enlarged    60-Pape   65-paper, remap   67-Arab  69-dangers  

  •  74-echo  87-exude  227-danger


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