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How Nostradamus saw the Future.
© Allan Webber March 2011, July 2017

See the following paper for the Rationale & Rules underlying my work on Nostradamus. 

Link to Topics 5. Conception more important than birth in determining life-story.
1. How can the future be read? 6. Nostradamus’ conception and its role in his prophecies
2. Evolution of time awareness. 7. The Details of the astronomy at Nostradamus’ conception.
3. Nostradamus and infinite-time-memory  8. Nostradamus’ Resonant Pattern.  
4. A Possible clue to the nature of time 9. Nostradamus and his contact conceived in 1943.


Timeline of My Finding Personal Meaning in Nostradamus' Prophecies.
  • 1970: I chose to research whether Nostradamus' work was coded.

  • 1992 :realization that solution probably lay in anagrams.

  • 2004: development of programs to analyze any text for anagrams plus testing against a range of classical texts. The results removed many inbuilt doub ts that the anagrams formed a major part of the code but the big surprise was the highest results came from using English anagrams in Nostradamus' work.

  •  By 2007 I was prepared to declare that anagrams were an essential part of Nostradamus dating code.

  • By 2008 I had resolved a set of rules that allows Nostradamus story-lines to be uncovered.

  • By 2012 the major themes of Nostradamus' work had been established and published on my website.

  • In 2013 I uncovered further coding techniques within Nostradamus prefaces and these added further certainty to the story-lines.

  • In May 2013 I published two books on my work on Kindle; one is a novel on Nostradamus' Youth and the other is a non-fiction book unveiling Nostradamus' foreseen Impact on the 21st Century.

  • In June 2013 I upgraded my website and changed this blog site so that the public research service I created on Facebook became accessible.

  • Since 2013 I have concentrated on investigating the mechanisms of time and future seeing with particular attention being paid to mechanisms and enigmas exposed by modern science.

  • In 2016 I began writing my work on cosmology which arose out of my earlier work and provides a basis for understanding the possibilities evolution offers. See my paper called Alien evolution for the full account.


For a long time I have had enough evidence to conclude not only is Nostradamus' work encoded but there is a high probability he had an ability to see into the future (use of technical terms, story lines etc). But seeing into the future does not guarantee all stories are part of the future since delusions, fantasies and misinterpretation are all possible in any age. It is possible to know the framework but be thwarted by the detail.

"It is much like seeing in a flaming mirror, where the vision of the great events is clouded, sad, prodigious and calamitous. " Nostradamus 1558 Epistle

 However I believe it is just as evolutionary possible to see into the future as it has been to develosenses that allow us to know the past but there is no strong (or weak) evidence that this extra sense is common to mankind.

We are not able to be part of the past or future since we exist only in an instant but that which limits what humankind can do doesn't define nature's limits. It is the threads of persistence that allow evolution to do what it does. Unlike the human species nature has billions of years left in which to bring about change.

How can the future be read?

In order that a concept such as the ability of any person to see the future be believable it is essential that there be a credible means by which this could occur. Through the many years given to these issues I have conceived a model for such a mechanism that I believe sits well within the scientific tradition. It is an original theory but it is the same one that I think Nostradamus was trying to convey in his writings.  My model allows numerous conclusions to be reached about what can and can’t be done and who can  exhibit this skill. It is my aim in this series to show what my theory of systemic evolution implies for reading the future and to show that the wording of Nostradamus’ Preface suggests the same (See Alien evolution and Cosmos Dynamics for full account).

I claim that the ability to read and affect the future is an inevitable outcome of the evolution of life and will become increasingly apparent with time. However the ability will not embrace events or the detail that generate paradoxes. Man already tampers with the future but the ability to clone animals or plants or to prevent the spread of disease doesn’t incorporate any paradox based on time.

The tenets underlying my theory are elegantly simple and yet they change the perspective by which the universe is viewed without altering its fundamentals or misrepresenting or distorting the known evidence.

At its core is the idea that chaos cannot be chaos if everything in it is uniform. Differences then imply affinity and associations can exist in chaos. These affinities mean duration must occur in chaos and every duration event creates a concept of time. Sufficient duration of elements via affinity makes possible new associations that can replicate themselves. Where such replications acquire the ability to resolve issues that break the association, evolution begins. Continuity, boundaries and resolution of discontinuities lay the foundations for the mechanics of the evolutionary system. This simple model determines the shape of evolution and sets its dimensions and numbers.

The Physics of Time.

The manner in which time is understood within this work has a different twist to the view that is commonly held. Since this approach gives the foundation for understanding how it is possible to see the future it is important that I present my thinking on the nature of time.

The starting point is that time is a local phenomenon without any primal attribute of eternality.

-Time is a concept only.
-A Time System can be associated with anything that has the property of continuity.
-Continuity is transient with the only eternal (but timeless) quality being disorder.

Human awareness of time requires three major factors that have only come about via evolution:

1. Awareness of existence.
2. Awareness of continuity.
3. Memory- any continuous mechanism holding data about other continuities.

The above manner of viewing time implies every living thing carries its own time system. This system begins at the moment of conception and ceases when continuity ends. We are a continuous system bounded by disorder as is our non-living universe.

-Every thing that has inbuilt continuity can hold a time system.
-The miracle of Evolution is the random outcome of a bounded part of eternal disorder.
-Any part of disorder may become bounded by the natural interplay of its components.
Some of the disorder in any bounded part of disorder will inevitably become less disordered by the existence of limiting bounds. This is the origin of fractal patterns.

By this mechanism:

-Fractal patterns within the eternal disorder are the reason our universe evolved.
-Fractal patterns are normally limited by the internal discrepancies of randomness.
-Continuity comes about when one of the fractal patterns possesses the attribute of the evolutionary cell.

My Yin Yang foundation block of everything:


The evolutionary cell's presence can be seen throughout the universe and accounts for the big bang, fundamental laws of the universe, solar systems and life. The chromosome structure is one example of this cell's many forms.

Evolution of time awareness.

The evolution of systems is a continuous process. Each system receives an inheritance from the past and bestows a legacy. This is not an accidental property but an attribute of endurance. When this occurs chance will eventually bring together components that have the properties required for evolution and a new system can emerge. It will have the properties of the old system and a new concept that only endures if it can unfailingly be passed on.

Life is the beneficiary of such an inheritance, receiving all the properties that the universe can bestow yet having a significant new aspect, the awareness of time. This is no trivial attribute that can be expected of anything that exists; it is significant and it requires a mechanism that overcomes the instant that is the reality of linear time. Life is the product of a stable chemical system within which the process of chemical endurance was learned. It is by time-lapse of reaction effects that life builds the primal concept of memory. This property, the ability to learn, dictates the manner of evolution of life but in the beginning it isn’t memory as we know it, it is only stripped-down awareness.

From this beginning the life-system has a new stability from which new combinations that work will evolve. Initially it is chance alone but as each stage progresses that which emerges will enhance the property of its genesis, the art of learning. Mechanisms of memory are the driving source of the evolution of life and just as the Big-Bang saw the rapid evolution of matter, energy, fields, time etc, the evolution of life rapidly results in the fully developed DNA double helix associated with chromosomes. This, the fundamental fractal, the Yin-Yang building block for life, is condensed memory and with its creation there begins a primitive awareness of time. And awareness of time is an art reliant on replication of these links to the past.

Since the process of evolution is conceptual it isn’t confined to act only on its components. It also inevitably acts upon itself. Evolution also evolves, evolution learns, evolution builds memory mechanisms that speed uevolution. And the memory device that holds the knowledge of evolution holds the knowledge of life, it is the DNA double helix.

I believe this is a new way of thinking of evolution and from it we gain much greater insight into the process while incorporating all that the current theory of evolution embraces. The simple statement that evolution learns how to improve evolution answers the questions which creationists claim are only resolvable by there being a creator. So, the art of design comes not from outside but from within the process of evolution. Evolution pulls itself up y its bootstraps not from pushes from behind. As time progresses what evolution can achieve gets greater it doesn’t remain constant or decay. There is sub stantial evidence that this is true provided by the rate of change between species.

Contrary to expectation based on chance alone it takes evolution much less time to go to the next stage than it took from the last. This is not consistent with either chance or a creator but is consistent with a process that learns its craft through chance. And the idea that evolution acts on evolution seems self-evident with nothing strange or paradoxical in the claim. This attribute of evolution, learning to learn, shows its direction and that direction is the mastery of the environment, the better use of space, matter, energy, fields and time. And there is extensive evidence that, without outside aid, the process has mastered the concepts of space, movement, flight, sight, temperature stability, practical pharmacology and aspects of design.

Memory is the skill that evolution has handed on to living things and from the evolutionary records of the past we know it is also continually evolving a means of mastering time. Memory begins with recall of the past but evolves into a means of sensing and knowing the future. A bird knows how to use the wind, it senses danger, it anticipates where to intercept its prey. Each living thing is aware of time while unaware of how it works or what it is. It is easy to overlook this element we take for granted but which has properties that linear time cannot deliver of its own accord.

So evolution takes life into zones that are not part of memory at all, it reaches into the future and it is reasonable to expect that if a means exists to go further into the future, evolution is working on its exploitation.

Memory is time dependent and can only emerge where things endure. Without a means of comparison there can be no awareness of time and nothing on which a blind chemico-mechanical process can evolve. It is these aspects the restraints on awareness of that I believe are described by Nostradamus at several places in his Preface of 1555. One of these is the following.  

For the incomprehensible secrets of god and their efficient virtue belong to a sphere very remote from human knowledge, deriving their immediate origin from the free will. They bring about the appearance of causes which of themselves could not attract enough attention to be known, neither by human augury, nor by any other hidden knowledge or virtue comprised under the concavity of heaven, even from the present fact of eternity, which comes in itself to embrace all time.”Nostradamus in his Preface to the Prophecies 1555 

There are other passages in which Nostradamus seems to be aware of both the contribution and limitations of the mechanics of time awareness. 

Any person that has an interest in knowing the future has to learn how to distinguish fantasy from vision since there is no reality on which judgment can be based. This is true whoever it is who seeks to find whether his words or experiments describe a definable attribute of our universe. Scientists do it, we all do it and animals do it as we try to evade danger or enhance our survival.  It could be expected that if it is possible to go further than the norm then some person in the past would have pondered on the nature of the future, explored its possibilities and reported his findings. In this regard it is worth looking at some of the words of Nostradamus in the 16th century.

 But what I do want to make clear to you is the judgment obtained through the calculation of the heavens. By this one has knowledge of future events while rejecting completely all fantastic things one may imagine. With divine and supernatural inspiration integrated with astronomical computations one can name places and periods of time accurately an occult property obtained through divine virtue, power and ability. By means of this past, present and  future become but one eternity, for all things are naked and open.
Nostradamus on page 4 of Preface to his Prophecies

Nostradamus and Concept-X

In my work titled EMW space creation I introduce the concept of the spacon and the evidence that supports such a term. The spacon is the tracking unit created by the passage of photons and it emerges out of the creation of space-time, mass-energy, mass-space and mass-time all of which only came into existence at the instant of the Big Bang. It is their simultaneous creation that results in our observable universe. But their creation implies the existence of zones such as Dark Energy and Dark matter that are continuous without possessing any measurable space-time other than that arising out of an interface with our universe. Their continuity lies in either space or time but not both.

Within our universe, deeinside the smallest parts of matter, time is meaningless. All there is consists of continuous space holding in fixed location mass, charge, spin, flavor and binding agents. This is an eternal realm that either exists as is or not at all. And it seems an eternal realm is the source on which Nostradamus draws. The properties of such an eternal realm devoid of instants of time constitute what I term Concept-X.

Without my concept X, the timeless relationshibetween mass and space, the above words have little meaning but it turns out to be a precise reworking of my words (see The Theory of Systemic Evolution ).

My concept is part of the explanation of the instantaneous disappearance of force fields and is in line with modern science’s view of the expanding universe. Nostradamus seems to be aware of these things long before it was possible and he saw it significant enough to embody it with very precise wording in his Preface.  My concept like that of Nostradamus comes from the calculations of the heavens (cosmos), not the planets nor the individual stars. It comes from the concept of gravitational and electric fields and the transmutation of matter occurring incessantly throughout the universe.

Gravity and charge can well be considered as near-divine, almost supernatural things and as such they would pass scrutiny in the 16th C Hence Nostradamus couches his usage in words acceptable to his peers but complex to the extent they are seen as meaningless by them.

It is possible to use cosmic events to calculate the future, namely when the secondary effects of transmutation of mass to EMWs will reach any point in space and how long it will take. By this means we can name the places and the times as stated by Nostradamus. And because this phenomenon is real we know that there is a sense in which past, present and future are but one eternity.  The parallelism of his words suggests we should not ignore the possibility that Nostradamus did know what he was talking about.

The above quotes from Nostradamus' works highlights that there is a twofold aspect of future time in respect to man’s ability to use it and these involve prediction and fore-seeing.

Both these means of future-seeing have the same property of lacking reality in the same manner as memory but like memory they evolution gives them a shadowy form and shape. We humans take memory to be more than a concept because its form is cast by fossils, cell structures, organs and traceable signal patterns. However prediction is an enhancement of memory that uses the encaptured past to anticipate how that will emerge in the near future while fore-seeing doesn't necessarily have this bridge. Fore-seeing brings into the present events not related to the memory base.

 Hence these two means for perceiving future time are completely different as acknowledged by Nostradamus in his preface. The extract below follows on from the quote given at the end of the previous section and it distinguishes between different aspects of future-time in precisely the same manner as I have just presented.

Understand me well my son. I do not say that the knowledge of this matter cannot yet impress itself upon your feeble brain, nor do I say that very distant events are not within the knowledge of reasoning man. If future events are merely the creation of the intellectual soul out of current events, they are not by any means too greatly hidden from him nor, on the other hand can they be said to be revealed at all. Nostradamus in his Preface to the Prophecies 1555

It is notable that Nostradamus spends considerable time trying to place his process within the framework of the natural world. His writings often take him out of the 16th century mix of demons, gods, myths, theology and superstition to a precise and consistent point in a line of reason and understanding.

It should also not be ignored that he tries to describe the process in one of his seminal documents, namely the preface to his works published in 1555. The above quote is unexpected if Nostradamus believed his work was based on magic or superhuman powers but is consistent with a person who has great understanding of what man would uncover regarding the nature of time.

The words published above from both Nostradamus and myself direct the attention to the second way of seeing into the future. And this method is one which is as solidly based as the first but whose full potential is yet to be reached. Both Nostradamus and I see that which is to come as the product of ongoing evolution as it exploits every niche of the universe, in this case the properties of the time-space matter relationship.

But the perfect knowledge of events cannot be acquired without divine inspiration since all prophetic inspiration receives its prime motivating force from God the Creator, then from good fortune and nature . For this reason the presage occurs in part where it has been predicted, in proportion to which similar events have manifested themselves similarly or have failed to manifest themselves . For the human understanding, being created intellectually cannot see hidden things unless aided by the voice coming from limbo via the thin flame, showing in what direction future events incline... from page 3 of Nostradamus' Preface to his Prophecies, 1555

Of course Nostradamus’s words are couched in a language that will pass scrutiny in his trouble-ridden time but at its core there is the theme of evolution combining what is given in nature and what happens through chance. The theme that he consistently draws on is that the future is discernible from the properties of matter. In this case the limbo and the flame both of which have strong association with space, time and the transmutation of matter and energy.  There are other references in the above and other sections which correlate with the nature of fore-seeing based on a space-matter concept that is independent of time.

It is my goal to expand these ideas in the next sections.

A Possible clue to Concept-X

A single act of successful conception is the beginning of a peculiar universe with a time-space that is uniquely determined. At that instant when you were conceived the matter from which you would grow was determined and your isolation from the rest of the universe was generated. You are an act of endurance, placed in a limbo within which time began just as it did when the larger universe came into being. A unique clock runs through your universe unfolding the beautiful steps that brought you to fruition.

Each evolutionary system creates time but the total endurance of that system is finite, never infinite. It is the same with all evolutionary systems and it can be true to a limited extent for other systems. Although a tornado can tear its way into existence within the resonance of wind, air and space, its endurance is of another kind; one without a time creation of its own. Time is a relative experience measured from the scale of an evolved being.

This awareness of time is the gift of life alone, one earned by the persistence of evolution, the chance resonance of events that allow the past to be recalled.

And you are but one fabrication of memory crafted together by persistence and endurance, you are a product of the future, not a clone from the past. There is no mould from which you were cast and there was no guide to dictate how the shape of your life would unfold.

Like any system you inherited properties and you may possibly pass some of these on as an inheritance. You are a double edged sword and what you pass on will consist of good and ill.

I have used this imagery based on you since I want to emphasize that like the evolution of life and the universe you are evolutionary but in a totally independent way. Evolutionary systems beget sub -systems and you are one of these and sub ject to the time aspects of all evolutionary systems. Being human allows you no more wriggle room than an atom or a worm and the free choice you value isn’t a broad quality but a selection confined by resonance within a narrow band.

In modern times considerable research has been undertaken into the properties of identical and fraternal twins. An excellent article on this research is to be found in the Washington Post. The following are quotes from that article.

But evidence from the comparison of twins raised apart points rather convincingly to genes as the source of a lot of that likeness. In the most widely publicized study of this type, launched in 1979, University of Minnesota psychologist Thomas Bouchard and his colleagues have chronicled the fates of about 60 pairs of identical twins raised separately.

The first pair Bouchard met, James Arthur Springer and James Edward Lewis, had just been reunited at age 39 after being given up y their mother and separately adopted as 1-month-olds. Springer and Lewis, both Ohioans, found they had each married and divorced a woman named Linda and remarried a Betty. They shared interests in mechanical drawing and carpentry; their favorite school sub ject had been math, their least favorite, spelling. They smoked and drank the same amount and got headaches at the same time of day.

Another source adds more detail:

The twin boys were separated at birth, being adopted by different families. Unknown to each other, both families named the boys Jim. And here the coincidences just begun. Both James grew unot even knowing of the other, yet both sought law-enforcement training, both had abilities in mechanical drawing and carpentry, and each had married women named Linda. They both had sons whom one named James Alan and the other named James Allan. The twin brothers also divorced their wives and married other women – both named Betty. And they both owned dogs which they named Toy. Jim Lewis and Jim Springer finally met in February 9, 1979 after 39 years of being separated.  

In the context of modern science these twin experiments are testing whether nature or nurture is the primary source for human development. The rather bizarre nature of the similarities between twins is usually seen as either an example of genes being the source of a lot of that likeness or it is considered to be purely coincidental.

There is however another possibility which emerges out of  Concept-X. As this issue is relevant to my arguments regarding evolution’s passage towards seeing the future I will present a precis of how it might relate to the above. In my scheme it isn’t that twins share the same genes but rather that they share the same conception-moment in time and space that dictates their similarity and fate. Time exists as an entity in the world from which they emerge carrying a version of time limited to them-selves. We see this in terms of a biological clock. Accordingly the things that regulate their conception are drawn from the same pool of matter, instant and space.

This novel idea isn't totally unrecognized by modern science for it sits closely to the idea of entanglement occurring when particles and anti-particles are simultaneously created.

Einstein’s phrase “spooky action at a distance” has become synonymous with one of the most famous episodes in the history of physics—his battle with Bohr in the 1930s over the completeness of quantum mechanics.

Einstein’s weapons in this battle were thought experiments that he designed to highlight what he believed were the inadequacies of the new theory.

The most famous of these is the EPR paradox, announced in 1935 and named after its inventors Einstein, Boris Podolsky, and Nathan Rosen.

It involves a pair of particles linked by the strange quantum property of entanglement (a word coined much later). Entanglement occurs when two particles are so deeply linked that they share the same existence. In the language of quantum mechanics, they are described by the same mathematical relation known as a wave function.

Entanglement arises naturally when two particles are created at the same point and instant in space, for example.

....extract from MIT Technology Review 2012

I believe we can realistically talk of twins drawing on common material and inheriting a time allotment that is then carried throughout life as the value of Concept-X existing in each individual at their conception. Of course it won’t be exactly the same since no two beings can occupy the same space and matter at the same instant but neither can a particle and antiparticle. In the case of twins the unique genes selected by the conception process will become the first carriers of Concept-X and embody the space-time properties of the universe at that instant. And this invaluable dats will be embedded within their chromosomes in a similar way to the way gravitational data aat the time of cooling is locked into igneous rocks.

However although one consequence of such a process will be that twins will acquire similar genes their linkage goes beyond that evidence exists suggesting they acquire resonance to similar happenings in their lives. If this proves to be the case then possibility is that although they don’t inherit the same life-line they do receive the resonance setting of that instant of space and time. As choices are made they are likely to be shaped by that inheritance.

But it is highly improbable that they could inherit the name of a person whom they might marry; any such provable ability would require another path. If this isn't chance alone then it may well be resolved by each carrying a continuin awareness of the life of their twin as it unfolds despite their separation. Then the actions of one can strike uresonances in the other causing their lives to have unforeseen parallelism of choice. Such an explanation parallels that of quantum entanglement and it means the ongoing investigations of both twins and quantum entanglement is very relevant to my Concept-X.

Conception attributes more important than birth in determining life-story.

I am confident man will find Concept- X, the innate awareness of space-time settings, is built into the chromosomes. This confidence is based on the mandatory requirement of continuity in order for an evolutionary system to remain dynamic and endure. An inevitable evolutionary product of endurance via continuity is the art of memory. With memory comes the awareness of time. We can be certain that the memory mechanism necessary for the evolution of living things will only be passed on when it is helpful to evolution and since knowledge of the starting environment is the most helpful type of knowledge for the provision of continuity it will be memorized. 

Throughout life every living things atoms, cells, organs, tissues are transformed by replacement but also simple cells dramatically change their function under the inbuilt guidance of their DNA. Continuity is maintained which implies a tracking system is in play relating each steback to a template that was present at conception. This tracking system can only be successful if it is part of the memory structure of the chromosome. Concept-X or a similar mechanism is mandatory in order to make tracking possible.

It follows that every evolutionary system will be governed by continuity principles that are built on mechanisms that preserve links to the starting environment. This ensures the relationshiof time-matter-space will be built into the replication fabric of the system.

For living things the memory of the starting point must be wrapped into the genetic record of the chromosome for it to survive the constant renewal of living matter. So within the chromosome there must be a primeval image of time, space and matter and it is within this context that the evolving system will find its resonances.

We already have evidence towards this idea since we know the biological clock is attuned to the rhythms and resonances of the universe which we see it in menstrual cycles and the spawning of fish and many other forms. But the clock has even greater prominence in the development of living things as it switches on the process of division and specialization in cells and organs. And the clock continues to act throughout life as it regulates pub erty, maturity, obsolescence and decay. Each individual has a different biological clock which it inherits and which acts from the instant of its conception.

But evolution is incessant and never stops, it has no choice and always moves on to that which gives it greater mastery of the environment. Time-awareness is at the upper end of the environmental experiences because it involves the intangible element of time while earlier evolution consists of things such as touch and sight. Despite this we know life has mastered the means to use time despite the complexity of structure required for this achievement. 

Complexity is no barrier to evolution nor is the intangible nature of time and fields. We see this capacity in living things, animals and man since each participates in events that can only be explained by evolution having learnt much about fields such as gravity, magnetism and electricity. And evolution will continue to go forward. It is inevitable that evolution will proceed to further master both time and the art of evolution and along the way incorporate knowledge of both memory and evolution within the inheritance mechanism.

A consequence of this reasoning is that most of what you are is what was present at the time of your conception (not your birth). You inherited not just your parent’s genes but the properties of the local universe existent at the time of your conception. The material and field forces you inherited were saturated with the all the properties of that point in space at that point in time of the universe.

This exposure and process of learning seem to hold an inescapable truth which means this first instant in your life provides the resonances that shape your destiny.

From that moment on you have carried the marks of many time clocks including the original one of the universe at a single point in space, mass and time.  This is the unique moment of your life when there was a single stein your evolutionary being and your own biological clock started to tick.

In addition it is on these type of variances found within each one of us that evolution of life has proven its mettle. And given enough time and generations your offspring will evolve into beings with greater powers of predicting and seeing the future than you possess.

Already each and every-one of us holds evidence of the next creature of evolution. Each and every creature and plant will likewise hold the traces of what is to come. In such circumstances it is not surprising if given the right setting some people can see the future in a limited way, That is what I believe Nostradamus achieved and set out to record by way of his Prophecies,

I believe Nostradamus’ method involved finding the highest resonance point of his life which held the properties of the universe. By this I mean that he found where his inheritance at his conception moment was most aligned with the universe.

He like all of us inherited material that traced back to the beginning of expansion from a single point. This information lay in the molecules and bonds of which his chromosomes were formed. It lay in the spectrum of rays that permeated at the moment of his genesis. It lay in the pull imposed by the planets and stars. Concept-X is timeless memory of the existence of matter at the point in space where you were conceived and it expands like the universe did as your life-path unfolds.

And this is our own version of relativity for all our expansion and development is absorbed and recorded as differences measured against the conception values. Every cell in your body traces back to your conception and the location of the single cell from which you began is present in every un-mutated cell you will ever have.

Nostradamus frequently mentions the heavens and astronomy but he sees it as different from astrology. It is perhaps not so remarkable that over the history of man individuals became aware of recurrences based around the stars but their basis was intuitive not based on understanding of the mechanics of the universe. And there is a phase difference between conception and birth which is not exact but it was the knowable instant of birth that incorrectly became the focal point of astrology.

However it is conception that provides the link to the universe and the continuity that binds each life. And we do know that evolution is capable of resonating with the physical harmonies of the sky. The menstrual cycle is just one such example that shows nature’s perpetual tuning powers.

Nostradamus’ conception and its role in his prophecies.

I believe Nostradamus used the conditions at his conception as his bridge to other times. There are two occasions in his Preface of 1555 where he makes reference to ‘causes’ i.e. creation points or conception points.

But through some indivisible eternity and by means of Hiraclienne [epyleptic / huge] agitation the causes are made known by celestial movements Nostradamus on page 4 of Preface to his Prophecies.

So that what is predicted and is true has an ethereal origin. This light and the thin flame are altogether efficacious [able to produce the required effect], and are of heavenly origin no less than natural light. And it is the latter [light] which renders philosophers so sure of themselves that by means of the principles of the first cause they have penetrated to the innermost cores of the loftiest of doctrines.. Nostradamus on page 4 of Preface to his Prophecies

These statements are extraordinarily close to my ideas on Concept-X even to the allusion that the principle of light gives validity to the process in the mind. His words also imply that it is associated with massive agitation in the mind. And his wording is evocative of resonance, the mechanism that underpins the process of memory and of our sensory experiences.

He also links these causes to the principles of the first cause, a reference that applies to the environment and rules found at the moment of conception. Finally it is strikingly apparent that when Nostradamus refers to some indivisible eternity he is using different words for continuity in space-time as reflected in my own term, Concept-X.

Given this support from Nostradamus own words it is natural to examine closely the astronomic setting, not at his birth but at the period in which his conception would have taken place. But first I need to use the link between light and the indivisible eternity to provide a possible mechanism.

Light is created at the same instant as mass is annihilated from a point in space. Light is the wave-child of the transmutation of mass and energy and it isn’t random but precisely determined by input and output values of mass and energy. When an electron changes orbit it does it instantaneously with the difference in momentum-states becoming the basis of the properties of the light that is emitted. The states at which an electron can exist is determined by resonance conditions around an atom. And it is resonant states that also determine the orbits of the planets and stars.

The same is true of time and memory which are the equivalent duality to mass and energy. And the strongest resonance of the time-memory pair with Concept-X is at the time of life when the creature is in direct touch with the outside universe, it is the conception point, When light is produced the mass from which it comes breaks the classical rule of continuity of momentum, it is unable to be followed and either disappears or jumps to a new location. Likewise it is possible that memory can jumtime, disappearing from one instant to appear in another point in space (but rarely at the same location on earth).

The exchange of experience that we might call future-seeing or past-seeing would then require two creatures located at any single point of time/space having suitably resonant environmental space/time settings at their birth. Such a process would need to afford the same potential as that found in quantum entanglement.

With this little insight into why the conception point is so important I will next turn my attention to Nostradamus’ conception point and its astronomic environmental setting.

The Details of the astronomy at Nostradamus’ conception.

Nostradamus was born on 23rd December 1503 (using our Gregorian Calendar). The exact date at which life commences before the birth date is not easily determined because not only is the period variable but there are several stages where it might be considered to have started. However at some stage each individual becomes an additional unit within the universe and this becomes the point of its original existence. It is probable that Nostradamus’ life began sometime in late March 1503.

My Concept-X is the history of fields at each location in the universe and it is a record that evolution has to note since continuity is dependent on it. Within the chromosome there will be a means by which this is recorded as each new life begins. Any record of fields will be distinguished from that in any other individual by the strength of the strongest fields at that point. It will be dominated by the earth's magnetic and electrical fluctuations, the sun’s gravity, its variant emissions and the pull of the planets, particularly the moon. These will be vector quantities having both size and direction.

It is these quantities that will generate the resonance values that evolution will eventually learn to exploit just as it has learned to time the fertilization activities of all species. And these planetary forces being vectors means they can be added and sub tracted to define a single signature value. Like the Moon’s phases this vector observes the principles of continuity, rising to a peak and falling smoothly to its lows.

Conjunction of planets 1503

The layout of the planetary vectors can be represented by a straight line that is like a scale balanced around a fulcrum.

………..St_________Jp_________________________Mc____ _Sn_Vn____________Ma_Mn
........................................................................................................^ PISCES

The position of the planets on March 25th 1503CE is shown above and it has a unique feature since the planets plus the Sun and Moon lie in a sequence involving five constellations Gemini(Jup), Taurus (Sat), Aries (Merc), Pisces (Sun and Venus), Aquarius (Mars and Moon). On this date the Sun is in conjunction with Venus and the Moon is in conjunction with Mars. This layout produces or is very close to the resonant pattern that is likely for all of Nostradamus’ future seeing activities. In this scenario it is people from different times and places with a nearly identical vector that provide the source of everything that is in his prophecies.

Each of these patterns requires positions of the major planets in the heavens to replicate the vector force at the time of Nostradamus’ conception. The Sun in Pisces dominates the location of the fulcrum and the fast-moving moon determines the balance point. The balance point will only exist for a single vectorial direction and size for a brief period of time and will involve a distribution of the planets around the sun.

But no two points in time will ever have exactly the same settings since there are an infinite number of variables separating even closely tied times. If evolution has mastered or will master such a connection it has to be between points that are similar in their major influences not the total.

All of this is well within the known capabilities of evolution despite the smallness of the variations. Evolution has mastered awareness of time and how to translate it into memory. It has also learnt to detect the most minute elements such as photons, electrical charge and fine droplets needed for sensory awareness. The ability for creatures to see relies on the ability to interpret and filter waves and frequencies that have no material presence. Mammalian noses can detect minute traces in the air and Bloodhounds have noses ten to one-hundred-million times more sensitive than a humans.

It is already known that the rhythms of the moon and sun are behind much of the rhythmic behavior of all living things. But not all creatures have the same level of ability in this or other sensory experiences. Some humans for example can roll their tongues while it is physically impossible for others. So although it is may be possible for evolution to produce creatures that can see into the future it may not be possible for all creatures of one species. In the vastness of time however we can be assured this will lead to a new species with enhanced abilities. From the evidence provided by Nostradamus it seems that he is aware of this aspect of evolution and his rare place in it.

For the incomprehensible secrets of God and their efficient virtues belong to a sphere very remote from human knowledge deriving their immediate origin from free will….
……Understand me well my son, I do not say that the knowledge of this matter cannot yet impress itself upon your feeble brain, nor do I say that very distant events are not within the knowledge of reasoning man… Nostradamus on page 4 of Preface to his Prophecies.

Nostradamus’ Resonant Pattern.

Using the foregoing as a guide the next major point in time at which the astronomic settings have or had a chance of matching Nostradamus conception vector (March 1503) is four centuries later in April 1943. The two stellar arrangements are as shown below.  

...........................................................................................   ^ PISCES Mar 1503


St___________Vn_Jp________________________Sn_____________Mc_______Ma__/ . /_Mn
...................................................................................          ^ PISCES Apr 1943

The fast-moving moon acts as the sliding counter-balance and at some stage will produce exactly the same vector as at Nostradamus’ conception. It will last for an instant and cannot easily be reproduced at any other time in the 440 years because the disparity in the periods of the planets doesn’t bring them close enough together. This claim of the moon as the means of balancing a lever is the message in two of Nostradamus’ verses

C1 Q56
Vous verrez toSt et tard faire grand change……Sooner and later you will see great changes made,
Horreurs extremes et vindications……………….dreadful horrors and retaliations.
Que Si la lune conduicte par Son ange………….For as the moon is thus led by its angel
Le ciel s'approche des inclinations………………the heavens draw near to the tipping point

Note that there is no mention of conjunction only of a tipping point. Also I have shown in earlier work that other verses tie the above verse to great mutations in the 21st century, a period in which a person conceived in April 1943 could have still been alive.

C1 Q54
Deux reuolts faicts du maling falcigere……………. Two revolutions made from the evil scythe
De regne et Siecles faict permutation……………… making a permutation of reign and centuries.
Le mobil Signe a Son endroict Si ingere ……………The mobile sign thus moves into its place:
Aux deux egaux et d'inclination…………..……..…..At two [times] of equal worth and inclination

The language of these verses differs from that of most others but they clearly can be seen as talking about a lever whose balance is determined by the movement of the moon.

Under these verses there are distinctive anagrams that also support this theme such as special indications (C1 Q56 L2) and align directions C1 Q54L4). This same basis can be found in two other verses one of which contains anagrams for Giant.Axles  Vectorising Verticalness and in the other anagrams for main Leverage.

C1 Q2
The wand in hand is put in the middle of the branches..........La verge en main miSe au milieu de BRANCHES
From the water he casts on the limb and the foot.................De l'onde il moulle & le limbe & le pied
A voice, fear: trembling in the sleeves................................ Vn peur & voix fremiSSent par les manches
Divine splendour; the Divine sits nearby.Splendeur diuine. … Le diuin pres s'aSsied

C1 Q16
Scythe joined to the pond in Sagittarius................................Faulx a l'eStang ioinct vers le Sagitaire

at its highest increase/trough of its exaltation........................En Son hault auge de l'exaltation
Plague, famine, death from military hands;...........................PeSte famine, mort de main militaire
the century approaches its renewal......................................Le Siecle approche de renouation

Once again Nostradamus’ writings support the concept of a vectorial force. It is based on physics of the universal environment at the point of conception which makes it a very different concept to astrology.   
Nostradamus and his first contact conceived in 1943.

In the foregoing sections I have shown that the conception date of Nostradamus may have been seen by him as the central resonant point that gave him contact with the future. In this scenario there are only a very small number of people of the future from whom he could draw his fore-knowledge. In order to accurately place these timeless-people in time Nostradamus relied on practical mathematical deduction based on cosmic motion.

It is quite possible that what appear to be magical spells in his first two verses are in fact a simple astronomical calculator from which he could find the balance point of the planets that corresponds with his own. By taking a rod and attaching to it weights on movable threads he would have been able to adjust positions so that the rod floated on an even keel within the brass tripod. Once such a position was determined Nostradamus would possibly have a practical means capable of determining the location in time. (See C1 Q2 in previous section).

It is important to realize the nature of the mutual participation. Nostradamus as the initiator of the contact would introduce a subliminal state into each future being’s mind. By tuning into the emotive mechanism he could possibly then induce the images held in the future memory as a state within his own.

At later stages when Nostradamus wrote these visions down and interpreted them resonance would inevitably leave tell tale trails carried back from his visit. Nostradamus would have no conscious knowledge of these as they are resonant products and therefore indistinguishable from many psychological responses that we falsely consider to be acts of free will. Purchases for example are often influenced by marketing that implants subliminal images that rely on unrelated objects arousing pleasant emotions within us.

Resonance is also at the heart of many actions whether it is flight, love or the words we communicate to others. Birds often change flight paths in a harmony defying the seeming simplicity of their communications, people can fall in love through the triggering of empathetic thought patterns and the words we write and say emerge out of inputs triggering harmonic responses in our brains.

So Nostradamus’ writing could unconsciously have utilized French sounding words which invoked in him similar emotions to those that had inspired his future seeing. And the person from whom these memories, fears and ambitions came could be left with nothing but a vague disturbance lingering in their mind. Such is the nature of resonance that I believe underlay Nostradamus’ Prophecies.

Nostradamus makes specific claims for one person from the future and the dating of it fits to the idea of a person delivering details of Nostradamus’ method. He wrote that it would be some time after 500 years from his conception. Now it is possible this is the same person that was conceived in April 1943.

C3 Q94

De cinq cens ans plus compte l'on tiendra        For five hundred years more one will keecount of the one
Celuy qu'eStoit l'aornement de son temps        Who was the ornament of his time:
Puis a vn cougrande clarte donra                  Then suddenly great light will he give,
Que par ce Siecle les rendra treScontens          He who for this century will render them very satisfied.

It cannot pass unremarked be me that once again many of the verses I use to illustrate the story contain infrequent anagrams that tie into the theme of each verse. The first line of the above verse for instance holds linear anagrams for Computes Plans and the third line has Calendar GrouUp-Ordinates. They are not in any sense truly literate but they are significantly meaningful especially when it has been shown similar meaningful groupings are scattered through all Nostradamus' Prophecies.

But significantly the same result doesn’t arise to the same extent in French, Nostradamus’ national tongue. This seems to imply these anagrammatic words came from a resonant process he had with an English speaking person. One of those people with whom Nostradamus was attuned was the person nominated in the above verse and this may imply this person is a person from an English speaking country, born in early 1944. This would still leave a lot of people as candidates.

It would be remiss of me to list potential evidence seemingly related to transfer by resonance and yet leave out one candidate because it suited me to do so. I was born on January 27, 1944 and although I fit to the profile outlined above it would be wrong for anyone to conclude I am the person referred to by Nostradamus. It is true I have been drawn to the solving of the conundrum in Nostradamus’ Prophecies from the very first time I read it but so too have many others. I don’t see visions of the future or past. I have no ambition to be a prophet or inherit Nostradamus’ mantle. My interest is and has always been in the mechanism even though out of necessity I have gone to considerable lengths to classify the prophecies.

I also believe it is unwise for any person to accept the role of Nostradamus’ future person on the basis of their birth being in the right-zone. Although it is nigh on impossible to establish that two people other than identical twins may share identical environmental vectors at conception, we can know there are always a large but finite pool of candidates. Given the birth date and the circumstances of my writing there is always a possibility that the evidence leads to me but it is not an assumption for which concrete proof can be found, nor is it a conclusion to which any-one should jumor assume I have tried to make.

But more significantly the dating mechanism I have presented is hypothetical. Although it is based on a firm foundation it is but one possibility. If Nostradamus did have the ability to communicate with future beings it would be because of a part of nature currently not accessible to most of us. The basis I have offered in this paper is likely to be the avenue nature exploits via evolution but how it manifests itself may be different. Encouragingly Nostradamus' prefaces and verses hint at these same ideas.

Finally, it is likely that whoever the person is that is referred to by Nostradamus they would have no measurable or residual memory lof cummication the prophet.

Many people may seek to claim they are the person mentioned by Nostradamus but their act of claim shows they have no real idea of the mechanism. There is no benefit only a long-ceased effect, no skill is transferred and no special rights; only Nostradamus’ material within which one can explore for reason and nature.

My own experience in developing this material is that it came from knowable process not ethereall communication.

All my conclusions have been deduced from the continuity laws required by both evolution and the universe and the basis on which I have built these concepts is centered round the continuity of time, particularly in relation to fields and the transmutation of energy to mass. In these cases continuity can only be preserved if each location in the universe holds the full record of material that has and will ever occupy that point.  

I have also shown that Nostradamus' words indicate he too may well have understood these same principles.

I also used the same continuity principle  to show why more than the genes must passed on from the time of conception and that one aspect that will then be inherited is a physio-chemical link to the environment at the moment of conception. This additional factor provides a resonant setting possibly allowing subliminal linking to people with the same conception vector.

Nostradamus seems to have gone further than me with this idea and turned it to use via his own vector. He not only saw the environment setting of the universe at conception as based on the vector sum of all forces existent at conception but found the means to exploit it through resonance.






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