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The Story of Man's future as told within Nostradamus' Prophecies.

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  Michel de Nostredame

The Hidden Story in Nostradamus' Prophecies.

December 6th 2015: At last I am free to write down the ideas I have developed over the last eighteen months. During that time I have been applying my analysis methods to each and every verse. As each part of the picture held within Nostradamus' Prophecies emerged I grew increasingly impatient to use the background my work provided and write these self-same stories using mostly Nostradamus' texts and prophecies.

But there are other goals of equal importance that I wanted to present especially those explaining why Nostradamus concentrated on a time five hundred years in the future. Again I knew such an explanation should ideally come from Nostradamus' own writings and not from the bias of the person presenting his writings.

Another goal that was waiting for me was to explain the enigmas in the 1558 Epistle to Henry which accompanied the first publication of the last three hundred of his nine hundred and forty two (942) quatrains. Those enigmas include its two chronologies for the Christian story which have the unusual property they don't agree with each other. And then there is the mish-mash presented in the descriptions that followed these calendars. Nostradamus was quite open about his making his work obscure and at the end of the first of these calendars he says:

And for this [reason], Sire, by this discourse I present these predictions with confusion as to when they will be and the event involved for the enumeration of time that follows has no more than a little consistency in it. 1558 Henry Epistle (HEE19A)

Any explanation for his actions should once again rely on the wording contained within Nostradamus' Prophecies and his accompanying documents. One of the powerful aspects of Nostradamus' writing that achieves this end lies in continuous simple story lines set out in his 1555 Preface and 1558 Epistle.

But now I want to reach out and declare happenings of common interest through incomprehensible and perplexing sentences about future causes. The most urgent are those in which I perceive some human mutation 1555 Cesar Preface (PCE2)

Events that in due time will fall upon the principal worshippers, firstly upon the temples of God; secondly, upon those who, sustained by the earth, approach such a decadence. Also a thousand other calamitous events which will be known to happen in due time.
1558 Henry Epistle (HEE7a)

From these we see that Nostradamus' story lines are about changes in the fortunes of humankind on a scale never before seen.

I will show that these story lines are detailed and that they involve the mutations of the human gene brought about by man's own efforts. Some of the impact arises from genetic material carried on space objects such as asteroids. And Nostradamus' words tell us these events coincide with vast flood events that are on a scale hitherto unknown.

..and also I find that letters shall undergo such a huge and unparalleled loss and I find that the world before the universal conflagration will experience many deluges with inundations so high that there will be no soil that is not covered by water; and this will be for such a long time that all would be lost except for the records of enographies and topographies. Also before and after such inundations, in most countries, the rains will be in demand, and from the heavens will fall a great abundance of fire and white-hot stones, so nothing shall remain that is not consumed. And all this is to occur, in brief, before the last conflagration. 1555 Cesar Preface (PCE8)

Human ability to deliberately mutate genes has become possible only in our DNA-informed era and this fact provides the reasons for Nostradamus concentrating his mutation-tales on the period from 2000CE and beyond.

Saint Richard of ChichesterBut there is an even bigger story in Nostradamus writings and that tale is traceable in his texts once the remarkable concepts it embraces are recognised. It is the story of religious fanaticism by small groups of men who bring about their sect's long desired resurrection of Christ using modern means. Such attempts wouldn't be unusual since much of science has been taken up by causes who see power, control and wealth coming from scientific discoveries whose far reaching effects were unanticipated by its initiators. I will show in this work that a major theme of Nostradamus involves a sect that clones their own version of Jesus. This single theme may well be the main reason Nostradamus began his works but I believe his findings like that of many investigators of history and nature were not what he had originally expected. So the ciphers in the text for this story include 'Antichrist' and 'Satan' and his story evolves beyond a legendary dream to a consistent modern vision of technological reality.

Once again Satan will be bound, universal peace will be established among men, and the Church of Jesus Christ will be delivered from all tribulations.. 1558 Henry Epistle (HEE24b)

After that Antichrist will be the infernal prince again, for the last time. All the Kingdoms of Christianity will tremble, even those of the infidels, for the space of twenty-five years [22ndC]. And there will be many grievous wars and battles, and towns, cities, castles and all other edifices that will be burned, desolated and destroyed. ...1558 Henry Epistle (HEE26b)

The religious theme is a powerful story line for Nostradamus. It begins with ancient issues over the nature of Christ that are integral to the wars around a dynasty that claims its leader is born using DNA derived from Jesus. Such claims are anathema to some and justification to others and such deep divisons within the Christian churches make them vulnerable to all its enemies. None of this benefits humankind nor helps us overcome the troubles Nostradamus suggests our race has manufactured.

It is my intention to write these story lines within a more easily read form than supplied by Nostradamus while using the text from his verses and other writings. I will also include evidence and discussion regarding his methods such as planetary locations which he frequently used to indicate the period each verse covers.

I have composed books of prophecies each containing a hundred quatrains of astronomic prophecies, which I have intentionally arranged a little obscurely. They contain perpetual predictions for (the period) from now until the year 3797. 1555 Cesar preface (PCE6)

In the preceding quote from Nostradamus' Preface he makes a statement that explains why his work has remained hidden for 500 years.

I believe the words a little obscurely in this statement are critical for it only takes a little distortion to make the whole unreadable. By finding a means to link these verses I am able to show that there are large numbers of items that are continuous and that they form a progression based on date order. This means the works of Nostradamus are not as obscure as many believe.

My work has progressed to the point where I believe I can present the stories hidden in Nostradamus' Prophecies using the ciphers in the text of the verses and the Preface and Epistle that accompanied the first published editions. However my ability to present it in this way relies on the strength provided by my anagram analyses so it will be essential for me to include some of them in this presentation of mine but it will be done sparingly and only where it enhances understanding of his intent.

As a result of my work I believe that Nostradamus' claim that every verse has meaning is valid, however the reading of the verses still requires a modern reader to be aware that dramatic changes to landscapes were foreseen by Nostradamus, which means our current understanding of where seas, rivers, islands and mainlands lie has to be amended. Each of the essential aspects of the future geographical landscapes will also be covered in the chapters that follow.

In order to appreciate the scope of both Nostrdamus and my work it is helpful to visually see the skeletal structure of the prophecies. To this end I have constructed a roadmap of the stories so that each verse can be allotted its proper place and this is given below. Although its elements may undergo shifts in time / location as my own vision of the project advances these amendments will not change the basic premises nor the elements themselves.  

Road Map of the Story Lines in Nostradamus' Prophecies.

Pre 40k BCE                                     Dinosaurs        
4k-1000 BCE                                         Noah
Great Floods
1000-1 BCE                                       Homer,
Ancient fire Gods
1-500CE                       Story of Jesus,
Debate on place of Christ.
Nicean Council,
Heresy proclammations.
501-1499 CE         Cathars,
Holy Grail.
Holy Shroud,
Religious Relics
Eddic Tales.
Twilight of the Gods.
Ragnarok renewal.
1500- 1555 CE Marguerite d'Angouleme,
Patron of the needy,
Sanctuary for Dangerous Ideas
Jules Scaliger,
Jean de Bernuy
Leonordo Da Vinci
Jean Calvin,
Anne Boleyn
1556-1620 CE Jeanne d'Albret
Henry IV
La Rochelle
Medici line
Guise & Lorraine
Catholic League
Rigaud Benoit
Jean de Chavigny
Stuart lineage,
Elizabeth I
2020 CE
      Hautpoul lineage,
Baufort Lineage.
      Martin Luther King.
Ramon George Sneyd,
  Thomas Malthus, John Law,
Marie Curie,
Financial Crisis,
Richard Wagner,
Adolf Hitler.
2020-2059 CE         Extremist cults based on ancient nationalistic ideals become active around the world as the pressure on populations rise.        
2060- 2079 CE   The Christ / Messiah clones are conceived using an adulterous woman as mother. Geneva experiments go awry. Nuclear events related to floods, war and genetic manipulation become prominent Cloning experiments succeed in bringing back long-extinct species. Commencement of massive flooding that changes Lower Rhone into a sea.
2080 - 2110CE: Jesus clone divisions lead to War   Antichrist invades Southern Europe via Marseille. Refugee flows reverse direction.  Vast numbers of Asteroids and other space debris bring new DNA material into the Earth's oceans.
Monsters are washed ashore.
Flooding increases changing European landscapes.
2110 - 2300CE:   Religious wars involving the Jesus- clone dynasty re-emerge.
Provincial warlords rule the shattered realm of France.
 Trade in Genetic parts becomes the norm and is made permissable by new laws.

People pay to have clones generated for their use as spare parts.
European lands suffer from enormous tilting of the continental plate.

Amidst great tremors the seas rise by 200 metres above current levels.
2400 -3400CE:                   The floods ease.
Wars cease.
A new species of man-like creatures emerge.
It has an evolved power to see things unknowable to ordinary men.
Sections of older-style men react in fear against the new-ape.
3400 - 3793CE                    Men declare war against the new apes.

Governments order euthanasia and infanticide to no avail.

Older-style man disapears from earth as new species capable of future-seeing grow in number.





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