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Nostradamus on 21stC leaders & followers waging Bio-Nuclear wars 

© Allan Webber Mar 2020.

The power of Sephirots was chosen by me as the best means of presenting Nostradamusí Prophecies. Of many reasons, the most important is the property of confining analyses to a size able to be digested while at the same time showing depth and detail of each story line. It is akin to the analytic properties offered by a microscope.

Frequency of anagrams in cluster where bio-nuclear warfare is implied in the text.

C8 Q65 1: inter-nuclear, valiantness, uuarandice, residential, disrupture, episcopal, vomiting, virgin, 2: nitrides, imperil, 3: assailed, gnomist, engage, 4: Principal, disorient, virile, Salesian, 5: polarise, special, 6: nuclear, needle, Asians, editions, re-enlarged,

C6 Q81 1: tyrants, enrich-uranium, transitory-e, interplays, Immanuel, Cynosurae, 2: inhumanic, Laurencium, nuclear-ion, numeralise, numerical, numerals, unheroic, psaltery, cheapens, afferent, gayness., 3: nameless, illness, async, type, hurts, 4: Ierusalems, hustler,5: cosy, planetic, scruple, 6: plainest, Uranic, element,

C6 Q76 1: ventromedial, mutafacient, inadequate, mutate, 2: impunctate, supporter, normative, sterileness, uueapons, complete, 3: prorogue, compel, temporal, couple, 5: fanatic, fetch, sunray, 7: spleen, leproma, illnesses, regroup,

C5 Q14 1: euphoric, health, permeation, unifocal, 2: persistence, inspect, apogees, attract, rocq, 3: narcotism / romantics, Masonic, releasement, tacit, hamlet, 4: impersonate, cheaper, gaps, 5: cremations, numerate, lathe, 6: cinemas, sceptres, peep,, 7: parapet, 8: echoed, prescient,

C4 Q55 1: citronella, stagnates, tungstate, reacquired, numerary, ejection, omittance, intermarry, 2: cremation, pre-storage, statute, purple, tonemic, rarity, 3: underrates, Caroline, patterns, 4: artery, 5: astute, bride, quantal, 6: agedness, debut, 7: doubter / obtrude,

C7 Q21 1: fore-guesses, emulatory, headstone, demasculinises, Easterly, quiff, 2: tumoral, cliques, utterly, adherent, 3: disseminule, violets, truly, entitle, 4: Isis, atmometer, uueapon, 5: pestilent, Tehran, mulises, fearless, 6: superape, Violet, loves,

C5 Q23 1: astromancers, turret, 2: cornmasters, conjoint, star-map, diction, 3: diseases, nimbleness, 4: Nuexco, enquire, Ionic, blennemesis, 5: quantal, rottenness, Tamars, 6: inventor, quantic, 7: excludes, consents, Edessa, riff, 8: ensembles, allergen, utter,

C3 Q29 1: enthusiast, diversion, musics, hiatuses, entombz, Beznau, Cesiums, 2: mobster, renditions, levering, hints, 3: Paulean, diviners, misuse, rivers, index, 4: divines, underlies, plunge, 6: this, insured, surlier, 7: cuss, plague, genez, 8: meteors, 9: xend,

C2 Q29 1: valorising, adages, entreating, 2: carpenters, mortalness, pleuralgia, 3: temporalness, eventual, relegation, penants, clearer, 4: Essenoi, Psalmtones, 5: presagient, asteroid, 6: saga, 7: plague, partners, 8: ordination, relation,

C1 Q09 1: simple-letters, formulised, procedural, Sibylesque, tectosphere, spirochetes, sulfamide, inevident, 2: Icelander, called, holiest / hostile, 3: invented, 4: harder, holes, smell, 5: recouple, hardier, unique, fields, 6: till , 7: heroics, rumors, cleaned, cradle,

But unlike examining biological or mineral material the examination of code through anagrams has no established protocols. Hence the presentation in this book has followed a deliberately disciplined path.

From the start it was essential to establish the rules that regulated the assessment and in the main I have held to those. The main rules are the use of only one edition of Nostradamus' Prophecies since publishing in the 16th century wasn't as good as our era in accurately mirroring an original. With this is mind it was left to statistical methods based on repetition in that single edition plus the infrequency and complexity of each term to justify each anagrams inclusion.

Statistics are most efficient in our modern era when determined by a computer using well designed algorithms but this approach turned up an oddity that is still quite apparent. Nostradamus' Prophecies hold a larger number of anagrams from the English language than in French and this aberration remains when his work is compared to other writers from other languages and other ages. This oddity is not impossible to explain but it doesn't fit easily into our current perceptions of the universe. That remains one of the goals to be attempted in the final chapters of this book.

Because this approach began with setting out the discipline the Sephirots have a progressive quality to them. They start with the rules, the code and move on to story lines. These stories arise from Nostradamus but because of the realities of his interests and pressures not all of them are openly stated in his writings.

Yet evidence from which his themes can be deduced is abundant and throughout these presentations the foundations arise from the content and context laid out in his writings.

The 1555 Preface and the 1555 Epistle are the bedrock from which this type of material is drawn but it is enhanced by interpretations of motivations relevant to the tasks and challenges Nostradamus addressed in his literature.

Of course at the beginning of these presentations the rules were paramount with for instance links between the text and anagrams essential. Then in later ones variation was introduced with some Sephirots having much greater reliance on the message presented by their text. This however is the traditional technique that has had little success in meeting the 21stC challenges presented by Nostradamus.

This progression to less dependence on the link between text and anagrams has validity when applied to issues for which the 16th century language set was well equipped to describe. Things like famine and recurrent natural disasters fit into this framework. They donít need anagrams except to describe the setting but are required for labelling things too dangerous to mention. Hence C1 Q35 relating to the accidental death of Henry I of France contains no names or titles in its text but in its anagrams hold de Lorges, the name of the man who delivered the fatal lance blow.

In other verses, where the content deals with modern concepts such as nuclear events, there is no way that the text and additional writings can adequately convey information about these topics. Yet there are clusters of verses whose anagrams are so rich in technical material that it is very difficult to discard them as products of chance. All the text can offer as support is allusions and classical references to the attributes of the ancient gods.

So as this work progresses to its conclusion it increasingly moves into the arenas where the links between text and anagrams are weaker and the reliance on the intertwining of the anagrams within its Sephirot is crucial. However that which has already been presented now gives a base from which more modern aspects of stories rooted in the 16th century can emerge. Individual verses within the earlier Sephirots play crucial roles but none are one-dimensional. Their stories intertwine. Whereas one may focus on war and embrace nuclear events, within it, another can take up the illnesses of a family and mention its nuclear cause.

The story of any era is intertwined so now with a network built from Sephirots strong in both text and anagrammatic messages new Sephirots can emerge which take several single verses with a shared theme and join them with others that enrich the whole.

This is the case with this Sephirot. In this instance the unifying term is tyranny and its accompaniments are terror and followers. These bring together words, terms and phrases such as unheroic (1), tyrant/s (1),  internuclear (1), uueapons (2), fanatic (5), couple(3)_mutate(2) (1), mutafacient (1), disrupture (1),  ventromedial (1), papule/s (5,2), nameless(3)_gene) (1),  planetic(5)_element(7)_hurts(3) (1), asteroids (1), comets(8), meteors (8), complete (2), Ierusalems(4) _male_seed_illness/es(3/7) (1) mortalness (1), plague/s (7/4) and many more that furnish the tale of people crucial to the new-age horrors unleashed on mankind by the division between sects.

This isn't a generalised history but a specific account well founded in modern terms and appreciation of what our race has engineered.

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C8 Q65 C6 Q81 C6 Q76 C5 Q14 C4 Q55 C7 Q21 C5 Q23 C3 Q29 C2 Q29 C1 Q09

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