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Geneva 2065- How nuclear technology impacts on mankind in 21stC

© Allan Webber November 2020.

Nostradamus attitude to Nuclear Science. 

It would be a mistake to think that Nostradamus' interest in our time was because he saw our technological abilities as a threat to mankind and that he, a 16thC man, was the person to end that threat.

Frequency of this sephirot's most prominent anagrams in Nostradamus' Prophecies

C9 Q44 1: UUestermost, intellectualliser, experimentorz re-enforces, regimes, intelligences, 2: electron-rays, moistures, fragileness, consolute, consults, Alentours, farseeing clientile, grim. 3: encharges, natural, teargas, Mariner, prayer, artery, osculate, 5: unlearnt, counsel, germs, 7 :uranolites, fonder,

C9 Q47 1: agenciez, overstriven, guideline, soullesz, emulated, 2: nuclearises, designz, deigns, clearness, 3: agnomen, requiems, traversion, 4: nuclaire, contour, Qamerun. agencies, chance, Mulla, vista, 5: unsteadier, Marquise, 6: encloses, nuclear, megaron, ending Saudi, uranic,

C1 Q68 1: Piedmont, spumescent, toponymies, Montreux, eloquent, timetable, meltable, heronries, 2: homines, meritable, terror, 3: suspect hamlet, minted, inshore, 5: arbour, terminated, 6: amid, 7: terrible, quote, 8: diameter, hones / shone,

C8 Q05 1: temporalist, pouuer-call, peacelime, plumelet, better, 2: preparations, condensate, begroan, letter-maps, insulator, 3: respondent, vendor, 4: propane, 5: mistreat, 6: Templar, nuclear, connate, 7: uranolites, clangored, Ariege, 8: barge, 9: matters, overran, Strait,

C2 Q80 1: necropolitan, impersonators, encaption, neoplatonic, telegrams, 2: temptress, preparations, misassertion, proposed, apropos, paupers, 3: streams, adds, 4: spermation, re-appoints, nuclaire, tempests, residual, lotion, 5: primates, storminess, atropine, confers, 6: uranic, conflicts, Nolan, 7: strangled, laments,  Minster, 8: Popes,

C2 Q96 1: radio-nucleates, Magian-fuel, pre-inflated, unperiodic, sect-leader, arrives, 2: pouuer-source, percipient, inosculate, daemonic / comedian mid-ocean, , federals, 3: uuaranted, nucleotidase, operates, rosaries, 4: adulteries, chimera / Hermaic, response, 5: Gaulite. 6: inflate, 7: Angelim, 8:corpus, 9: enigma,

C2 Q33 1: Minnesong, non-reasoning, quiesced, 2: thermonuclear, planner, 3: disquieten, 4: squalor, 5: querent, reasoned, charms, 6: reasoning, marchers, unexact, vented, guide, 7: Rafuna, 8:inductees, descent,

C8 Q65 1: inter-nuclear, valiantness, uuarandice pre-imperial, residential, disrupture, episcopal, vomiting, virgin, pliancies, 2: nitrides, imperil, 3: assailed, gnomist, engage, 4: principal, disorient, 5: special, polarise, 6: nuclear, needle, Asians, revile,

C8 Q01 1: non-royal, figure, 2: uncleared, navy, aquas, 3: decentralise, referent, 4: Easterners, enlisted, eternalised, lazer, 5: centralise / interlaces, useful, assents, 6: cleanest, nuclear, refusal, sagas, 7: Durance, around,

C10 Q64 1: Charlemagne, generalise, illume, pre-nuclear, 2: thermonuclear, harm. pedigreeless, plenarium, period, 3: genearchal, cloques, severed, equator, 4: falconers, squalor, chance, 5: archangel, loom, 6: re-illume, scud, 7 quote, serve, 8: monarch,


Nostradamus' 16th century time placement meant his work couldn't ever achieve such a goal because the barriers to his acceptance are massive practical hurdles; no one today has reason to believe he knew as much as us in the way of science and if he did there are ever-present professional attitudes in nearly every age that rate modernity higher than that of the ancients.

Nor could he offer a warning about something that was an inescapable part of the future yet he could report the commentary and dialogue that inevitably accompanies disasters, wars and major issues.

This would mean that what he saw included imagery, emotions and language which became one of the frames he used in giving a date that couldn't be understood until it had happened.

This essential for events that could be prevented .

This not an immoral choice but a recognition that revelation of the future can never include factors that destroy the vision. Seeing forward in time cannot be self-destructive so any event must be limited in its precision. This principle is inescapable and any effort to thwart it is already inbuilt into that vision.

Yet future seeing could still occur since there is much in any future setting that defines it without knowledge of it becoming a destructive mutator of itself.

Conversely if there is to be change from the past that affects the future it would have to come from the future and be of a type that ensures or enhances the future existence.

If that seems incredible it happens countless times in every instant that every living form exists.

We for instance feed back factors sourced from ancient DNA. This duplicates the evolutionary steps that take us from a single cell to a complex mesh of feedback loops. So when you brea the air is neutral but its components build you into a modern biological factory inherited from the dinosaurs.

We take advantage of this constantly within our bodies and in our lives such as when we place seeds in the ground or perpetuate our species. Our DNA or that of a plant is filled with ancient traces of life but at the time of its implantation it is not an independent fully functioning organism. However when time passes and an organism develops it carries properties that are recognizable as those of its genitors as well as development skills that are yet to unfold at conception. We exist not by interfering with the future but by passing modernity to the past. This is the eternal mechanism of evolution.

Nostradamus attitude and knowledge of  future events if any has to conform to this fore-stated pattern. Here are his words.

Although my calculations may not hold good for all nations, they have, however, been determined by the celestial movements, and by association of emotion infused at certain hours. This is the emotion left to me by my forebears. But the danger of the times, O Most Serene King, requires that such secrets are of events that should not be manifested except in enigmatic sentences having, however, only one direction and a unique meaning, and nothing shall be put [into it] that is ambiguous nor anything of ambiguous calculation. [HEE6a]
Rather they are under a cloudy obscurity, with a natural infusion approaching the maxim of one of the 1,002 prophets that have been since the creation of the world. According to the calculation and Punic Chronicle of Joel (Latin: I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and daughters will prophesy). But such Prophecy proceeded from the mouth of the Holy Ghost, the sovereign eternal power who, together with the heavens caused some of this number [1,002] to predict great and marvelous events. [HEE7a)
As for myself, I would never claim such a title, never, please God. I readily admit that all proceeds from God and render to Him thanks, honour and immortal praise. I have mixed therewith no divination coming from fate. All comes from God and nature, and for the most part it is integrated with the celestial course. It is much like seeing in a flaming mirror, where the vision of the great events is clouded, sad, prodigious and calamitous. Events that in due time will fall upon the principal worshippers, firstly upon the temples of God; secondly, upon those who, sustained by the earth, approach such a decadence. Also a thousand other calamitous events which will be known to happen in due time... Nostradamus' 1558 Henry Epistle [Hee7a]

Encouragingly, the above statements by Nostradamus on his abilities and limitations imply evolutionary possibilities. This potential for interacting with the future has probably been there throughout the development of life forms and there is no reason to think that process will end or remain dormant throughout the vast expanse of time yet to pass before our universe dies.

Yet the only reason for believing Nostradamus was a cog in such a chain is his sixteenth century writings. Throughout these Sephirots I show the extent to which I have found his messages go well beyond the scope of chance. What these analyses of mine show is the sort of evidence we find in all living things, an innate recording mechanism that passes data beyond one instant into another and then that next instant builds upon it. When humans learnt to speak a process was already in place to create something out of nothing; it was called language. And when language developed into written form it gave birth to ever-advancing devices that represent new branches of the evolutionary process. No rock or dead twig has those powers.

It is only by these mechanisms that I can rationalize what I find. And this current Sephirot is another very powerful contributor to the evidence base behind the claims of both Nostradamus and me.

It clearly contains modern nuclear terms that are totally outside the vocabulary of normal 16th century humans. The evidence of this not mono-dimensional. There is firstly the text and the messages in the 1555 Preface and the 1558 Epistle. There is then the structure, complexity and rarity of the anagrams on an individual basis. This then has the added value of the anagrams’ relationship to the text, Preface, Epistle and other anagrams in the same verse.

The Sephirots perform yet another analytic function by indicating the associations between words of related meaning. The Sephirots in combination with the contents found in the same set of resources then bring out in great detail story lines consistent with both the 16th century narration in the visible works and each of the other contributions. To all of this the power of the frequency lists for the Sephirots brings another level of distinction; the words in each list seem to take on their most powerful association from those within the same frequency layer.

I have unveiled these tales and all their components without the use of trickery; I only use a set of simple repetitive lettering rules (anagrams) and the unity and validity of the network of ideas encountered. And everything I present is done in a manner that can be assessed completely.

This particular Sephirot serves as a great example of every one of the fore-mentioned factors. And by its nature it enables us to gain insight into those Nostradamus' Prophecies’ which detail our time. They are his future so such an outcome is both remarkable and totally unexpected. For instance in the remaining discussion before the Sephirot is presented I show that anagrams in Nostradamus’ Prophecies detail the story of nuclear invention still in progress and awaiting completion in the next five years.

Thermonuclear plant Durance 2025 in Nostradamus C2 Q33This current Sephirot was built by me on the terminology of nuclear science found within the anagrams using words such as nuclear, thermonuclear, radio-nucleates, uranic etc. This nuclear tone applies to several of the Sephirots but despite continuous and thorough research I have no evidence that he was writing about a future holocaust involving a nuclear war.
However as evidenced by this set of ten verses he foresaw the advent of nuclear technology.

But even then there is nothing in his texts that suggest his motivation was to unfold the story of modern science. For instance his interest in nuclear science is as a back story to his major themes.

His prime narrative does involve the destiny of mankind but from an observational not an interventionist position. It goes to divisive issues he and his century knew well, those of religious belief as to the nature of Christ.

The absence of a central theme on nuclear war offers some limited assurance in that our demise doesn't come from nuclear weapons of a traditional military kind.

Yet there are quite serious, rational event sequences arising out of what Nostradamus foretells is indiscriminate use of nuclear superiorities. Superiority is always tidal and the attitudes of mind shaped by that ebb and flow can be more devastating than a nuclear war. War is not excluded by reasoning nor advanced prediction of such events; it inevitably evolves from arrogance, mistreatment, retaliation and revenge.

Amongst the story structures enhanced by this Sephirot one is quite remarkable. Ten years ago in 2011 when I first wrote my paper titled Geneva 2065 I was already aware that two verses held anagrams for thermonuclear that could be tied to ideas at the core of that earlier paper. Yet at that time thermonuclear facilities still didn't exist and it was not until 2013 that the first project began to come into being. It will be fully functioning by 2025. This reactor seems to be directly referenced in this Sephirot

What came to me as a surprise when I began to construct this particular Sephirot is that the text of the verse in the 9th sphere (C8 Q01) has the location of Durance, Provence in its last line. Nostradamus spent the last part of his life in Salon which is near the Durance River.  He spent the first part of his life in St Remy, Provence again near the Durance. On this river a few kilometers upstream from these two towns at St Paul Lez Durance there is  a nuclear facility . Much of its activity is research based and a new demonstration nuclear fusion reactor using Deuterium and Tritium as fuel is due to commence operation in 2025. It is anticipated it will be the first commercial thermonuclear plant in the world. The line of text where Durance is found contains anagrams for nuclear pond and this plus other content ties it strongly to the two verses where anagrams for thermonuclear occur. This is the emerging reactor I mentioned in my 2011 paper.

Thermonuclear plant Durance 2025 in Nostradamus C8 Q01And the text of one of the two verses holding the anagrammatic references to thermonuclear (C2 Q33 at Sphere 7) contains a reference to a wrecking event at Garonne, a major river in Southern France where there is a a nuclear fission plant at Golfech a short distance east of Agen. Both these locations are places where Nostradamus lived large parts of his life. His interest in cities on these specific rivers is hence quite explicable. 

The ties of nuclear research facilities therefore link the Genevan experimental particle collision work and the Durance River nuclear facility which is being built  to provide a viable thermonuclear plant. the anagrams and text providing this picture are notably unique yet they appear in this set of ten verses.

It might seem that verse C9 Q44 with its opening line of Leave leave Geneva every last one of you is an instruction not an observation and hence a violation of the predictive ability. But besides it being impossible for it to be so there are  entries in the anagrams of linked verses in this current Sephirot that show the function of those words. Phrases such as eloquent quote in C1 Q68 suggest it is a record of an ineffectual proclamation by leaders around the time of the event. Something goes unexpectedly wrong at Geneva and it would appear it has a wide geographical affect. That combined with changes bought about by climate impacts on a massive scale would place the existence of nuclear plants at risk to a point where the hazards started in Geneva flow to distant parts of Europe and the world with the Durance being one such region affected in the initial aftermath. Flee flee Geneva when it happens because you will have no other choice.

The material included in this paper makes up the backbone of many of my papers all of which are accessible at Through several other papers at this site I also try to answer the puzzles arising from my analyses with the paper Geneva2065 being one of the most pertinent. 

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