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Nostradamus' Prophecies Sephirot for Essene Eugenics program.
© Allan Webber October 2017, Septemper 2020 

At no stage of my investigation of anagrams within Nostradamus' Prophecies did I expect to find myself including a chapter let alone chapters on the cult of the Essenes. At the beginning of my quest I would have found it difficult to write a sentence that made any reference to that sect.

Frequency of  prominent  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus' Prophecies:

C3 Q67 1: polished, 2: inornateness, scrutineer, Magister, strophe, 3: modestness,  mastering, rainstorm, impresses, selected, recruits 4: honor, heretics, root, premises, 5:  retype, Essenian, hopes,

C6 Q08 1: letter-size, generators, usurpation, nasalizes, occulary, Noruuay, 2: arrogant, laziness, tuuo-pairs, ten-letters, triplets, 3: changed, sauior, version,  4: un-rationed, letter-set, uuarriors, neoteny, 5: raucous, titles, clay, 6: ornateness, 8: corpus, 10: Essene,

C1 Q100 1: pneumatologies, mandatory, Asclepius, Essaioi,  2:persuaded, rune-caster, grievous, mantra, Osiris, vaguer, augvries  3: Essaoi, definant, vendor, Algerian, Seleucia, 5: auspice, 6: Gaulonites, revalues.

C3 Q49 1: extrasensorial, planetismal, 2: arousement, enumerates, abstruse, fetters,  3: genealoguist, 4:  enchain, greatest, abusers, 5: re-creations, translates, neutralises   6: Gaulonites, charters,  8: suits, meteors

C2 Q75 1: ostensible, nonsecular, Ieshua, 2; gestural, topograph,  3: larcenous, Essaoi, narrate, 4: D'Alencon, regulates, Valoix, reprisal, forum, spurned, 5: vault, 6: nuclear,8: Leaguers

C4 Q03 1: embargoed,  saboteur, eugenic, steadiness, 2: escaping,  3: generations, carbonates 3), agennesis, periodic, grounds, Essaion, diseases, assets, 4: organises, agencies,  nearness, assents, cages,  5: resonating, re-assigned,  nitrogen, Essenian, periods, despairs, 6: reasonings, mounted, genesis, 7: ceasing,  8: grandson, excuse .

C9 Q42 1: seventeen, voices, invocates, eventides, validness, vocalise,  2: vacationers, elopements, novices, contrives, nebulise, sub-polar, 3: carbonates,  jingo, disenslave, beside, hunt, vital, 4: seventies, invested, parlous, vials, Barbara, squat, 5: careless, barbs, belies  vices, haunt, 7:  creations

C9 Q60 1: Barcelona, mealtimes, Baltic,  dilemmas, 2: melisma, resemblant, denigrator, 3: misarranged, promotion, Metatron, trembles, mislead, barren, 4: minds, agenesis, transport,, 5: resources, Moor, 6: undreamt, ulcerous, Matilda, resemble  7: corner, genitor, rotates .

C5 Q92 1: corporateness, esquiredom, universals, pumps, 2: readmission, 3: corporate, misdoer, procreates,4:  peasant, crime, nearness,  5: Essenian, romanised, mansion,

C6 Q75 1:inbred, Magdalene, propulses, arborescent, sulphur,  2: carbonate, verdancies, evinces, Rosemary, adeptness, recalls, 3: Hautpuls,espousal, portrays, un-retaliated, barred, 4: classier, peasant, sorry, 5: purpose, attain, 6:  ancestors, increase, 7: nitrated, baronet, plot, sincere, pilot, ledger .


I have not changed in any real way from the basic beliefs I held pre-1970 about religion, its place in the world and my lack of affinity with any ideology. Yet I am compelled by what I find to  recognize that many things about the world are shaped by religion regardless of my personal views.

I always knew that to be true but in the normal course of events I would have been free to make choices that put me onto a more personally acceptable path. We all do this to a greater or lesser extent; our choice of work, our partners, where we live, where we dine, those with whom we debate and converse all tend to be shaped by our affinities rather than our apathies.

So in presenting this particular Sephirot there is a need to show how its prominence for me came about.

C1 Q100
For a long time a gray bird seen in the skies
Long temps au ciel ſera veu gris oiſeau.

near Dole and the lands of Tuscany.  
Aupres de Dole et de Touscane terre

Holding a flowering branch in its beak,
Tenant au bec vn verdoyan trameau
but he dies too soon and the war ends
Mourra tost grand et finera la guerre

It began with one of the verses in this set of ten C1 Q100 whose text is quite unremarkable; slightly enigmatic but seemingly banal. Early in my investigations into anagrams existing in Nostradamus' Prophecies I used a self-written program to check the lettering of all 942 verses against the largest available data base of English words. Such was the technology available to me at that time  it took over 14 full 24-hour days for multiple computers to complete the task. (See my 2004 Anagrams research paper if interested in this aspect).

Of course once I had my computer analysis the longest most complex words were one of my focus areas.

It soon became apparent there was a complex 14-letter anagram pneumatologies (oiſeau Long temp) at the beginning of this verse. According to Wikipedia the term pneumatology refers to a particular discipline within Christian theology that focuses on the study of the Holy Spirit. The term is essentially derived from the Greek word Pneuma, which designates "breath" or "spirit" and metaphorically describes a non-material being or influence.

One further aspect in the Wikipedia reference is that this study covers the inspiration of prophets.

But at the same time there were other anagrams uncovered in this verse including ones for auspices, auguries, Asclepius and Osiris.

Osiris is the Egyptian God of floods and his stories involve the Noah-like tale of  a gray bird that signals the flood is over, which is much like the story line in this verse's first line. A crucial part of the Osiris flood tale involves his resurrection from the dead.

Auguries and auspices are terms known to us today as ancient modes of prophecy but they both have a connection with the use of birds to visualize the future. So these anagrams bring together elements of Gods, floods, the aftermaths of floods, resurrection from the dead and prophecy that unifies the text and anagrams. In addition the  skill of prophecy relates to the art by which Nostradamus' fame arose.

And then there is Asclepius, a Greco Roman god who is honored by presence in the constellation of Ophiuchus where he is the snake bearer. Asclepius is revered as the god of medicine, the profession in which Nostradamus served. In the modern day the symbol of a snake entwined around the upright rod wielded by Asclepius is still used to indicate medical practitioners.

Osiris is the Egyptian God of floods and his stories involve the Noah-like tale of  a gray bird that signals the flood is over is much like the story line in this verses first line. A crucial part of the Osiris flood tale involves his resurrection from the dead.

So my grounds for thinking this verse held vital information about Nostradamus mission started here; I felt from what I first saw that it had a tale to tell about a religious group seeking to use modern medical science to resurrect a Jesus-like figure started here.

But it didn't escape my notice that two other anagrams in this verse have religious tones and both occur in the first line where pneumatologies, Asclepius, Osiris, auspices and auguries are all found. The first anagram is that for Essaoi / Essiaoi (i/ soiſeau) which is a very ancient little used term found in the earliest recordings of the Essenes in the region of Galilee at around the time the Jesus life story began.  There are only three occurrences of this anagram throughout the prophecies and overlaying this one is an anagram for Gaulonites (iſeauLongt).
The Jesus bloodline is the proposition that a linear sequence of descendants of the historical Jesus has persisted to the present time.

The claims frequently depict Jesus as married, often to Mary Magdalene, and as having descendants living in Europe.
Now the Essenes were considered one of the three sects of Jewish philosophy in the time of Jesus but during that century a new Messianic sect was forming based around the Jewish leader, Judas of Galilee. It is this fledgling sect that was referred to as the Gaulonites.

Using variant versions of the names for the Essenes (Essenian (5), Essene (10)  Essenes (1)  Essaoi (3)  Essaion (3) ) and including those that have independent occurrences of Gaulonites, there are less than 25 verses that hold the name of this sect. This  provides a network stretching through the prophecies but it only reaches directly into 2.5% of all verses. Yet those verses turn out to have a lot in common as will be shown in later Sephirots.

Seven of the verses in this cluster account for nearly one third of that total. Those in this cluster together with the three linked verses reveal the essence of Nostradamus' story about the Essenes and their import to a singular future event. Hence it is worth highlighting those threads mentioned in this cluster that  make significant contributions to that story. 

The first line of text of C3 Q67 in the first sphere of this Sephirot resonates with that of the second sphere C6 Q08 where the first says a new sect of philosophers and the other states those in the realm for knowledge. These serve as a clue that the verses relate to a body like the Essenes and the Gaulonites.  These possibilities are affirmed via critical anagrams in C3 Q67 where there are adjacent anagrams for Sephirot demons re-assignment (itrophes Desmon tsGermainsne ) and a collection of others that allude to organized religious rebellion via heretics, recruits, hopes and Essenian.

The ideas in the above and the other parts of the Sephirot are consistent with history and values held by the Essenes which is far more gnostic than orthodox Christianity. It accepts Christ as a mortal and acknowledges he may well have descendants.

Essaoi, Essenoi: variant names for Essenes, a Jewish Sect at time of Jesus that held mystic, messianic, ascetic, End-of-Days views.

Gaulonites: sub-sect of Sadducees a Jewish Sect at the time of Jesus who were contemporaries of the Essenes and Pharisees.

They were high status persons charged with the maintenance of the Temple

The meaning of these terms is of essential importance to Nostradamus. Their inclusion establishes his interest in future efforts to resurrect Jesus via cloning from DNA found in ancient bones. And the basis for this story line can be seen in the synopses at the right of the Sephirot below. Using that table and the Sephirot itself it can be seen as detail-rich unlike the original text.

The most influential anagrams supporting the foundations of these conclusions include genealogist (C3 Q49 L1), eugenics (C4 Q03 L3), Ieshua (C2 Q75 L3), Metatron(C9 Q60 L3), d'Alencon (C2 Q75 L2), Valoix (C2 Q75 L1), Magdalene (C6 Q75 L1), Hautpuls (C6 Q75 L2) and Rosemary (C6 Q75 L1).

The first two of the foregoing list describe the nature of the involvement, the second two establish its Essenic value source, then the next two indicate the Bourbon royal line's involvement and the last group provide the roots of the 16thC family line thought by Nostradamus' patrons to hold the DNA of Christ. These are the ciphers that will reappear in the other seventeen verses where labels for Essene activities and Gaulonite values occur.

By these means the Essene cult can be identified as the group that Nostradamus says brings about the resurrection of a Jesus-like new human.

The Order of the Blue Rose was established by Mary Magdalene after the crucifixion of Yahshua (‘Yahshua’ is the true name that has come into English as ‘Jesus’), to be a special order for only the most faithful followers of the Nasarean Religion of the Essene Way... She [Mary] established the order in Israel shortly after the crucifixion, then escaped to France carrying the baby of her husband and co-Messiah, Yahshua. (They were legally married at Cana.)

They [ the ancient Essenes] were vegetarian, ecologists and were into both the Father and Mother aspects of God; they saw women as equal with men. They were Master Healers, Herbalists and Alchemists and could heal with the touch of their hands as well as with food and herbs, had an average life span of 125 years, and were the teachers of Jesus, John the Beloved and John the Baptist.

The Essenes believed that Jesus was the reincarnation of Enoch and that Enoch established the Essenes. In the period Israel-of-Our-Lord time the Essenes called themselves amongst other names, the Holy Philosophy and the Pharisees referred to the Essenes as ‘the sect’ as they were the most conservative and equalitarian of Judaism”

Although I can't really speak for Nostradamus I believe his work has the same genesis as mine; it is the result of efforts to understand what is there and to accurately observe and report the findings.

The tales imply that a sect will be driven by personal beliefs that may or may not be based on real historic events. It is the views of these modern sects that emerge with dominance from the text and anagrams of the verses in

 this tree of life (Sephirot).

This tree like all the others reveals unusual terms that are unique to modernity such as Essene views on a path from the prophet Enoch (aka Metatron ) to Jesus.

They also show other signs of modern shaping of ancient ideas. From them pictures emerge that are in keeping with ideas that can be found in literature put out by American based sects. Each of these groups lays claim to reflecting ancient Essenoi truths some of which I present alongside without any comment on the self-claimed validity:

In this Sephirot the story begins with events relevant to Nostradamus' patrons' efforts in the sixteenth century. It then progresses through centuries of chemical based trials seeking to bring about a new breed of humans with improved powers.  And it cumulates in the actions of a rogue group who directly intervene with genes found in burial vaults in order to create a new breed of humans. The perpetrators and their followers believe the DNA originates from Jesus (aka Ieschua).  

The stories and verses presented above can be seen in greater detail in my papers called Essenes and The Jesus Debacle.


Nostradamus Prophecies Sefirot for Essene Eugenics program

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