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Nostradamus' Prophecies:  mid 21stC American disaster in Iran

Allan Webber November 2017, Aug 2020

This paper presents the Sephirot for the disastrous consequences of an American invasion of Iran. It is based on the four verses that hold anagrams for American plus the verses linked by history and locations around the ancient province of Carmanie (present day Iran & surrounds).

My attention was first brought to these verses when I realised that there were adjacent anagrams for American disaster (C3 Q90 L3), American lands allege ion sales (C4 Q23 L1), American time code (C9 Q48 L1) and American sails sane world (C10 Q31 L3) in the four verses where an anagram of American exists.

It had always seemed to me unlikely that Nostradamus, a 16th century French prophet, would have given a great deal of attention to America in his prophecies. My belief was accentuated by his stressing that his prophecies mainly related to lands near France. There is one exception in that he openly demonstrates a disproportionate interest in middle European lands. However I also knew that if his prophecies did relate to major events in our time both America and Russia would be part of his story line.

These four verses plus the six with demonstrable links to a single event represent one percent of all the verses so their inclusion indicates they are part of a side story but a major contributor to what happens in this current century. And of course the pairing of American with disaster states how critical are the events in this series.

C3 Q90

The great Satyr and Tiger of Hyrcania,
Le grand Satyre et Tigre d'Hyrcanie
enlarged   as     ytterite         anhydric

Gift presented to those of the Ocean:

Don preſente a ceux de l'occean
respondent              concealed

A fleet's chief will set out from Carmania,
Vn chef de claſſe iſtra de Carmanie
                                 disaster American   

One who takes land at the Tyrren Phocaean.
Qui prendra terre au Tyrren Phocean.
                                 neuratrophy crenotherapy

Part of the strength of this set of verses comes through Nostradamus' selection of place names in the anagrams that fit to a major event from a time two thousand years before ours. For instance the places and events named in the verses C3 Q90 match Alexander the Great's invasion of the regions of Iran and in particular the journey from Bandar Abbas to Susa made by land and sea routes on his return from invasions of more northern and eastern regions beyond Iran.

Frequency of  prominent  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus' Prophecies: 

C4 Q05 1: becometh, castrate, comply, Sirrah, berger, 2: end-years, hardy 3: nimbleness, placed, Sioux, 4: blennemesis, batters, 5: ply 6: equestrian , inventor, Uqraine, invents

C3 Q90 1: pre-quarantined, crenotherapy, neurotherapy, neuratrophy, penetrances, anhydric, enhancive, eradicates, concealed, chaperone, sedentary, ytterite, righted, 2: generical, disaster, Minerva, sisters, traced, arcade, , 3: respondent, piquance, dynast, reliance, 4: American, excudate, 5: endarchy 8: re-aligned, lineage, Armenia, retry 9: steadier, epoch,

C9 Q47 1: over-striven, guideline, soullesz, agenciez, emulated, 2: nuclearises, clearness, designz, deigned, 3: requiems, traversion, agnomen,4: contour, agencies, Qamerun, chance, Mulla, vista, 5: Marquise, 6:encloses, Gameron, indigen, ceasing, nuclear, ending, Saudi, uranic, Iadeus,

C5 Q79 1: legislature, legislated, undervalue, signalled, unraveled, stillage, prenaval, lauumen, emulate, shell, 2: unlegislated, humble, Austrians, relaxes, 3: palaver, alumnae, 4: treasurer, unguarded, narratiues, 5: Australien, dealings, augured, creature,

C4 Q23 1: helper, malignance, prognosed, calcarine, sulphones, menacing, consumers, 2: meaning, 3: prognose, Polestar, legalise, asecular, style, 4: American, alarms,: deplores, counsel, surname, depose,

C2 Q59 1:desultoriness, interestedness, treasuring, dissenters, loudness, resisted, slumps, 2: delusions, dead-born, residents, 3:slanderous, strenuous, indorses, ajar, 4: Prouence, branded, assuage, tests, erring, datez, 5: polarise, Jura, zelot, pounce, 6:appraise, agenda, 7 :Bandar

C5 Q47 1:chainbearer, athyreosis, transition, deviously, historian, hysterias, praisable, paralyser, auuarded, 2: tardiloquent, undiversely, guardsman, annulated, lesbians, bassinet, chamber, hebraic, macabre, hearsay, Arabien, 3: landmap, parable, delusory, breach, 5: vineyard, uuetland, undulate

C9 Q48 1:accriminate, unrealistic, nuclearist, centralizes, alchemye, 2: insurrectional, immaterial, coenacted, temperate, coelestis, 3: primal, 4: American, pellet, insulate, 5: interlaces, articles, lesson, 6: uranolites, ethic, alternates, vented

C5 Q62 1: interspersed, Moldavian, providers, reprovals, crushes, Gordon, 2: counteracts, anecdotic, conceited, lecherous, choruses, gorgon, reversal, 3: occidental, enterprises, pretenders, attunes, allots, harness, 4: latin-codes, presented,, 5: Plouu, accident,

C10 Q31 1: scarlatinous, semiliterates, undulators, reuolution, insulators, courteous, outlinex, unsolved, engrained, Americana, 2: Islamites, uurestles, Armenian, viper, 3: deterrents, ovules, 4: renaming, American, outline, 5: torrentuous, Elamites, uurites, titles, 6: racial, 7: UVorld

These names are supported by ones found in the anagrams. However they also parallel the modern names for these places (e.g Qamerun, Gameron, Bandar). In amongst the modern list are ones that had no reference to that ancient time and little import to the people of the sixteenth century. So names like American, Austrian and Moldavian give a basis for using the past as a guide to events of the future. Moldavia is a land-locked region near Ukraine and Russia.

The anagrams provide the basis for the above choices about the direction of Nostradamus' story.  For instance rare anagrams in C5 Q47 for historian years (L2 tinoisTrah yſera ) and parables  (L2 aparlesB) justify the inclusion of a venture paralleling Alexander's campaigns in the region. But adding to these are names like Elamites and Islamites towers in C10 Q31 line 2 that apply to peoples Alexander fought in the south east of Iran  where the bulk of the country's modern oil production is located and where in the time of the campaigns the renowned Ziggurat towers of Persia were razed.

There is a startling correlation between the terms used in the text plus anagrams of C2 Q59 and C2 Q43 that tie it to a namable modern institution. It was December 2017 when compiling this

C4 Q23
The legion in the marine class,
 La legion dans la marine c

Calcine magnesia, Sulfur and pitch will burn
Calcine magnes Soulphre et poix bruSlera

The long rest in the secure place:
 Le long repos de l'asseuree place
Port Selyn Hercules, fire will consume them.
Port Selyn Hercle feu les conSumera
                                       fuel   consumers

Sephirot that I realized this connection existed yet the work on which it is based was first published by me in 2007.

 It involves the American Seals, a unit of the American forces that is more than likely to be involved in any action against Iran.

The details from the anagrams in these two and other verses also give a picture that is very consistent with what is occurring in our world today. Amongst these is the modern concern about Iran's potential use of nuclear materials and the critical role the southern Iran seaports along the Hormuz Strait play in controlling the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf.

Knowing the foundation that holds these verses together helps identify why Nostradamus included it. Some of the verses in this series have appeared in cornerstone Sephirots presented earlier but grouped together around the cipher of Carmanie we can extract far more than when analysed individually.

Through C4 Q23 we know that the opponent to the American forces is the 21stC person named the Paraclete. Through verse C5 Q62 we can tie it to  the vast geographic accident that happens in the second half of this century. And by  anagrams for Polestar in C4 Q23 and Plow in C5 Q62 we can relate it to the shifting of the Polar axis. All this fits with anagrams for American time code while other code elements tell us what makes this event unique.

Throughout the verses there are two dominant threads, one verse C3 Q90  displayed earlier takes us through a list of mental and physical illnesses such as  crenotherapy, neurotherapy, neuratrophy (yrrenPhocea, auTyrrenPhoe. auTyrrenPho) and possible causative agents such as anhydric ytterite(L1 tyreetTi... d'Hyrcani).  And C4 Q05 has blennemesis which is a form of violent vomiting. It appears the American naval forces take home to America long term disastrous illnesses acquired while on duty in the campaign against Iran. Ytterite is a term that seems to be derived from yttrium a rare earth element known to have some toxicity. This element is used in the manufacture of many modern products such as lithium batteries. So there is a potential for this to be a cause of world events but it is unlikely that this American misadventure in Iran is the direct cause for either the geographic accident or the shifting of the earths polar rotation axis. Its part has to be in its capability to change mental well being in a new and detrimental way.

C5 Q47

The great Arab will march far forward,
Le grand Arabe marchera bien auant

He will be betrayed by the Byzantians
Trahy ſera par les Biſantinois
historian years ...  parables basis into hysterias

Ancient Rhodes will come to meet him,
L'antique Rodes luy viendra au deuant

Greater harm through the Pannonians.
Et plus grand mal par auſtre Pannonois

The second thread is that in which the anagram for Moldavian is a key. It is accompanied by an anagram for its neighbour Ukraine (eraquin) in C4 Q05 Line 4 with the third line of text of that verse pertinently saying Great Disaster near, and combat very bitter. This suggests the theme of a war with middle European nations.

These connections are expressed very clearly in verse C5 Q47 shown alongside.
 The term Pannonians in the last line represents a region of central Europe stretching  from Austria to Ukraine and downwards through the Balkans to the land on the eastern side of the Adriatic.

So this Sephirot sets up vital aspects for the time of greatest devastation of the earth. The names of places imply that Nostradamus' story relates to a period before the great flood of the second part of this century. And the text implies more more precise dates through its reference to winter solstice and spring (C9 Q48 L3) and  sun in the east Saturn in the west (C5 Q62 L2). It is possible  that references in the anagrams refine this data but we cannot expect such a detailed event to carry a date that allows us to avoid its occurrence. Such conundrums aren't possible in nature.

More details involving the manner in which the modern venture parallels that of Alexander the Great is given in my paper called American Disaster together with maps recording his journeys in ancient lands.

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