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Nostradamus' verses about events in Geneva around 2065CE

© Allan Webber November 2017, September 2020.

Frequency of this sephirot's most prominent anagrams in Nostradamus' Prophecies:

C1 Q47 1: uncollated, positronium, studious, Utopians, affused, Utopism, 2: re-introduces, magistrates, enrolment, star-names, throned, images, starts, 3: instructed, trillion, particles, destruction, nameless, manacle, 4: mandates, Valoix, 5: Nostradame, adornment, spectral, impasse,

C9 Q44 1: UUestermost, intelligences, intellectualiser, experimentorz, regimes, exterminator,2: revelations, electron-rays, moisture, fragileness, grim, clientele, far-seeing, 3: encharges, natural, tear-gas, 4: mariner, prayer, artery, osculate, 5: counsel, germs, unlearnt, 7: fonder, uranolites,

C6 Q81 1: tyrants, enrich-uranium, transitory-e, interplays, Immanuel, Cynosurae, 2: inhumanic, Laurencium, nuclear-ion, numeralise, numerical, numerals, unheroic, psaltery, cheapens, afferent, gayness., 3: nameless, illness, async, type, hurts, 4: Ierusalems, hustler,5: cosy, planetic, scruple, 6: plainest, Uranic, element,

C8 Q05 1: peacetime, temporalist, better, pouuer-call, 2: condensate, preparation, begroan, insulator, 4: vendor, respondent, 4: insulate, propane, 5: mistreat, 6: Templar, nuclear, uranolites,

C1 Q10 1: Ursa-Minoris, expert, fordrive, blasted, algaecide, 2: Missourian, positrons, durations, analgesisc sadism, terrorises, 3: adsorbent, portions, represents, perilous, dinosaur, scandal, reliefs, elusive, islands, 5: servile, 6: peasants, 7: partners, rosters, blades, rays,

C4 Q16 1: professedly, portension, archegony, salacity, 2: reticulates, impulsed, undertone, sedately, fractile, 3: positron, portions, 4: Suueden, delays, Tifaret, Aegaen, bereft, stay, 4: Chaldeen, profiles, belied, 5: redeploys, 6: Sefirat, centres

C2 Q62 1: somnifacient, Camelot, Utopias, convene, seventh, centesimation, Tolosa, birdlore, 2:Marienbad, outcast, Mabus, 3: Genevan, vengeance, Abram, 4: nominates / Minnesota, 5: morals, 6: drama, arrives, vests, 7:upsatir, rumors, 8: Comet, invade,

C8 Q65 1: inter-nuclear, valiantness, uuarandice, residential, disrupture, episcopal, vomiting, virgin, 2: nitrides, imperil, 3: assailed, gnomist, engage, 4: Principl, disorient, virile, Salesian, 5: polarise, special, 6: nuclear, needle, Asians, editions, re-enlarged,

C5 Q85 1: ultrasonics, misconstrual, assuming, supersensual, procurer, consults, unsafest, sponsorial, 3: Saducees, entongue, procure, Suueden, signs, 4: uuarcodes, counties, assign, Curiex, Roentgens,

C4 Q09 1: named-letters, polarise, cheerless, gene-queues, reasserts, 2: zonal, breaches, pounced, 3: releasement, 5: Eugene, harelip, 6:d'Estrees, Yesus, 8: arrests,

The ten verses in the Sephirot at the end of this section focus on the keystone events Nostradamus saw for the city of Geneva and its surrounds. The importance of a particular event to this particular region of the world stands out through Nostradamus' dramatic wording in the first line of text of verse C9 Q44 Leave, Leave Geneva every last one of you.

The keys for this chart involve names for Geneva and other Swiss cities. The name of the prominent Lake Leman is used by Nostradamus in his text so that name in anagrammatic form is also utilized in choosing the verses for this Sephirot.

The unifying threads for this cluster mainly arise from clues given in the text of the verses not the anagrams. The picture that emerges from them is remarkable, with the verses occupying the first five spheres being particularly strong.

Nostradamus Prophecies C9 Q44, C1 Q47 Geneva positronium deuteron researchAlthough the text contributes a lot,  a quite unique story arises from anagrams found in the cluster. And reassuringly these new details fit well to the historical and current activities in this region of Switzerland.

In this chart it will become apparent I have used three verses that also appear in the Sephirots covering nuclear events in the 20th century and beyond. This is reasonable since nuclear activity is an essential part of the Genevan tale and both tales give special place to particles, positronium, deuteron and electrons

However the current Sephirot takes these three shared verses into a completely different set of events to that taken in the nuclear focused Sephirot.

The nuclear Sephirot concentrates on radio nuclear materials while that for Geneva focuses on particle collisions and the threat that meteorites bring to these and nuclear plants located in a band across France, Switzerland and Italy.

These two aspects of nuclear events represent the bulk of the nuclear related stories in Nostradamus’ work. The importance of this is there is no content in Nostradamus' Prophecies that implies nuclear war threatens mankind even though the use of nuclear based weapons in a localised setting does play a significant role.

 In the current story it is ongoing nuclear research that is the focus. It is probably a fault within the Geneva facilities or in its defense shields that is a large contributor to the vast geographic accident theme.

In the case outlined for the nuclear research topic a threat to mankind arises out of a period of unusual bombardments of the earth by objects from the sky at the same time as flood waters rise to unprecedented levels. According to Nostradamus this inundation will last several centuries which means that the events in our century are the forerunner to logical ongoing threats that change our geophysical, social and psychological circumstances.

As stated at the start of this page the text of Verse C9 Q44 begins with Leave, leave Geneva every last one of you which many assume is a warning made by Nostradamus. However there is little evidence that Nostradamus thought his work could serve that end.

Its wording is however consistent with modern fears and such a warning can well be expected from officialdom if something were to go wrong at the Geneva facilities.

Nostradamus would have known Nostradamus Prophecies C6 Q81 Geneva accident in 2065CEthat any warning from him arising out of the 16thC would have little impact on the course of 21stC events. The powers that set these structures up and administer them are steeped in a tradition that distinguishes the sophistication of their knowledge and experience from the bulk of the population. And to an even greater degree it believes it is superior to that of any person from five hundred years ago.

There is an astronomic reference given in verse C9 Q44 Saturn from gold to iron will be changed that fits to the astronomic mechanisms that Nostradamus claimed he used to conceal dates within his verses. I believe this particular use is Ns way of setting a particular ten year period.

The metals gold and iron are associated with the zodiac signs of Leo and Scorpio respectively. Saturn occupies each sign for about thirty months. These two regions of the sky are separated by two other signs. 

So to change from Leo to Scorpio takes about ten years. There are four periods in the years from 2000CE to 2100CE commencing in 2006CE, 2036CE, 2065CE and 2095CE but only in 2065CE does the sky show signs.

Each of the four periods is preceded by a date some five years earlier when Saturn and Polaris are in alignment but it is only on the 8th April 2060 that there are significant signs showing at the same point in the sky.  

In addition Saturn is at its stationary point of a regression so it is its turning point. On the 3rd of May 2060CE Saturn will align exactly with the Polestar and the two other planets will still be near enough to be considered to be in conjunction.

But Nostradamus can report their words before they say them for they are the psychological certainty born of history. This verse doesn't stand alone in this task for there are other verses in this Sephirot supportive of the idea that this wording will be issued by European governments to residents of Geneva as the danger becomes imminent.

Through this set of verses we can establish that it is about particle physics. The terminology of the anagrams is modern and bears no meaning for times earlier than the 20th century.  This is easily demonstrated by examining the above extract picture of C9 Q44 and partial image of C1 Q47 since these are verses holding research anagrams that both unite and differentiate it from the nuclear themes in other Sephirots.

It is also possible to give this spectacular event a deduced date since there is astronomic data scattered throughout the verses. There are for example anagrams for Cynosurae  (C6 Q81) an alternate name for Polaris, the current Northern Pole Star and Ursa-Minoris (C1 Q10) which is that same star's more formal name. And a glance at the pictures alongside extracted from the verses shows how they and others in the Sephirot carry the name of Geneva and /or Lake Leman in their text.

In the case outlined for the nuclear research topic in the other Sephirots a threat to mankind arises out of a period of unusual bombardments of the earth by objects from the sky at the same time as flood waters rise to unprecedented levels. According to Nostradamus this inundation will last several centuries which means that the events in our century are the forerunner to logical ongoing threats that change our geophysical, social and psychological circumstances.

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