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Nostradamus' Prophecies Massive Flood Events at end of 21st century.

© Allan Webber October 2017.

It is the purpose of this paper to present the Sephirot Chart which focuses on ciphers related to serious climate and health events at the end of the 21st century. The principal keys are floods, inundation and deluges but it is also based on terms for coastlines, diseases and astronomic settings. The key verses of this Sephirot are part of the most significant period covered by the prophecies and because of that importance there are several threads using the collection of verses that that give this verse its date. Within all those sharing the same basis are found the fundamentals of all Nostradamus' story lines plus date material additional to that found in this cluster. Together they present a broad scope of the events to take place in the next one hundred years or so.

Frequency of  prominent  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus' Prophecies:

C1 Q52 1: endosparic, nucleotides, saprobes, intolerant, pillagers, 2: penetrations / pectates, inspect, legislate 3: legalise, steepest, eddy, 4 Island, considered, crossed, alleles, 7: nepotic, relation, allergen,

C2 Q93 1: Sybil-tales, ability,  Libya, flagrant, 2: pre-assembler, assailment, repressable, Naglfar, Islam, falcon. canonise. Manasils, 3: Eschaton, donation, plateau, uptrends, study, fund, , 4: adorning, Antioch, flag, Salesian, ably, spurned. 5: lenient, 6: ally, sentinal.

C1 Q16 1: prophecies-declare, verticalness, noticing, cognitive,  immoderate, regalists, eviction, 2: militiamen, contrives, signation, manifest, minimal, cheered, 3: Noah, enstation, 4, giants, axles, axle, 7: failure,

C1 Q89 1: Phaedrus, langourous, pathogens, 2: Athens, rosarium, racemulose, phages, 3: Saloman, Thadeus, level, herds, 4: gaps, 5: shared, 6: resonates, exiled, enemies, haunt, shape,

C1 Q69 1: sequestrating, domination, Montagnard, albinoism / binomials, ammonite, 2: nominated, 3: donation baronial, etiquets / quietest, firearm, endorsed, stated, 4: iambs

C3 Q46 1: speculation, bacteriophagals, spirochetal, persecutions, inculcate, equal-age, females. 2: precautions, inoculate. Erasmus, tenacious, legacies, unplace, poetaster, fixes, coastline, eruptions, counties, sensing, Polar-site, presagient, captors, flames. , 6: malefice, suborn, genesis, 7: Enochs, presages, chosen,

C8 Q16 1: Olympian, equine-hero, re-notifies, Steffanie, resentful, 2: deluged, 3: uuater-line, deluges, fomenters, 4: refutes, Easterners, 5: Qabir, funerals, 6: dreading, steerage, landed, finest / infest,

C9 Q69 1: evolution-rely, bilaterally, catechized,  travertines, entombed, yieldable, 2: abodement, accretion, regarding, ruleless, intervals, langours, ledger, 4: narcotic, Lily, relabels, traverse, 5: Occitan, regulations, Albret, baited, 5: ancestors, veterans rely, 7: Angou, creations, 8: native, servant, 9: Easterner,

C2 Q95 1: establishable, hibernations, rampagious, Bastille, captains, notionless, insolent, reformers, insisted, noisiest, Caspian, Bothnian, ninth, 2: inhabitable, separable, capable, Detroit, intends, diuide, remorse, 3: uptrends, tensions, parables, stannic, roaring, dissent, 4: remotest, prudent, unaided, Negress, bells, 5: ancients, inhabit, destines, bestial, labels, 6: dreading, 7: rigour, 8: azure, meteors, 9: tremors, rolls,

C1 Q17 1: insecticide, annotates, 2: eroticist, squander, science, 3: trisector, deluges, 4: parades, 5: gun-dealers, airlines, astral, raider, 6: notates, tenants, race-riots, 7:  sentinel, strangles,

These are clearly rare English variants of terms highly related to flood events and disease as the Pole Star passes its zenith (2105CE)

This Sephirot's major flood event is arguably the strongest of the themes Nostradamus claimed his Prophecies contained. This backed by passages in external sources related to the Prophecies. The following extracts are taken from the 1555 Cesar Preface which accompanied publication of the first part of his Prophecies:

And by worldwide floods between here and the term I have fore-stated, and before and after it by several times, will [the world] be so diminished, and so few people will there be found that want to take to the fields which will become free for as long as their prior owners have held them...1555 Cesar Preface (PCE9)

And thousands of other events will come to pass, because of floods and continual rains, as I have set forth fully in writing my other Prophecies, which are drawn out in length, in prose, setting the places and times so that men coming after may see them, knowing the events to have occurred infallibly.....Ending of Nostradamus' Preface, 1555

Eurupean land topography 2020The detail of depth and extent of the flooding that is implied in the above quotes is strengthened by the content found in both the text and anagrams of a large number of verses in the Prophecies.

Again the latter involve mainly English words. There are exceptions where a message is given greater detail by using the language of a classical earlier source long associated with that particular type of event. The story of floods obviously has considerable potential for this mode as can be seen in this Sephirot e.g naglfar is a word used in the Nordic world flood legends.

However in this cluster there are distinctly modern terms and these are ones relevant to famine and plague events that Nostradamus linked to his deluge theme. And that modernity pattern is also linked to a specific, very prominent astronomic event which is Polaris, the Pole Star, passing its zenith. This takes place in 2105CE and involves the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor (ours marin).

The implication of Nostradamus' narrative is that the floods beginning later in this century will be greater than that conveyed by the biblical tale of Noah. It is so vast that it mirrors the End of Days or Eschaton flood of Noah, and Ragnarok, a world state presented in the Nordic tales.

The Nordic end-times flood is a story of destruction followed by renewal and the ciphers that best signal the story's presence in this verse are the terms Naglfar (a ship built from dead menís nails) and Eschaton ( a time period described in eschatological writings and doomsday scenarios).

Anagrams for Naglfar and Eschaton appear in the prophecies two and three times respectively. Both have an occurrence in verse C2 Q93 which is in this current cluster. Reading this verseís text it is apparent that both Naglfar and Eschaton have enormously strong links to its message and within it there is also a composite anagram for Sibyl-tales, the source in which these two Nordic flood terms appear. The Nordic tale nowadays referred to as The Twilight of the Gods or Ragnarok is the story of the way the gods are drawn into a battle that destroys the world via floods. Despite its massive destruction to men and their way of life, as the floods subside mankind re-emerges from the deep abysm into which all things have been cast.

Nostradamus imparts this same scale of disaster in the verses of the Sephirot below. For example in C9 Q69 fourth line he states lobsters on land not a third thereof remains which implies nearly 70 percent of land is covered. For this to be valid the sea level has to rise 150-180 meters. Many further implications  immediately  follow for such a dramatic rise not only destroys so much on which the modern worlds relies, it changes every aspect of our understanding. Where we live, where we grow crops, how we travel  and how we treat refugees from drowned lands are only a few of the issues that challenge the survivors.

And in C1 Q69, C1 Q89 and C8 Q16 Nostradamus presents the same vivid picture of a world devastated by floods that reaches way up mountain slopes.

C1 Q69
The great mountain, seven stadia round,
after peace, war, famine, flooding.
It will spread far, drowning great countries,
even antiquities & their mighty foundations.

Those of Lerida will be in the Moselle,
kill all those from the Loire and Seine.
The seaside track will come near the high valley,
when the Spanish open every route.
C8 Q16
At the place where HIERON has his ship built,
there will be such a great sudden flood,
that one won't have place nor land to fall upon
the waters mount to the Olympic Fesulan

Other verses in this cluster carry details of a range of changes invoked when floods of such great extent and height destroy the places and means of life. Some of this story line lies in their text but the anagrams also contribute. They give details of changing coastlines and of the type of disease that results from rising seas as can be seen within the picture below.

Nostradamus Prophecies C1 Q16 2005 Polar axis turning But in C1 Q52 the dating methods for this great flood event are twofold. Firstly there is its text which gives the strongest of hints as to the timing but doesn't tie it down to a singular  occasion. And then there are the anagrams which deliver the coup-de-grace.

This Sefirotís cluster of verses incorporates rare and valuable terms such as cognitive, signation, giant axle's failure and verticalness in C1 Q16 as shown alongside. These indicate an astronomic event involving the Polar axis and the movement of stars near it.

The nearest approach of any Polestar to the North or South Pole happens approximately once in every 2500 years and the next time a northern Pole star will do this when Ursae Minoris at its zenith in 2105CE. This interpretation is validated by the hints in the text which state at its highest increase of its exaltation and the century approaches its renewal.

This verse's contribution to the dating process of the story lines is apparent in the above frequency table because several verses in it are also included in other Sephirots in this work of mine.  These re-used verses therefore provide structures for comparison of continuity and consistency of themes.

For instance in this cluster we can see story lines seen throughout Nostradamus' text and associated papers. Together with the anagrammatic content, we can know he foresaw a time to come when great long-lasting floods beyond any known will cause loss of coastlines. This and the loss of lands and their resources will  make new ports essential, produce arable land squabbles and nutritional difficulties. There will be modern plagues while modern transport will be rendered non-viable. Such events would reshape the world and the place of mankind in it.

Nostradamus Prophecies C3 Q46 22ndC flood event Like each of the Sephirots I have already presented this one  is not only internally strong and consistent but additionally fits within the other charts. This makes a strong network even more powerful. I haven't manipulated Nostradamus' texts or support writings and what I find is not a product of my personal mood for its content has remained intact though several decades of research.

It would be remarkable that such a feat of writing with so many intricate and inexplicable hidden details could be possible without there being any truth within it. And it would be even more remarkable if all the interlinked technology and descriptions found within it were there solely as the product of chance. It is likely these charts do represent much of Nostradamus' motivation and intent and yet it is apparent that despite the dire nature of the threat it isn't a warning but an observation of the inescapable evolution of our universe. Nostradamusí flood vision is not of the end of mankind but of the survival and evolution of life during and beyond the era of greatest havoc.

The details given by the anagrams in this Sephirot again involve many modern terms whose impact is better realised through separate Sephirots dedicated to their theme. So the diseases and biological change mentioned in this verse cluster will be more fully explored in Sephirots to come.  

The stories and verses presented in the chart given below can be seen in greater detail by using the links below:

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Nostradamus sefirot chart for massive 21stC flooding 

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