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Nostradamus' Prophecies: Influence of a Paraclete in 21st century.

Allan Webber October 2017, Aug 2020.

It is the purpose of this paper to present the Sephirot that focuses on ciphers for the religiously relevant term Paraclete or Holy Ghost.

Frequency of  prominent  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus' Prophecies: 

C5 Q06 1: underachieving, queried, gurus, 2: Magian, equivalent, Paracletes, terminate,  3: unachieved, genearchal, Paraclete, popular, ivory, xii, 4: Amalfi, augurs, 5: archangel, vineyard, cheerful,

C2 Q69 1: aerotechnical, acceleration, discordant, indicators, deviation, conspires, choice, raffles, 2: inspectors, actinoids, prosaical, decoders, appealed, Snorri, dexter, cappa, eroded, 3: interprocess, Paraclet, results, hinder, 4:quieted, capped, odder, 5: necrosis, Madonna, 6: harmonic, coeternal, tolerance, discord, respects, sceptres, Polaris, central, spoil,

C5 Q26 1: archangelic, Proclaimer, overprints, un-gathered, reporting, daughter, haunted, proven, 2: encapsulate, Paracleteus, incinerates, transcieve, speculate, amountx, neglects, targeted, humaner, 3: nucleates, marital, Niceans, 4: Ravestein, Galilean, compare, 5: archangel, ancients, maturer,

C9 Q75 1: excusative, latecomers, accelerant, deathrays, recalled, digest, steady, exited, 2: counterplea, scourges, 3: Paraclete, deputixe, Paraclet, nucleate, charted, scourge, threads, Rugosa, update,  thread, Abram, 4: Prouence, teacher, augurs, peace, 5: Maltese, papule, Euterpe, must, 6: ulcerous, central, reached, evicts, ledges, spoil, Gauls, reopen, days,

C3 Q77 1: reclimatise, pretyping, Pentecost, comprise, preyed, 2: vignettes, vetting, October, 3: Paraclete, resilient, ossuaries, miracles, reclaims, testing /setting, Maoist / Taoism, mcli, 4: interlopers, Lamberton, listeners, claim, Egypt, 5: deployer, prepares, 6: atoms, ill-name

C6 Q84 1: picturesque, pre-voyant, long-felt, precepts, agrarian, 2: Paracletus, transplace, encaptures, nucleated, fore-sayer, pictures, 3: Paraclet, uueacqer, foreyear, tuuice, vapor, 4: appeasers, spectral, Euterpe. ovary, relief, deepen, 6: urgent. falter

C1 Q76 1: Adriatic, foreseer, foam, 2: futhaeorc, outreach, unequals, fatidic, moonlet, triadic, arrouus, suuears, 4: persuading, float, unequal, 5: spreading, ungrasped, Fortuna, airtube, papule, lumps, chute, rapid, 6: ungrappled, tribute,  Iesous,

C1 Q95 1: recapitulates, abruptions, foreuuent, godsname, plosive, 2: rectangles, teutonism, Paracletes, amounts, 3: mutations, ascensions, moisture, practise, Herodic, 4: outmanned, scenario,

C4 Q23 1: malignance, prognosed, sulphones, consumers, calcarine, menacing, helper, legalises, 2: consumes, meaning, 3: personalty, prognose, Polestar, Galilees, legalise, asecular, sternly, style, 4: prophete, American, alarms, genoss, 5: deplores, counsel, surname, depose, 7: Henry

C9 Q34 1: counterfoil, spectacular, non-reliable, fore-count, martyrise, plastic, Hudson, 2: encapsulate, Paracleteus, Paracletus, terrestrial, speculate, remittal, Harrys, 3: letter-pairs, nucleates, Polestar, Luther,4: postural, contour, 5: mistreat, tilt, 6: rurals, letter

The meaning of the term Paraclete as given in Wikipedia is :

Paraclete: According to Trinitarian doctrine, the Paraclete or Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity who among other things provides guidance, consolation, strength, and support to people.

Other titles for the Holy Spirit
include 'Spirit of Truth', Lightful Spirit of God Almighty, Holy Breath, Almighty Breath, Giver of Life, Lord of Grace, Helper, 'Comforter', 'Counselor' and 'Supporter'.
...Paraclete in Wikipedia

There are only nine places in the 942 prophecies where  anagrams of Paraclet/e/es/s/us can be found (Note: Paraclet is the French form). These variant spellings are alternate names used for the Holy Spirit in religious writings. In this Sephirot of ten verses the foundation is these nine verses where  variants of Paraclet/e occur.

The meaning of these terms is of some importance to Nostradamus since they provide the cluster of verses for the great speaker who influences many happenings in the lives of the Jesus clones. Such a person is identified by references in the Prophecies text as well as the 1555 Cesar Preface and his 1558 Henry Epistle. In the Epistle the following extracts show the direction of Nostradamus' interest."

Then the great Empire of the Antichrist will begin where once was Attila's empire and Xerxes will fall in great and countless numbers. So the coming of the Holy Ghost, proceeding from the 48th degree, will make a transmigration chasing out the abomination of the Antichrist. Nostradamus' 1558 Henry Epistle HEE11a

And our age has nearness to this by means of the three who are secretly united in the search for death, treacherously setting traps for one another. And while this renewed Triumvirate will last for seven years, the renown of such a sect will extend throughout the universe. It will be sustained because of the sacrifice of the holy and immaculate host at a time when the lords of Aquilon are two in number. They will be victorious over the Easterners, and will make war with very much noise and tumult. Nostradamus' 1558 Henry Epistle HEE18a

But they are also important because they bear directly on his interests. In earlier Sephirots I showed there were ciphers for pneumatologies and extransensorial and that his motivation was largely personal interest. These imply he was writing about the evolution of people like himself who had inbuilt connections with the future. The Paraclete inclusions in the prophecies advance this case through terms that reflect the role of those experimenting with genetic manipulation and the impact of nature as it advances its own evolutionary niche-filling capabilities.

This Sephirot has numerous ties that relate back to the Essenic verses and forward to the stories of the generations that are yet to be born.

Some of the above can be seen through C5 Q26, the third verse in this series whose text fits to the martial theme with which the modern Paraclete is linked in Nostradamus' quotes about the role of The Holy Spirit (see above).

Within the lettering of the first line there is the defining name Galilean Paracleteus (ialLagen teſclauepar) and in the fourth line is the only anagram for a modern alternate name Proclaimer (rlamercopi) which is a term used for both Jesus and the Holy Spirit. In another verse there are rare anagrams that also apply to the Paraclete i.e. Helper & Counsel (C4 Q23).

C5 Q26

The slavish people through luck in war
La gent eſclaue par vn heur martial

Will become elevated to a very high degree:
Viendra en haut degre tant eſleuee

They change their Prince, one born a provincial
Changeront prince naiſtre vn prouincial

Army raised in mountains to pass over the sea.
Paſſer la mer copie aux monts leuee.
Bolstering these identifiers are anagrams in the third line for Archangelic (cialChanger and  reporting ancients (gerontpri ncenaiſt .

There is a critical pair of anagrams for daughter talents (hautdegr e tanteſl ) in the second line with there being no other anagram for daughter in all of Nostradamus' Prophecies.

Two lines of text in the seventh and eighth verses give the greatest direct signals that this set of militant verses involve a Paraclete-like figure.  In C1 Q76 line 3 there is He will speak then to a great people in words & deeds and in C1 Q95 we are told His fame, renown & power through sects & speeches.

The anagrams have more support. Throughout the ten verses of this Sephirot there are scattered rare and meaningful anagrams with three powerful themes being present.

One thread is the biological female-based lineage central to Nostradamus' resurrection and evolution theme. Madonna (C2 Q69 L30, daughter and Euterpe  (C9 Q75 L3 and C6 Q84 L1) are critical to the credibility of this aspect. Together they build a picture of a woman, destined to give birth to a Christ child, who comes from Greece and is renowned for her poetry and music. Such a mother would be appropriate for someone who would in adulthood be renowned for his speeches. The anagrams in both the verses where the muse's name appears support this case that she is the mother. C 9 Q75 has adjacent anagrams for both Euterpe and Paraclete (elatraceP erpetue) while C6 Q84 implies the key clue is the queenly parent who passes on her Euterpe (lyric talent) gene when she gives birth to the Paracletus (Celu yqu'e nSparte SparteClau .. epeutre .. ).

C1 Q76

The man will be called by a barbaric name
D'vn nom farouche tel profere ſera

that three sisters will receive from destiny.
Que les trois ſeur ſauront fato le nom

He speaks to a great people in words & deeds
Puis grand peuple par langue et faict dira

more than any other man in fame & renown
Plus que nul autre aura bruit et renom.
A second theme relates to the future-seeing potential emerging from these genetic lines. The text of the first two lines of C1 Q76 The man will be called by a barbaric name that three sisters will receive from destiny show this theme's relevance in this series. The Fates, Moiras,  Fortunes or Nordic Norns share common properties and the ability to read the future is one of them. There is an implicit assumption in all these legends that the future can be read and aspects of that transferred to a human.

The anagrams along this same line include Magian, Archangel/s/ic, augurs, (C5 Q06, C5 Q26, C9 Q75), fore-sayer,  pre-voyant (C6 Q84), fatidic, foreseer, Fortuna (C1 Q26), prognosed and prophete (C4 q23). Their abundance speaks to the strength of the connection between the leader at the centre of the stories in this Sephirot and an emergent set of beings that have the power to sense the future.

The third theme locks all these elements into the Christ story from the time of Abraham. It does so by poetic license using word pictures such as Herodic, Pentecost, vineyard and Abram to align the story to the historic path of the Paraclete and Jesus. But it also uses the substitute names for Christ. Although an anagram for Jesus  can be made out of the letters Iesus there are sixteen occurrences so its value is somewhat diminished. However in C1 Q76 the anagram is transformed by the preceding letters to Iesous which is the original Greek form from which the Latinized Jesus is derived. There are only four other occurrences of this anagram.

As the Sephirot stories are unfolded there will be many ways in which the ideas set out above will be confirmed and embellished

In this particular Sephirot the story is about the person that the people of the 22nd century will call the Paraclete. He is descended from the first generation of clones created from DNA thought to be that of Jesus. His mother is the daughter of one of these clones and she bears twins one of whom is deformed in the limbs; this is the Paraclete. Although this is known at the foetal stage he is one of twins so has to be born rather than aborted but he is then left abandoned at a monastery. Although he is disabled he is a gifted speaker able to persuade and coax people with his words.

But of the greatest significance is that many terms in the text and complex anagrams show what sets him apart are deviations in his sourced DNA. These make him pevoyant and thus able to foresee events much better than others. It is what makes him such a powerful speaker and a successful leader of a populace that benefits from his insights and military skills.

The existence of the anagram for the French word prevoyant in C6 Q84 L3 is a powerful indicator of this person's ability and is one of many such terms in other verses in English. But the French term also fits perfectly with the story outlined in the visible text of these ten verses.

It is by this means he is in a position to depose his twin as king of a middle European country when the descendants of the clones are in discord.

The stories and verses presented in the chart given below can be seen in greater detail in my papers called Essenes and The Jesus Debacle.

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