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Nostradamus' Prophecies Sephirot for Essene Madonna lineage
© Allan Webber    October 2017, September 2020 

In the companion Sephirot to the one presented below I gave an explanation as to how the 25 ciphers for the Essene cult found as anagrams in the 942 prophecies became of interest to me. I pointed out that in developing the chart for that cluster there was a group of equally rare and relevant terms that dogged those terms.

That linking together with their historic import for the history of the Essenes meant there was a high chance they were placed there in a purposeful way in order to help deliver Nostradamus' messages about the future; our near future.

Frequency of  prominent  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus' Prophecies:

C3 Q11- 1: metabolite, sessional, enrobing, totemic, 2: duarchies, nucleoli, gleaning, rabbler, envoys 3: reticulate, elucidate, bramble, shadier, lesions, Essaion, Essaoi, 4: armsbase, batters,5: rabble, lesson, 6: totem, assemble, UUilliem,Roselle

C9 Q26- 1: intercourses, inventable, revouched, courtesies, Levantine, problems, encapped, rules-Nostredame _stories, 2: precession, Algerians, molested, mourned, propels 3: inter-process, princesses, monsieur, limbo, truly, 4: sapropel 5: capped, Essenoi, 6. necrosis, esoteric, Essenian, models, Essenic, boat, 7: princess

C7 Q41-1: entamoebiasis, elongations, Mongolians, simulation, personators, sanitorium, pantheism, shipment, cocagnes, dezpised, Congress, 2: Belorussian, untreated, urbans, 3: personator, pigments, deterrents, concause, dezpite, banish, Maoist / Taoism,  4: saprogen, Belarus, ezpied, lossez, genoss, 5: Essenian, inhabit, subtree, 6: Senates, bury,

C2 Q64-1: capilliculture, superstition, speculatiue, prophoric, modifies, dechifer, biogenes, priories, begone, feign, 2:resemblant, 3: respondent, Arcesilaus, outseeing, entongue, hereseic, 4 eruptions, classier, assuage, Essenoi, 5: sillier, 6: portends, Iesous, tremblant, prior

C2 Q44-1: illusional, pillages, apheses, 2: disturbed, epilogues, allusion, untaxed, lessened, endless, 3: Madaleine, Birdun, 4: unoperated, epidural, 5: Estonian, signal, subtree,

C2 Q34- 1: liberatress, refuellers, tribeless, blisters, referrals, defiler, 2: preferral, preferal, Baalat, 3: nuance, level, 4: predisaster, selfrule, secures, Neville, relief fruit, parable

C7 Q34-1: aerometric, meteoric, affirm, 2: pestilences, revaluing, 3: genealoguist, epistles, apeliness, 4: infectors, leaving, pestis, 5: Essenic, regrets, Gaulonites, renounce, sapiens, secretion

C7 Q09-1: scurvied, absence, importance, 2: streamlines, Madelaine, guardians, elseuuhere, balances condense, prayers , carbine, Hamlet, sentry, 3: ascendable, rosary, sorry, uroedema, Maltese, finance, suuord / uuords, 4: Brenac, drugs, grandson, esteems.

C6 Q74-1:Jaques, Chaldeas, Essenes, prophetism, 2: permits, nepotism, entourage, hamper, senses 3: seconds, moisture 4: Censorius, imports, Metator, 5:innermost, Masonist, imposter, tempts, Aesops, suitor 6: neutron, Metatron, seaports, sunrise

C1 Q51 1: emotionless, popularise, stimulate, utterances, Judaiser, mutates, 2: Polar_signs, alignment, solemnal, pigment, Odinist, isoceles, station 3: mutation, 4: Jupiters, amulets, Centaurs, treatise, Neuuport, juries, smell 5: Etruscan, motions, Priapus, chafed, astute 6: gnosia, Gaulonites, malign

One of the justifications for my conclusions was my claim that the anagrams not used in that particular Sephirot were also linked by an identical group of auxiliary terms; this paper displays the chart where that claim is validated.

Seven of the twenty-five Essene ciphers were used in the first Sephirot of the series. In this one the first two verses in the cluster of ten hold five of the remaining eighteen cipher occurrences while the remaining eight verses in this series account for another five. So in total these two Sephirots representing 2% of all the verses in the prophecies cover 70% of all those holding the Essene ciphers. Yet that two percent of verses also also holds 50% of all the anagrams for Metatron, Madelaine / Magdalene, and genealoguist. These statistics provide the basis for my linking the Essenes with a Messianic cause that has for millennia sought to bring ancient concepts to fruition.

Although it might seem this Sephirot is destined to be a repetition of the material in the companion Sephirot this is not the case. This Sephirot reveals some of the intricate details involved in making an event such as a resurrection of a person long dead happen .

C9 Q26
Departed by bitter letters surname of Nice
Nice ſortie ſur nom des letres aſpres
Essenic esoteric stories mourned modern Persian princesses sparse intercourses

Great Cappe presents something not his own
La grande cappe fera present non sien
Algerians encapped present fear Graal  intones

Near Voltai at the wall of green columns,
Proche de vultry aux murs de vertes capres
heed aspect corpse truly warms verdures prosper

After Piombino the wind in good earnest.
Apres plombin le vent a bon eſſien.
Essenian_Levantine_problems Persian / Essenoi papers propels Sapiens bones
A verse that encapsulates most of the emergent aspects is C9 Q26, ;the second in the current cluster. It introduces the idea that there is a genetic problem in resurrection based on DNA taken from people long dead. Critical biological anagrams suggesting this are necrosis (L1 sNiceſor) which means premature death of tissue cells and sapropel (L3 Apres plo) which relates to putrefied organic material found in mud or clay.

The meaning of these terms is of essential importance to understanding Nostradamus. Their inclusion establishes that his major interest in the future lies in telling the story of human attempts to resurrect Jesus via cloning from DNA found in ancient bones.

Within several lines there are anagrammatic sequences such as Persians intercourses, modern Princesses use relates, rules-Nostredame stories, Essenian Levantine problems and sapiens bones

From these there is already enough to unfold the basis of this cluster and to confirm that its content is part of the critical messages Nostradamus set out to convey to people of our time.

But why choose our era?

Why was this so important that a 16th century man would go to so much trouble to hide its content for 500 years?

The answer has to lie in the degree of threat to our race's future and a sense that although events can't be stopped they can be influenced. But such a course means he already knew the manner in which mankind survives because of his intervention.

His work exists despite the passing centuries and he anticipated that. His content lies dormant but eternally present within his lettering which he also foresaw. But that doesn’t explain his motivation.

Notwithstanding those who cannot contain the malignity of their spirit, the course of times after my earthly presence is extinguished, will see my writings have more weight than during my lifetime. Nostradamus' 1555 Preface [PCE4]

Pride and a sense of responsibility may offer a small part of his reasoning. At the time he died he knew he had done his mortal best and justified the trust that his inherited gifts imposed. Here is a prime motivator for what we know he did, but is it enough?

There is an interesting twist in C6 Q74 which relates to these issues; its anagrams Nostradamus' father and the Chaldees were an ancient sect renowned for prophecies based on the stars. Here are some of Nostradamus written words that signal the personal importance of these people and their talents.

my natural instinct has been inherited from my forebears, who did not believe in predicting, and that this is a natural instinct that I have adjusted. Together with my long calculations this [instinct] unifies and empties my soul, mind and heart of all care, solicitude and vexation. Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle [HEE3]

[Abraham] was a sovereign Astrologer, the one without equal, who [also[ invented the first Chaldean letters. Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle [HEE5]

I do not say, my son, that the knowledge of this matter cannot impress itself upon your feeble brain, nor do I say that very distant future causes are not knowable by a reasoning creature. If they are simply the creation of a goodly creature's intellectual soul out of current events, then they are not too greatly hidden from him nor, on the other hand can they be said to be revealed at all.

But the perfect causes cannot be acquired without divine inspiration since all prophetic inspiration receives its prime motivating force from God the Creator, then from happiness and nature. Wherefore causes that are indifferent are produced indifferently the presage only partly comes true where it has been predicted. Because where human understanding is created intellectually it cannot see hidden things except by the voice coming from limbo via the thin flame, showing in what direction part of the future causes will be inclined. Nostradamus' 1555 Preface [PCE4]

It is important to note his emphases but that task is made difficult by the bias of centuries which made judgment without having any means of knowing what this work of Nostradamus claimed. Start with the assumption that his basis is astrology or that he is a charlatan and its contents will forever remain concealed. But read the above words that are his, not mine, and it is apparent he was describing a process in a scientific fashion. His forbears are the origins of his skills. These skills are mortal and able to be present in other humans yet even those having those skills are bound by mortal limitations and must rely on other more eternal and universal aspects to make sense of them.

Why did he write and publish this work? Because it was personal.

Even the story of an attempted resurrection wouldn't have justified writing about a future that he didn't really understand. Without being in it in a meaningful way no person from the 16th century could tell us anything about our time. Words would fail him, imagery would be pathetic and the story lines archaic remnants of long surpassed relevance.
It was personal because the quest that he foresaw affecting the future ultimately related to him and his line. It relates to those beings well along the evolutionary path to experiencing and managing aspects of the future. This is why the Chaldees, Abraham / Metatron are highlighted in a verse where his father and prophetism also get a mention.
What evidence do I have for this? Let us re-examine verse C3 Q49 from the companion Sephirot.

The text of the third line You will be set up amidst other customs & laws talks in a way that reflects the creation of new abilities within an older framework. And the lettering of that line has adjacent anagrams for arranges nature (rasrange Enautr) and extra-sensorial gene matures ( etloixſerasran geEn autresm). This is the only place in the prophecies where an anagram for extra-sensorial occurs. But this is not the only evidence for these stories being about the evolution of the human gift of awareness to a point where our descendants can reach back into time and influence but not direct our behavior. And of course if they can do this they can reach further back and have an angelic-like appearance because of their impact on the mind. But they are not angels and they are not aliens. Nor are they ghosts for they have not yet lived.

The evidence that these stories focus on descendants with a capacity for foreseeing the capabilities of the universe will emerge as I present the Sephirots of events to occur in our future. They will be as powerful as any of those already presented.
It isn't by choice or personal bias that these conclusions are drawn; it is the result of analyzing Nostradamus' Prophecies. Although I can't really speak for Nostradamus I believe his work has the same genesis; it is the result of efforts to understand what is there to observe and reporting the findings.

The tales imply that a sect will be driven by personal beliefs that may or may not be based on real historic events. It is the views of these modern sects that emerge with dominance from the text and anagrams of the verses that make up this tree of life (Sephirot). This particular set of verses focuses on the details of the mother and her relationship with the sect.
The stories and verses presented above can be seen in greater detail in my papers called Essenes and The Jesus Debacle.

Access to the individual verses and the original paper where these analyses first appeared can be gained via the links below:

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Nostradamus' Prophecies Sefirot for Essene Madonna  lineage.

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