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Nostradamus' verses on nepotism & royal terrorism in the 21st century

© Allan Webber May 2018, Aug 2020.

Frequency of  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus' Prophecies:

C3 Q98 1: extend-your, exudatory, forecastle, terrorism, forecast, 2: forestries, regularise, roguery, fosters, 3: contre-coup, tiresome, orrery, 5: querent, faces, 6: Royals, Sephirots, reeled, 8 place, quell, 9: falser, forces, degree,

C9 Q50 1: antimatters, e-entering, mislabel, February, Lutheran, jailers, renunciate, uncertain, 2: martinets, , elegiambus / iambelegus, laughter, sounds, Samael, buyer, 3: re-altering, unopened, Adrenosa, daemons, Noah, 4: last-line, astounds, nomads, 5: mistreat, fetter, Noahs, Isabel, 7: Soviet, brogue,

C2 Q01 1: equilibrants, rediscussion, antiquaries, peninsulars, reafforest, foresettle, inquiries, disposure, protons, Prussian, disagrees, 2: equipartisan, sacred-sign, positrons, tribunals, discourse, terrorist, inquires, felonry, efforts, Russian, foresee, 3: portions, quavers, sternly, urania, style, 5:reassigned, fraternises, murexes, Ausoni, germs, verses, 6:  passion, curios,

C4 Q61 1: quartering, pauperised, Ratzinger, geminalz,  Tangierz, fondness, suborner, anaemic 2: repudiates, carthorse, Dianes-son, Manzil, Harry, mocq, 3; daimoness / midseason, disrepute, liqueurs, Capella, carefree, terrors, 4: unrobes, palaces, reborn, 6 Charters, unseated, cinemas, suborn, cathar, Tzar,

C3 Q75 1: dangerous-pages, terrorising, Middle-Ages, telegnosis, tenebrious, canceriser, terrorised, Sun-Gods, 2: predesignates, supernovae, long-line, asserting, envapour, misdeed, gaseous, science, 4: restoring, God, genitors, rechose, Venice, brutes, redeems,

C4 Q95 1: corruptive, monnayer, asexualised, bisexuals, reassertions, 2: nepotisms, terror, 3: sexualise, anymore,4: minor, victor, impost, 5: outgeneral, aspersions, terrorise, reunited, terroire, 6: renegade, locates, Lixa, 7: river,

C9 Q61 1: Masoretic, mezcaline, despisement, terrorizes, gunmetal, 2: scleromata, terrorist(-/s), defeatism, enzone, 3: disseminate, sediments, coastal, caution, measured, 4: Alpille, storez, repulsive, Serrez, 5: airplane, cremations, terroise, resumed, 6: eternalism, locates, comets, demises, 7: Montreals, atomiser, re-issued, residues

C1 Q68 1: spumescent, toponymies, Piedmont, Montreux, meltable, eloquent, timeable, 2:, meritable, Mesorhin, poysons, homines, terror; 3 : suspect, hamlet, inshore, minted, radial, 5: terminated, arbour, 6 maid, 7: terrible, quote, shone, 8: diameter

C9 Q91 1: Ponticello, unshafted, defaulters, gnomical, thousand, latecomer, intenze, 2: cloning, rezident, rechosen, retypes, cremate, lethal, refused, hello, 3: congenial, Emathion, tradename, sonnetz, Thales, 4: reanimated, relatives / versatile, retype, 5: Norns, rechose, teminated, 6: lechers, hell, 7: nepotic , feuds,

C10 Q74 1: Achad, jet-spumes Jesux, terrorists, traumatise, Magdelaine, sombre, 4: Jexu, 5: loosening, Limonones, 6 underaged, Lilies, triton, agenda, 7: Austria, episteme, resorts, bondman, image,

Nostradamus wrote about terror because he lived in an age when it came in many forms. Terror arises out of loss (real or imagined); it is the weapon of revenge and punishment but it is also what people feel when nature strikes a precipitate blow. It is prevalent in every age.

So why would Nostradamus give attention to terror in modern times? The answer lies in reasons already established; these tales contribute to his major theme of human cloning leading to a new kind of human.

 This chapter focuses on the Sephirot which holds ciphers for nepotism and terrorism. In this set of verses Nostradamus' ciphers include terror, terrorists and terrorizing as well as having both English and French versions of these words. This is apt since the story lines of these verses center on these countries where these languages are most used.

In making this selection anagrams for nepotic and nepotism are brought into focus. This included stream also gains support (from both text and anagrams) via the mention of a great number of close family relationships.

C10 Q72
The year 1999, seventh month,
From the sky comes a great King of Terror:
To bring back to life the great King of the Mongol
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

Nostradamus' interest in terror in our era has been recognised for a long time with the verse above being one that has attracted most attention. Used here to illustrate the terror theme it is not part of this cluster but is incorporated into another Sephirot of my war series.

C2 Q01
Towards Aquitaine by the British Isles
Vers Aquitaine pars inſuls Britaniques
verses pertain P/Russian tribunals equilibrants

By these themselves great incursions.
De pars eux meſmes grades incursios
discourse persuades curios disposure spread germs 

Rains, frosts will make the soil uneven,
Pluyes gelees ferot terroirs iniques
inquiries efforts foresee terrorist equips Yule glees

Port Selyn will make mighty invasions.

Port Selyn fortes fera inuaſions
urania positrons protons equipartisan safer style

Both text and anagrams for the ten verses in this cluster have many enigmatic phrases which in a 16thC setting seem problematic. However when viewed with the story line established across a vast number of Sephirots the whole work becomes meaningful. The context is of a world impacted by flood and meteor impact events at a time when religious dreams of resurrection of a Jesus line come to fruition using modern genetic science.

Nostradamus’ treatment in this Sephirot is consistent with other story lines. The story line in this instance, as in much of Nostradamus’ work, involves events outside of regular 16th century experience, beliefs and knowledge.

However the strength of this material cannot be interpreted as inevitably reflecting Christian or institutional views from past present or future since the denialists, scientists, non-religious, the other faiths and those with agnostic views are equally part of this future. No group can assume Nostradamus was a fan or foe of their cause on the basis their identity exists in his telling of the future.

But it is clear from Nostradamus' writings that terror is not the cause of man's demise even if it contributes to our decline. There is every indication that the world goes on beyond the diminution of our race as can be seen time and time again in my Sephirot collection

Throughout these Sephirots are an extraordinarily large number of grouped anagrams that describe in very clear terms the issues  in that cluster. The same is true in this collection with the second line of C3 Q75 illustrating what cannot be ignored. The most telling of the anagrams in this lines relate to the concept of telegnosis. Telegnosis (esloingste) refers to foreseeing the future by inexplicable means.

C3 Q75

Pau, verone, Vicence, Sarragousse,
Pau verone Vicence Sarragouſſe
gaseous supernovae science canceriser

From distant swords lands wet with blood:
De glaiues loings terroirs de ſang humides
middle-ages telegnosis terroris(ing /ed) genitors

Very great plague comes with the great shell
Peſte ſi grande viendra a la grand gouſſe

Relief near, and the remedies very far.
Proche ſecours et bien loing les remede
This future seeing term is accompanied by an anagram for Middle-Ages (midesDegla) which in the context of terrorizing genitors fits absurdly close to what Nostradamus' Prophecies is delivering via these Sephirots and its anagrams.

Terror and the threat to humankind posed by the modern anagrams in the first line slot easily into the story around the Jesus clone, the wars and the meteor strike at the end of this century. 

So terror is implicit in this verse and Nostradamus claims some of it is his doing. Yet he presents it since it is integral to the story line and serves no other goal.

Of course there is no excuse for barbarism or terrorism but then there is equally no excuse for either side in a war for the killing of civilians or anyone else. A jet screaming overhead becomes the sound of terror in our modern world. Missiles fired by anonymous pilots symbolize a localized terror that the powerful ordering such strikes know will be welcomed as a greater good by their adherents and backers safe in distant homes. And as time progresses we go to drones that can kill without any harm to those who launch them. So our era faces terror that is not really new for one or other of the participants; what is new is a power that the near-future terrorist-royal is capable of passing on to those who survive his reign.

The epoch of this set of verses is our time from the beginning of this century to beyond 2070 and it covers the life of members of a royal family whom we might think we recognize when we read the verses. However caution should be used when reading into the verses a meaning that may be unjustified; if there is a link it is likely to be part of the genetic line not a direct reference to the protagonists.

The verses gain their strength from the strong ties uniting the content of both the anagrams and the text. The text was written in a 16th century French polyglot while the anagrams are a deduction from the lettering in the text. Yes they are a deduction but they are the dominant part of an unchanging set of anagrams that can be readily seen in the lines of verse. These sets I have documented and published over the last two decades and they remain largely unchanged throughout that period.

So with the guidelines of anagram degree of difficulty and rarity plus the links between the verses I have only a minimal amount of scope to invent the stories that emerge in the chart below. The stories reinforce themselves and tell us we move to a time when evolution will advance upon our DNA but in so doing leave us time-locked beings ignorant of what is being born.

It is significant in considering this material to weigh up the statistical relevance of the terror term and its alternatives.

Firstly there are no occurrences (Null counts) for  anagrams of Shiite, Islamists, extremist/s and extremism.

By contrast there are 13 verses holding 19 anagrammatic variants of terror.

And in those 13 verses the tone in both their text and anagrammatic content DOESN'T LEAD TO groups or individuals which current times assume would be mentioned by Nostradamus. Instead the theme of terrorism is based around people like us.

terror 1.68.2 4.95.2 terrors 4.61.4, 8.30.3, 9.32.3,
terrorist 2.01.3, 9.61.4, terrorists 9.61.4, 10.74.4, terrorism 3.98.2,
terrorise, 4.95.2, 5.87.2, 8.46.4, 8.97.4, 9.61.4, terrorises, 1.10.3, 8.46.4, terrorizes 9.61.4, terrorising 3.75.2


Access to the individual verses and the original paper where these analyses first appeared can be gained via the links below:

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