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Nostradamus on fateful impact in 21stC that shifts Earths Polar Axis

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Of all the events that terrify people throughout the ages the one that Nostradamus foresaw for our time had no precedent. The Sephirot in this chapter identifies the story of the shift in the polar axis and this dramatic theme is definitively set out in in Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle, a paper accompanying the first publication of all 942 verses.

Frequency of  prominent  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus' Prophecies:

C3 Q79:: anarchies (2), Atlantic (1), atlas (8), permit (10), serpentile (4), aspherical(1),  record (6), Enoch (18), epoch (9), antiparticle (1), recipients (7)

C1 Q16: invocating (1), cognitive (1), axles (4) failure (6), contrives (2) , Noahs (6) deluge (3) axle (3), enstation (3), militiamen (2), immoderate (1), limit (8), militia (6), minimal (2), respite (14),

C2 Q43 resultant 1), constellatile (1) uuheel (3), appear (24) turned (17) , garrison (3) lets princesses (3), sentimentalises (1) , timeless (3), seafronts (6) , intense sunset (8) temblor(4), presents (3) troubles (5), problemist (1), imparts (4)

C8 Q49: Arethusa (30, axis (10), fixed (1) ordinates (8) mortal (22), tremor (15) rationalised (1), a branched(2) reading executed (7),

C6 Q06: Septentrion (2) reversal (2), several (12) airports penetrations(2), travelers (2) presentation (3), non/genocidal (1) wheel(3) ill selector (3), Bonne (14) routines (14) sieze (3), Iesuz (2) reerections (2), armoured (6) lunatic (2) more danger, German_land (1), computerised (1),

C8 Q46: El Sufis (3), star chain (1), producex (1),  star, Sharatain (1), sacred (8), Sephirots (6), hours (6), farmers (2) celebrations (1), cornmaster (2), Algedi(8) qote (2), stories_code (1), references (2) feared, code terrorises (2) France,

C1 Q31: torrent (17) lured engrauers (1), genes regularness (1) ualued, oracle (15) succoured (1), moon_lust (2) caused (10) Quran, crusade (8), inventor (6), Norn contrive (3), reticent (3) garrison (3), goriest (2), denigrators (3) none scour, Quran, elegaic (6) Qamerun (4) Solon (10) lie,

C4 Q86: waters (11), unease (8) scenario (4), career (15) re-estimating (1) axis (10), rotating (1), originate (2) resume (11) corpse_ reincarnations (1), quest (9), oceans loneliest (3)simulatory (1) meiosis (3), seism morosity (1), Antares (13) , Rigel (15) parade(6) realigns / triangles (9)

C1 Q23: carbonates (3), uproars (3), lineages (7) peril, ill paired (15) aliases (11), soon(17) dent exile (2) causes (8), Seleucia (4), assailed (3), re-evaluating (1) its uuord (4) base, UUorlds (2) bravest (1) align, leaving (4) out UUords (5), Soviet (2) lie

C3 Q57: inquirant (1) searching (1) of revengerz (1) step, exudence (4), antenna (2) connexus (1), none appoint (2), Germany (2) aquifer (4), #Rastaban (1) set_on_pole (1) boundaries (2)# , an astrolabe (1) subordinate (4)

The above anagrams give vital information about the dramatic event changing the alignment of the Earth’s axis.
Nostradamus' ciphers in this set of verses are those with astronomic relevance to the displacement of constellations and  the movement at the time the current Pole Star (Polaris) passes its zenith in 2105CE. In establishing his mechanism Nostradamus inevitably tells us critical things about the future of this planet and its inhabitants.

This will be preceded by a solar eclipse more dark and gloomy than any since the creation of the world, except for the one after the death and passion of Jesus Christ. And this one will be in the month of October when the great translation will be made. And it will be such that one will think the gravity of the earth has lost its natural movement and that everything is to be plunged into the abyss of perpetual darkness.  1558 Epistle HEE12

Nostradamus made it clear he uses poetic devices to provide dates for all events with astronomic settings being his means of guaranteeing their accuracy. The problems with giving dates by other other means using calendars or coordinates are many since calendars at any point of time or place may differ from that in use for future events.

Astronomy overcomes this even though the rotation of the earth around an axis and the sun leads to different alignments of stars and the planets of our solar system. And our tilted axis introduces a much longer timescale (25000+ years). Similarly the exact location of each star observed from Earth requires complex understanding of the extent of axes changes caused by irregular motions of other celestial bodies. But all this is manageable because the mechanics of stellar positions is fixed and known.

However the tilt of our axis unlike the other motions of the universe is vulnerable due to violent collisions with objects from space. The energy required to produce dramatic shifts is a rarity and when it occurs it is a short-lived event.

Short lived! An impact lasting seconds. Then shocks, tremors that last for hours and days. Shattering blasts, floods, tsunamis and violent storms that remain active for weeks and months. But mankind survives, bruised, diminished and permanently diseased. A short lived event but eternal change.

I have composed books of prophecies each containing a hundred quatrains of astronomic prophecies, which I have intentionally arranged a little obscurely. They contain perpetual predictions for (the period) from now until the year 3797... Cesar Preface 1555 (PCE6).

This picture showing the effect of a single space object colliding with the Earth is also that revealed in Nostradamus' prophecies.

Another significant factor is the earth's rotational axis change brought about by shifts in the ocean waters. This is likely to be highly significant since Nostradamus claims the coming epoch is going to be dominated by unprecedented changes in the land and sea levels. But the verses in this series take this connection even further; the shift in the Polar Axis as implied in the quote would produce a big shift from current star settings. From the patterns named in the cluster below it is apparent the implied axis shift takes the star patterns back to Noah's flood when Thuban was the Pole Star.

In presenting this set of events reliant on planetary star settings Nostradamus helps set a base essential for accurate detailing of conjunctions by indicating the patterns are those seen from Marseille, France.

Nostradamus Prophecies C3 Q79 order of the chain brokenIn verse C3 Q79 where Marseille is mentioned the first line of text stresses the fatal everlasting order through the chain with the first two words implying something long lasting dies while the rest of that line is close to the terminology Al Sufi used in his definitive book on star locations. Al Sufi's book on the fixed stars was the inspiration for many 16th century astronomers.

The third line of text tells us the chain will resume but in a dislocated form after it has been broken. This wording doesn't really make sense outside of an earthly axis shift event that alters our view of the stars.

The first lines’ anagrams identify that anarchy will reign when this chain is broken. It uses the term serpentile which was used in a verse in a later chapter dealing with Geneva’s contribution to 21stC disrupture. Notably in the last line of the above verse there is an anagram for antiparticle. This is a group name covering, electrons, positrons and deuterons. The serpentile nature of their link lies not only in the path of the collider but in the naming of the constellation in the following verses.

Nostradamus Prophecies C1 Q16 the turning axisThe second verse in this Sephirot is a cornerstone for dating Nostradamus events using astronomic settings. As such it has been presented in earlier chapters and will be called on in chapters to come. Its content is clearly astronomic in nature.

Its repetition in an earlier Sephirot makes it unnecessary to justify the existence of the anagrams so when in the first line the anagrams describe an axle’s failure we need only to add to what we know and suggest this is a direct reference to a sudden change in the earth’s axis of spin.

With that event the signs known by humankind will change their observed vertical location but continue to move as they have always done. And the timing factors in the second line suggest that it takes place as the earth  experiences a deluge of a depth linked to the story of Noah. Such a devastating flood requires abnormal events and the shifting of the earth's axis would be a trigger capable of delivering this.

The first and third lines of text of the next verse C2 Q43 mention a moving star that strikes the earth while the anagrams of the first line say in simple form what has been outlined above; i.e. constellatile wheel appear turned. This anagrammatic structure take up all the letters in the line and forms a series of adjacent terms making it a quite powerful statement even though constellatile is a term reliant on intent rather than spelling.

And this will be for such a long time that except for enographies and topographies all would be lost. Also, both before and after these floods, the rains in many countries shall be so slight,and there will be so much fire and white-hot rock shall fall from the sky that nothing shall remain that is not consumed. And all this is to occur, in a brief period before the final conflagration...  Cesar Preface 1555 (PCE8).

The above verses do enough to identify an impact of a space object with the earth that causes its rotational axis to change. The remaining verses all contribute to this story through the provision of new detail or a new emphasis for aspects already seen.

Nostradamus Prophecies C2 Q43 constellatile wheel appear turned But they also contribute to other events around the time this dramatic axis change takes place. . For example the text in the above verse alongside offers confirmation of the geological effects that will accompany the strike from the sky while describing what is going on in both a political and environmental sense.

Hence the strike of a space object and the movement of the earth’s axis make it appear the heavens have moved. Using Nostradamus' astronomic settings the yellow circle shown on the picture for the current precession of the stars alongside will be moved so it passes near Rastaban, its radius willThe precession path of the Pole Stars reflect any change in the angle of the celestial plane and its central point will be influenced by the zenith star at the time the shift takes place.

The text of verse C2 Q43 parallels the anagrams in the first line for it talks of astronomic events that are potentially capable of changing the polar axis. The first line gives the timing as that when a bearded star appears and the third line of text indicates the Earth is struck from the sky setting off earthquakes and wars.

In the the text of verse C8 Q49 an astronomic setting is given involving Saturn in Taurus (beef), Jupiter in Aquarius (water) and Mars in Sagittarius (arrow). This is a rare setting but its rarity would be of no help if that observation takes place after the axis shifts. To be of predictive use it has to apply to a time before the earth is struck from the sky. To aid the process there is a specific date but it is incomplete and it refers to death which implies the star setting may well be that on which the space object was first observed.

The anagrams of relevance appear in the Nostradamus Prophecies C8 Q49 constellatile wheel appear turnedsecond line and they enable construction of a message saying fixed axis tremor rationalised mortal ordinate detail (ixdeF, aSix, ermort alitedonraSi, mortal itedonra, alited) while the third line has a reading executed, began surge,  readings breech,  (eCeuxdeT a rdaigne, gneaB rugeS, eSigrand breche).

The anagrams in the second line can provide a guide to the date of the event while those in line three state the existing calendar system is broken or breeched. These details again imply the fixed axis of the earth changes making the angular measurements that humankind has measured for each star and relied on for millennia inaccurate.

There is one other verse that brings a highly important understanding to the event changing the direction of the fixed earth's axis.

In the text of the last line of C3 Q57 the final verse in this Sephirot there is wording that validates the concept that  the Earth's polar axis will change. It says the constellation Aries will doubt his pole. There is an additional word Bastarnian which makes little sense since it applies to people in the mountain regions of Central and Eastern Europe.

However the anagrams that it helps form make very good sense since its lettering and that in the rest of the line  generate a sequence saying Rastaban boundaries set on Pole (Bastarna nAriesdoub teS on pole)  It also has an anagram for astrolabe (oleBastar).

Nostradamus Prophecies C3 Q57 Rastaban on astrolabe boundariesBoth Rastaban and astrolabe are dependent on the presence of the word Bastarnian and their presence gives a different but valid sense to the astronomic wording in the text of the line in which they are found. That dependency is demonstrated by both occurring only here in this part of this line of this verse. And Rastaban is the name of a previous Pole Star so to doubt Aries' relation to the pole can be explained by the pole shifting due to displacement of the stars. An Astrolabe is a device used for many centuries for plotting the location of the stars.

The other verses in this series also contribute to the astronomic relevance of this set but that given above offers the major insights into the axis shift.

There are other stories that are amplified in these verses. For instance the focal non astronomic event in this chart of ten verses is the number of wars that will take place and these are refined by the advent of a predicted major strike upon the Earth from celestial objects. Another event of great use in setting a date is the graduation created by flood waters that he predicts will rise to cover towns, cities and land by as much as 180 meters.

There is one other anagram sequence that needs to be highlighted. It occurs in verse C4 Q86 line 4 and it holds three adjacent anagrams that link these astronomic events to an event that was surely a motivator for Nostradamus. They say SEQUENT CORPSE REINCARNATIONS ( presco nqueste trirAinnocensa). There is only one anagram for reincarnations in the prophecies and three non-trivial anagrams for sequent..

Nostradamus Prophecies C4 Q86 corpse reincarnationsThe conclusions reached from these analyses are undoubtedly disturbing because they reflect other parts of Nostradamus' work and by the startling strength of the anagrammatic content it is difficult to dismiss claims made by Nostradamus. But they are not a warning; they are observations that over time those living at that time will be affected by.

It may be thought by some that an event like a large meteor strike would destroy life on this planet but if so there would be no point in Nostradamus' work. Nor is there any point in prophecy if at the time it is known its sole purpose is to be an ‘I told you so’ account of the end of the world.

If Nostradamus’ work has purpose it is in the form of preparation of those who survive the devastation so they can know what we have achieved and take advantage of what that means for the future.

This purpose must also include validation of his claims about his own future-seeing capability. Claims are not enough nor is harsh, unrelenting skepticism where the only basis is denial. It is only in his perceptions of language outside his assumed capabilities that proof can be found. And proof of his words is not an end in itself; it has no egotistic origin; it is a partial preparation for what is to come.

The world is approaching, an anaragonic (incomparable) revolution [change of Polar Axis & Polestar zenith c2100CE] and from the present [1555] I write here that [from the aforesaid event] before a hundred and seventy seven years three months plus eleven days [2277CE] there will be pestilence, long famine, and wars. And by worldwide floods between here and the term I have fore-stated, and before and after it by several times, will [the world] be so diminished, and so few people will there be found that want to take to the fields which will become free for as long as their prior owners have held them..Cesar Preface [PCE9]

But Nostradamus’ prophecies also contain other surprises such as the concept yet to be presented suggesting evolution takes life forms towards ever more prescient beings. And how human kind reacts to them in a time of crisis is critical to our species' survival. These new species will survive and our hope is we can live alongside such beings.

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