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Nostradamus on a fateful impact in 21stC that shifts Earths Polar Axis

Of all the events that terrify people throughout the ages the one that Nostradamus foresaw for our time had no precedent. This chapter covers that event. It identifies the story of the shift in the polar axis and this dramatic theme is definitively set out in in Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle, a paper accompanying the first publication of all 942 verses.

This will be preceded by a solar eclipse more dark and gloomy than any since the creation of the world, except for the one after the death and passion of Jesus Christ. And this one will be in the month of October when the great translation will be made. And it will be such that one will think the gravity of the earth has lost its natural movement and that everything is to be plunged into the abyss of perpetual darkness. 1558 Epistle HEE12

However interpreting this as a large magnitude polar axis shift challenges human knowledge arising from similar events. There are constant small changes in the alignment of the axis brought about by natural physical effects of long term spin. Yet there is not at this time any creditable record of a sudden dramatic shift within the history of human civilisation. The following extract is from a page in Wikipedia titled Cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis:

There is evidence of precession and changes in axial tilt, but this change is on much longer time-scales and does not involve relative motion of the spin axis with respect to the planet. However, in what is known as true polar wander, the solid Earth can rotate with respect to a fixed spin axis. Research shows that during the last 200 million years a total true polar wander of some 30° has occurred, but that no super-rapid shifts in the Earth's pole were found during this period.[2] A characteristic rate of true polar wander is 1° or less per million years.[3] Between approximately 790 and 810 million years ago, when the supercontinent Rodinia existed, two geologically rapid phases of true polar wander may have occurred. In each of these, the magnetic poles of the Earth shifted by approximately 55° – from a large shift in the crust.[4]

I want to show that Nostradamus’ stories for the 21st century include such an event. The above quote from the Epistle is a foundation for such a claim and I will use verses in the Prophecies to affirm this coverage of a large polar axis shift. If this material of mine is validly able to be linked to Nostradamus’ Prophecies then it provides a test for his claim to be a prophet with knowledge of the 21stC. If it occurs and there is reason to believe Nostradamus wrote about it it cannot be claimed as being a story from the past. But if it occurs it can’t by itself prove Nostradamus predicted it. It does however make it nigh impossible to dismiss if it occurs and the language and details that establish it as part of Nostradamus’ Prophecies is from the 21stC and was not known or presented in its entirety in the 16thC.

I begin my case with a cluster of six verses in which I present the translated text inCluster of nostaradmus verses showing dynamics of Polar Axis shift black type, the original French (Benoit edition) in italic tan type and the anagrams hidden in their lettering in blue type.

I have made a few connecting links which show reasons to believe these verses belong together. The thinner lines link common phrases used in the verses while the thicker lines indicate the powerful astronomic terminology and historical perspective hidden in the anagrams.

It becomes apparent from this chart's cohesion that Nostradamus' ciphers are star patterns. These have astronomic relevance to the displacement of constellations and can be used to measure any movement in them at the time the current Pole Star (Polaris) passes its zenith in 2105CE.

In establishing this mechanism Nostradamus inevitably tells us critical things about the future of this planet and its inhabitants.

Nostradamus made it clear he uses poetic devices to provide dates for all events with astronomic settings being his means of guaranteeing accuracy. The problems with giving dates by any other means that uses calendars for coordinates are many since calendars at any point of time or place differ due to whims and choices of dominant institutions.

Astronomy overcomes this and is workable even though the rotation of the earth around an axis and the sun leads to different alignments of stars with the planets of our solar system. And our tilted axis introduces a much longer timescale (25500+ years) than covered by local human interests. Similarly the exact location of each star observed from Earth requires complex understanding of the extent of axes changes caused by irregular motions of other celestial bodies. But all this is manageable because the mechanics of stellar positions is fixed and hence changes in position can be known provided the reasons for it happening are known.

But the reason for there being virtually no rapid change in axis of rotation represents a barrier that is hard to address. The earth with its oblate mass spins around its axis and that spin changes its ability to move its axis. To see this get an object such as a bike wheel or gyroscope and hold it by its axis. Test how easy the whole wheel is to move while it’s not spinning. Now get someone to give it a slight spin and then try to move the wheel. It suddenly takes on properties that were not there before and it gets worse as you increase the spin. What you will notice is that turning the axis to a new angle becomes almost impossible. The only motion that the system accepts easily is in the plane at right angles to the axis or up and down.

For any large translation of the stars to take place the easiest course is that the earth’s axis suddenly moves to a different point in its annual cycle around the sun. A more difficult but still feasible way is if the earth suddenly loses its shape. Both require massive energy with a collision rather than an explosion the likely cause since this is the most plausible means of distorting either the path or the symmetric shape of the earth.

The tilt of our axis unlike the other motions of the universe has always been and will eternally continue to be vulnerable to violent collisions with objects from space and this represents a possible causative agent. The energy required to produce dramatic shifts is a rarity and when it occurs it is a short-lived event.

Short lived! An impact lasting seconds. Then shocks, tremors that last for hours and days. Shattering blasts, floods, tsunamis and violent storms that remain active for weeks and months. But mankind survives, bruised, diminished and permanently diseased. Short lived but resulting in eternal change.

And the strength of the case comes partially through Nostradamus’ text and entries in his accompanying Prefaces and partially through the anagrams. The anagrams are themselves products of Nostradamus’ lettering with the strength of their conclusion based on their inexplicably relevant narrative. And they are made more credible through the rarity of the most important ones. Sharatain, Rastaban, fixed, computerised, constellatile, astrolabe and rationalised occur no where else but in one of the verses shown in the picture while boundaries and co-aligned have only one other appearance in the rest of the Prophecies. The anagram for wheel (using uu for w) occurs three times with two occurrences being in this set of six verses.

The astronomic anagrams fit to the writings of Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi ‘s 964CE book called Book of Fixed Stars. But so too do entries in his text; for instance in C3 Q79 The fatal everlasting order through the chain will come to turn through consistent order mirrors the language in Al Sufis’ book. And the names of stars such as Sharatain, Algedi and Rastaban that appear in these six verses seem to be in context with their usage throughout human history. The term astrolabe that refers to an instrument for measuring co-ordinates or finding the location of stars and planets is also relevant to astronomic practice. Their association and links within these verses delivers credibility to them being important in measuring something unique that couldn’t be given using historical precedents. They seem purpose fit ready for an event that is yet to occur; one that changes the appearance of the stars in the sky.

It is this description of the stars that enables a defining test of Nostradamus’ prophetic ability for they provide something notAstronomic chart showing mechanism of 21stC Polar axis shift knowable to any of us until it happens; the reality and the size of a unique polar axis shift. Yet a precise and measurable motion is deducible from the anagrams.

In the picture alongside the angle needed for Rastaban to move from its position in 2005CE to be on the boundary of its polar route can be calculated as the size of the arc that Rastaban has to be moved to be on the white diagonal line. The equivalent angle that the Pole Star will have to move takes Cynosura into the region of Cepheus and very close to the alignment on which Sharatain lies. At the same time another star will appear to move closest to Cynosura’s position at the beginning of the shift; that star is Kochab. So the shift returns the star locations to those which prevailed around 1000 BCE. Now there is a mention of a cock (Kochab?)  in the text of verse C8 Q46 which possibly can be added to the anagrams for Sharatain and El Sufi produces star chains as stories stored Sharatain sacred star.

In accepting the relevance of these anagrams and the message inherent in the verses we have a highly significant test for there is no way that this event can be expected to come to pass in the precise manner indicated and no reason to expect its occurrence except via this content in Nostradamus’ Prophecies. And yet all these entries comply with many quite definitive claims by Nostradamus that for the most important of his verses he included astronomic settings that applied to the events in it.



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