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Nostradamus on War: 21stC events involving Jesus-clone & Antichrist

Allan Webber June 2018, Aug 2020

Nostradamus' Prophecies were published in two parts with each publication there having an accompanying document. His 1555 Preface to Cesar and the 1558 Epistle to Henry were always likely to be crucial in decoding Nostradamus' 942 verses. Yet they are themselves disjointed making their content hard to interpret. In the Sephirot for this chapter I show how I overcome these difficulties using Nostradamus' words found in identifiable passages in the 1558 Henry Epistle. the theme is built around the ciphers for Christ and Antichrist with the strongest quotes then indicating other ciphers through their mention alongside these key terms. There are three quotes that determine the verses included in the ten that make this Sephirot.

Frequency of  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus' Prophecies:

C4 Q77 1: nonregressive, Eucharisto, christened, nonrealism, reencouch, hysteric, 2: liquefies, evenings, versions, mourned, revenges,  3: quartile, prayers,  4: heretics, espy,5: Limonenes, 6: Pilate, choir, belies, 9. mosque

C6 Q51 1: commercialism, intercessory, interested, liveborn, Russias, empirical, commissar, expect, nastiness, tuueet, 2: mosaics, 3: inter-process, portrays, racisms, dissent, refills, sporty, fairies, assist, uuetter, uuays, 4: blameless,, accept, Israfel, eternised, 5: destines, miracle, Orion, sillier, replica, rifles, 6: Princess, 7: sincere, 8: prays, prescient, assures,

C1 Q82 1: eucharisted, Saturdays, assembled, adsorbing, virtued, emboldens, hermetic, reburied, closed, 2: rubric, designator, runic-code, Eucharist, debarment, duarchies, trembled, intervene, 3: denigrators, introduces, educators, tablement, Thadeus / Theudas, equable, chide,4: tenable, 5: Christ, header, loom, 6: courtesan, thrice, revile, days, belate, 7 organise, bodies, 8: daemons, ethics,

C10 Q66 1: unobservant, history-err, landmasses, tetrameters, 2: rhetorics, enfolded, chimeral, Texan, cosset, 3: codeless 4: Hermaic, splendor, astounds, christen, Auberon, crime, 5: star-route, miracle, Christ presager, restart, 6.thrice, unexact, episteme, rotates,

C8 Q77 1: nontheistical, Constantine, hermetiques, Gregories, abstention, mosque, captorz, interclash, revering, geiger, push, 2: vetting, fixes, obstinate, vignettes, 3: quietsome, arguers, setting, misquote, zelant, enstation, 4: christen, 5: orbits, either, Christ, organise, humanise, sanction, 6, saga, peasants, thrice, notates,

C9 Q70 1: monastics, antitonals, talismans, replacements, scams, enchant, Czech, authoress, 2: Anchorites, transplace, ancestral, couuards, secret-plan, permanent, Satanism, 3: demented, Crusader, excuzed, arduous, south, haze, 4: Iron-Hearts, chanters, christen, uuord, Viennese, excuze, 5: spectral, flames, stamina, menacer, suuord, 6: synodal. torrents,

C6 Q40 1: unreplicated, aggrandised, Armageddon, sergeantry, fostering, Congolese, ape-group, foresign, paupery, adding, cooled, codex, 2: Icelander, reignites, 3; GrandOurse, revolt, target, yearns, 4: Omega, greatest, logo, 5: presagient, sunray, pounce, 6: among, loftier,7: organised, 8: group,

C9 Q36 1: priory, pensionry, flouued, precept 2: Dynapro, corpulent, 3: streamlines, enjoy, unleash , envuy, 5: confuse, questor, spinner, fouled, 6: eternalism fusion, sinner, mutter,

C2 Q64 1: capilliculture, superstition, speculatiue, prophoric, modifies, dechifer, biogenes, priories,  feign, 2: resemblant, pillories, 3: respondent, Arcesilaus, outseeing, semblant, entongue, 4: classier, eruptions, portend, disfame, assuage, Essenoi, sillier , alegory, tremblant, prior, Iesous, maid,

C6 Q18 1: Hautpouls, operativeness, reliberated, youngest, gennetos, pollutes, 2, privateness, Caderonne, royalised, pervasion, vaporise, 3: Rontgen, personator, beliuer, 4: eugenist, equating, Christ, genitures, displease, Pluto, 5: helps, Christ, unities, 6: patronizer, delay, 7 ship, ordnance, 8: Leaguers, spies, theirs,

Then the great Empire of the Antichrist will begin where once was Attila's empire and Xerxes will fall in great and countless numbers. So the coming of the Holy Ghost, proceeding from the 48th degree, will make a transmigration chasing out the abomination of the Antichrist. This Antichrist makes war against the Royal who will become the Great Vicar of Jesus Christ. From time to time this war is against that Church and is so on this occasion in time. [HEE11]

Then there will come out of the stem which had remained barren for so long, proceeding from the 50th parallel, one who will renew the whole Christian Church. [HEE13]

.....And in these times and in these countries the infernal power will be put against the Church of Jesus Christ , the power and adversaries to their law. This will constitute the second Antichrist, who will persecute that Church and its true Vicar by means of the power of [three] temporal kings who in their ignorance will be seduced by tongues which, in the hands of madmen, will cut more than any sword. [HEE22]

In the text of many of these verses the same terms and phrases are used e.g. Christian Monarch, three brothers, parts of Europe tremble etc. Having chosen the verses solely on the ciphers nominated above it becomes apparent that they bring together a disproportionate number of easily recognised religious words and terms. There are for instance an unusually large number of words related to the sacraments surrounding Christ and the events involving his last days as told in the stories of the new testament. There are also many for the religious concept of the apocalypse.

C4 Q77
Selin monarch Italy peaceful,
SELIN monarque l'Italie pacifique
Roman lines Qoran / Quran  sequel Realms united by Christian King of  World:
Regnes vnis Roy chreſtien du monde
heretics united modern genes
hysteric versions christened

Dying he will want to lie in Blois soil,
Mourant voudra coucher en terre bleſique
couuard cheer rebels enter mosque

After having chased the pirates from the sea.
Apres pyrates auoir chaſſe de l'onde.
olden Edessa paper Savior Eucharisto prayers 

This mainly achieved through the anagrams. For example In the first verse C4 Q77 there are Pilate, prayers, heretic and Eucharisto. In the second there is an anagram for Israfel who is the angel who blows into the trumpet to signal the Day of Judgment. The third has Theudas a Messianic figure of the 1st century, Saturdays, Eucharist and daemons ethics. In the fourth we have miracles while in the fifth there are non-theistical, Gregories, Constantine, and mosque. The sixth has monastics, Anchorites, Satanism, and Crusader. And the seventh verse contains the singular powerful anagram for Armageddon

There are many more such as Qoran, Quran and prays but these occur with a slightly higher frequency than the ones presented above and hence are more likely products of chance.

These are very powerful, very emotive terms but care must be taken when using them. These are mortal words reflecting mortal fears and cries for help. They are the language to be expected as the world passes into a period of dark and terrifying events. They are the language the human race turns to when faced with the destruction of which our universe is capable. This no conspiracy against humankind it is nature and a transient phase uncontrolled and unprovoked but relentlessly sapping at the minds of mortals.

Intertwined with these religious threads are modern genetic references that by their passenger status appear connected to the aforementioned terms. Their presence unites the threads into a story of modern science based on attempts by religious groups who try to resurrect their longed for Christ-figure. This has the beneficial but unintended result of hastening the evolution of prescient beings.

But the tale is consistently paralled by other themes in order for Nostradamus to leave hints as to the dates of these events. C4 Q20's text of the last two lines says  Bodies dead by water, land that the wave will bring there, Vainly awaiting the hour of being buried there while C4 Q77 L3 says Dying he will want to lie in Blois soil. The town of Blois sits at 70m above sea level and so if Nostradamus' flood timetable is applied these events occur towards the end of this century. The other French town mentioned in the text of these verses is Lyon and at 170m it sits above the high water mark at all times which is consistent with its place in the stories in this cluster.

The text as well as the anagrams refers to the action of a wave and there is a reference to a new spectacle being the reason why people assemble in a place that proves fatal to them. This fits well to the sudden surge of flood water at the start of the next century and it is likely people will have gathered to witness lesser flood events as the waters mount.

So this cluster most likely applies to events at the end of this century and they imply several persons will be born with claims to being the clones of Jesus. Only one will survive and his wars with his brothers and the first of Nostradamus' two Antichrists will dominate the world at this time.

Access to the individual verses and the original paper where these analyses first appeared can be gained via the links below

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