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Nostradamus on 21st century War causation factors

© Allan Webber April 2018, Aug 2020

[My writings] by dark and cryptic sentences, tell of the causes of the future mutation of mankind, especially the most urgent ones.
...Nostradamus' 1555 in the beginning of his Preface to his prophecies.

Frequency of  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus' Prophecies:

C1 Q91 1: undergraduates, unselective, semiquaver, vulcanite, 2: measuring, Minerva's margins, Celtic, regards, cliff, star-zone, eeriness,, 4: elusive, 5: preaches, reshape, 6:  Guiana

C4 Q18 1: dissident, chastised, testicles, resettled, atomism, 2: censoring, ditches, 3: Fascist, repouuer, 4: immortals / mortalism, stressed, upsets, onerous, seuuers, 5: moralist, puniest, prouuess, 6: reasoning, torrents, 7 : turnout. settlers, selects, useless, 8: regions, 9: patroness / transpose,

C6 Q76 1: ventromedial, mutafacient, inadequate, mutate, 2:  supporter, normative, uueapons, complete, 3: prorogue, compel, temporal, couple, 5: fanatic, fetch, sunray, 7: spleen, leproma, illnesses, regroup
C4 Q43 1: resonancy, diuineness, eminences, battered, Lycaeus, saucy, 2:  mutinies, realm-less,  3:  debate, minutes, smaller, endebt, crony, uuants, 4: matronism / romantism, atropism, imports, arms-base, imparts, climes, 5: incites, unities, odour, 6: overt / voter, retreat, 9: Marseille,

C7 Q21 1: fore-guesses, emulatory, headstone, demasculinises, Easterly, quiff, 2: tumoral cliques, utterly, adherent, 3: violets, truly,  disseminule, entitle,, 4: Isis, atmometer, uueapon, 5: pestilent, Tehran, mulises, fearless, 6: superape, Violet, loves,

C7 Q36 1:gnosticiser, undivertible, unrevivable, Epicurus, bisector, unexceeded, scribe, pre-operator, 2: indeed / denied, Baizes zign. 3 coresidents, intercrossed, contender, connoted, apocenter, verbal, descents, 4: considers, hotter, exudence, portance, 5: decried, necrosis, mix, 6: divine-rule, Tzar, 7: dilute Nazi, partz,
C10 Q83 1: non-designed, concentrators, detainable, sameliness, abnegated, gladden, sensualise,2: non-regulates, entangled, connectors, England, heritors, sedation, engaged, corners, abated, distorter, cargoes, 4: non-retraction, androgenesis, encourage, aquifers, 5: loudest, reasoned, ransoms, bilateral, shroud, 6: morass, 7: nitrated,

C2 Q16 1: chant-mode, foreclosed, refocusses, saucepans, secularly, Syracuse, cathode,  2: creed_of , mercies, crimes, slyer, 3: assurance, Regulus, paleness, refuges, forced, timber, census, layers, excels, gulf, 4:, detach, 5 Arch-dean, import,  fuses, 6: appeals, rays.

C1 Q23 1: abnegators, re-evaluating, simulatory, traveling, revealing, morosity, ascorbate, uuaterlog, solenoid, averting, bravest, 2: UUorlds, borates, extend, 3: carbonates, loneliest, signaller, vinegar, extends, meiosis, 4: leaving, radial, word, 5:triangles 7: Soviet, lineage

C6 Q95 1: dyspareunia, palindrome, transfection, Malaysian, anemometers, anomaly, accurate, Laurencium, traumatise, factioneers, numerical, time-stream, detract / traced, aconite, 3: argentous, faction , 4: Salesian, 5: cremations, remoteness, Roentgens, outrages, text, mistreat, 6: tract, pre-ordain, 7: fornicates, creations / reactions, 8:Nimrod, meteors, domain, 9: transit, matter,
From 1555, the time of Nostradamus' publication of the first set of over 300 prophetic verses, it was apparent that the writer was talking about draconian change that would have its greatest impact some five centuries after his death. Mutations surrounding plague, fire in and from the sky, floods, earthquakes and war were his major focus.

C9 Q55

The horrible war which is being prepared in the West
The following year will come the pestilence
So horribly strong that young, old nor beast 
Blood, fire Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France.

This chapter of my book looks at the philosophical basis behind Nostradamus presentation of his war verses. It deals with the ownership of war and the morality and ethics of those who were its proponents.

From the 21stC perspective we have to assess these concepts while recognising his claim implies he dealt with future wars way beyond the understanding of the 16thC.

Using human wit man has increasingly placed himself in a position where he can accurately foretell many things that will happen in the future. Foreknowledge of the date of Halley's-comet's return is one such example. The fate of our sun is another. We know one day it will explode but those who speak this truth are not speaking from occult belief but from a scientist's understanding of universal evolution. Scientists follow the laws of prescience when they predict a distant future since they utilise that part of the universe which they accept as eternal; laws such as those for physics, chemistry, evolution, cosmology and mathematics.

The above examples of scientific foretelling rely on mechanistic cycles which means that emotional and immediate detail of impact on human life are inevitably missing. Nostradamus' claim as shown in C1 Q91 suggests he goes much further than that.

C1 Q91

The Gods will make it appear to mankind
that they are the authors of a great war
Before the sky seen as free of weapons & spears
the greatest damage will be inflicted on the left

And  the anagrams in the ten verses of the Sephirot below and the table alongside show components that cannot be known by the mere use of repetitive cycles. For instance terms such as Nazi, Soviet, Fascist and Frontist refer to nationalist movements with differing ideologies. Three of these terms relate to the mid 20th century but have no real prominence before that time.

Yet they define a way of thinking that although contrasting in its brutality is unified by the self-centred nature of each. These are not unique to war-like attitudes; even pacifism can have a similar alignment as seen in the individualistic pleasure creed advanced by the ancient philosopher Epicurus. Attitudes are a prime factor in the creation of wars with both pacifism and nationalism enabling their commencement and continuation. But Nostradamus' expressed interest was in the mutation of things; the new slant upon ancient ideas was therefore his focal point for the discussion of war.

Each generation plunged into wars tends to ignore their part in its creation and to blame outside forces of gods and nature for their actions. But it is clear from verse C1 Q91 (see above) that Nostradamus differs in that view. And that same verse makes it clear that he has an interest in how change in the nature of weapons reshapes the ancient forms of war. They are no longer remote battles fought hand-to-hand by people who can look each other in the eye as they fight and die; they involve each and every one of us for it is our planet that becomes both the battlefield and the weapon. This not the act of gods or nature but the result of what we who live upon this planet build and do.

Epicurus saw the purpose of philosophy was to help people attain a happy, tranquil life characterized by ataraxia (peace and freedom from fear) and aponia (the absence of pain). He advocated that people were best able to pursue philosophy by living a self-sufficient life surrounded by friends.

He taught the root of all human neurosis death denial and the tendency for human beings to assume that death will be horrific and painful, which he claimed causes unnecessary anxiety, selfish self-protective behaviours, and hypocrisy. According to Epicurus, death is the end of both the body and the soul and therefore should not be feared.

Epicurus taught that although the gods exist, they have no involvement in human affairs. He taught that people should behave ethically not because the gods punish or reward people for their actions, but because amoral behavior will burden them with guilt and prevent them from attaining ataraxia.
Within the anagrams you can see these patterns named precisely and accurately as determinants of our future. They range from illnesses to planetary distortion with both equally effective as instruments of torment, death and destruction. These are the mutations to which Nostradamus refers when giving his motivations for publishing his prophecies.

Once again in the Sephirot below there are a great many adjacent anagram sequences that resonate truly with the topics and the contexts where they are placed.  They contribute a great deal to the meaning of Nostradamus' verses as can be seen by this analysis of mine which relies on the unity that the gathering of clusters based on a common theme can bring.

Throughout these presentations there are startling examples of the importance of adjacency of rare anagrams but less spectacular terms that are also adjacent are just as common and itís equally inexplicable how they came to be there. Of course the more complex structures are the most valuable but used with caution the lesser structures fill in gaps. Of course the more complex structures are the most valuable but used with caution the lesser structures fill in gaps.

A prime example is seen in C4 Q18 line 3 whose text says Punished by edict, hunted like criminals (Punis de dits chaſſez comme ſceleſtes). In that line the lettering stesPunisd editschas results in adjacent words stupidness chastised. Each occurs here and nowhere else in the prophecies yet here they are together with a clear and pertinent relevance to each other. And their aptness to the text is also clear. But also overlaying these two words is the anagram for dissident (nisd edits) which also only occurs in this verse. And adjacent to it is an anagram for upsets (stesPu) that only has three other occurrences.

This interconnectivity between text and anagrams is very pronounced and the temptation is to say it can't be there. You've cheated somehow. You couldn't have done that. But such statements aren't true; it is clearly without any sleight of hand and it is equally apparent that it is there.

And the number of these complex entwined wordings placed in a context associated with the text is not just several; it is vast.

Denial is not a justifiable option for coming to terms with the content I reveal through the anagrams in Nostradamus' Prophecies.

However the importance of my presenting the above example wasn't primarily to challenge skeptics. It is here to indicate why I don't display all the powerful connections in the verse clusters; there are too many.

And I wanted to make the point that the central ideas can be better given by the series of Sephirots rather than overly long analysis of every highlight. For the reader to achieve such an overview the Sephirot is the simplest tool. Spend whatever time you like to gather its entwined threads and return at your choice to feel the emotion of its profundity.

These issues can be seen covered in great scope in the chart of ten of Nostradamus' verses attached below. 

Access to the individual verses and the original paper where these analyses first appeared can be gained via the links below:

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