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Early 21stC gold fraud affecting the future of mankind

Allan Webber April 2018, Aug 2020 

In this web-page I cover the Sephirot where the ciphers are gold-related events relevant to the 21st century and beyond. This particular set of verses is about corporate scammers who use a period of fear to offer people a secure storage place. However when the deposit is redeemed it is a counterfeit copy of the most valuable items that is returned.

The chart is mainly built around the framework of verses holding allusions to gold and/or silver; these form the trunk or core. But completion of the set arrives via embracing those verses having the most powerful ties (by meaning) to those chosen for its core.

Frequency of  prominent  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus' Prophecies:

C3 Q16 1: algorisms, un-coerced, 2: analogism, overdue, 3: congenial, hareems, clearer, vapoured, 4: buy, props, defile, 6: delay, 7: cereal, arsons, fortune, 10: gasoline, many, reduce, field,

C5 Q37 1: Malthusian, co-directors, revolution, gnomists, discover, Athenian, coact, 2: creditors / directors, sections, mongst, doctrines, 3: records, un-retaliated, quittance, 4: simulant, Maoists, posture, 5: attain, finance rottenness, 6: lecturer, accord, 7: seaports, doubt, cronies,

C3 Q26 1: secularism, persistency, conceiver, 2: discern, 3: percipients, contrive, screed, types, 4: declares, simulant, uuagers, exist / exits, 5: incites, storminess, musical, 6: enterprise, interpret, recipients, epics, 8: prescient, guru, timed, secular, sacred, azure, 10: printers,

C8 Q28 1: lauu-craft, prescribe, Muzarab, gazetteer, factual, prescript, 2: interacts, actual garroted, 3: careful, 4: misuse, restored, blaze, 4: furnace, treatise. integer, 5: scantiest, musical, crashed, pierces / precise. 6: script, urgent. orders, truest / utters, 7: receipts,

C3 Q03 1: exoteric, vertices, exotic, 2: Sephirothene, emblems, excite, 3: embalmers, adds, 4: neither, extreme, joint, emblem, contrite, 6: lecturer, hint, 8: found, 9: ensemble,

C9 Q12 1: fare-uuelling, uglifier, detained, refuelling, absorbent, nucleators, casual, cerement, 3: denigrated, larcenous, misuse, 4: dementia, alternated, endorses, 5: ethnarch, torrentous, musical, uzeless, girl, 6: lecturer, order, 7: Baronet, turnout,

C10 Q34 1: Olympiques, metaphrases, overvalued, feudality, foreteller, outlived, parcenary, numeraries, tenantry, re-occur, 2: tattering , afterlife, tyrant, uuar-page, hearsay, pre-occur, 3: treating, gilt. have, 4: treasurer, 5: phrases, 6: fertile, impure, 7: lousy, Empress, prays,

C8 Q14 1: forefelt, offences, encouraged, 2: foretell, notable, uuarfare, dauuned, 3: d'Alencon, 5: encourages, guncode, 7: grandson, shone, held, 8: undead, bond,

C4 Q97 1: persistent, venturers, equalling, antidrug, manuevres, expirant, returns, garroted, 3: gourmand, patterns, gold, presaged, 4: evening, routine, lodge, ventails, dog, 5: Madonna, fortread, 6: till, 7: pretends, fortune, 10: drugman, given,

C7 Q01 1: econometrically, factorially, uuaved, 2: Dutch, Achilles, recovers, 3: processer, steersman, crauuled, 5: uuave, 6: seclude, ally, 7: others, 8: recasts

Gold chart logarithmic scale with 14pc channelsOne term in the text of these core verses that offers a high potential is  simulacres. This term is used in both French & English languages and means imitations or representations of a notable thing. Now Nostradamus uses that term in four verses but in three of them he uses the variant lettering simulachres which is found in neither English, French nor any other modern language. Despite its aberrant spelling it has been taken to mean the same thing and whenever the French text is translated into English it appears as the words copies or images.

This peculiarity is included here because when the selection of verses takes place based on the presence of references to gold and silver, three of them also hold this term. These verses are C3 Q26, C8 Q28 and C9 Q12. So three out of its four occurrences appear in a collection of ten verses despite that set being chosen on a different basis; namely their inclusion of gold or silver in the text. This strongly implies a story line involving objects that look like they contain pure metal but are in reality alloys blended to imitate purity. It is a tale of substitution.

When gold is alloyed with cheaper metals it produces an alloy which is given a name such as vermeil to label its content and if another material is overlaid with gold that layer is referred to as gilt. There is nothing criminal in such products provided they are acknowledged and afforded a properly scaled value. So since it is apparent we are dealing with copies because of references in the text all anagrams for gilded products will obviously be of interest. They are very few; there are two for vermeils and one is included in this set. There are three for gilt and again one has an important role in this Sephirot.

The anagram for vermeils (Verslemi dye) together with an adjacent anagram for dye occurs in the second line of C3 Q03 while the first line of text refers to the joining together of at least two metals namely Silver & Mercury joined.

Verse C10 Q34 is the one in this set where an anagram for gilt is found. Alongside it is the singularly occurring anagram for overvalued (evalrudevo ltig) whose presence in this location suggests a criminal intent.

The text of C8 Q28 highlights another aspect. In it we see several allusions to there being a plot where fake gold is produced and presented as the genuine article. In other words the selections made by Nostradamus imply a massive high level bullion fraud.

C8 Q28
The copies of gold and silver inflated,
Les ſimulachres d'or et d'argent enflez

which after the ft were thrown into the lake,
Qu'apres le rapt au lac furent gettez
factual test urgent actual furnace careful

at the discovery that all is exhausted and dissipated
Au deſcouuert eſtaincts tous et troublez
treatise setout codes constitutes state truest antics

All scrips and bonds will be wiped out.
Au marbre eſcript preſcriptz intergetez
bearer prescribe integer in Muzarab gazetteer

It is trails such as those shown above that allow the meaning of this Sephirot's spheres to be amplified. For a start verse C8 Q28 has strong links to C9 Q12 since both hold the simulachres cipher. And both verses have independent references to a lake. A confined body of water is another linking image in this set of ten verses.
Also both the named verses are amongst those chosen as core verses i.e. they refer directly to both silver and gold.

Read the two of them in the context of a deliberate substitution of bullion reserves with debased ingots and falsification of the documentation and you have a tale that removes mystery from these two quatrains. Reverse that thought process and it becomes likely this collection was built with the intent of telling this story. Not only were the words chosen by Nostradamus for their precise meaning but they are adjunct markers to the flags raised by gold and silver.

Now verse C8 Q28 holds another critical anagram which yields the term gazetteer (tergetezA). It occurs only here but this term was used in discussion of another Sephirot when explaining how geographic distortions by extreme events would render current names of cities and towns meaningless. Nostradamus' verses on such an era would therefore have the extra burden of describing places by their local features such as soil and vegetation types, their nearby lakes and shortened river courses. Its occurrence here in the topic of gold suggest it may well be naming the period when Nostradamus foresaw flood waters drowning much of the earth's lower lands.

C9 Q12
So much silver of Diana and Mercury,
Le tant d'argent de Diane et Mercure
lecturer talent granted eternal meter recur

The images will be found in the lake:
Les ſimulachres au lac ſeront trouuez
oracles ancestor wrote misuse less musical share 

The sculptor looking for new clay,
Le figulier cherchant argille neufue

He and his followers will be steeped in gold.
Luy et les ſiens d'or ſeront abbreuez.

From the narrative in these two quatrains it seems reasonable to deduce that the plates used to produce the documents issued to the owners of the false bullion ingots are dumped in a lake only to be discovered by a sculptor seeking a source of a unique clay.

Other verse links indicate it is this discovery that causes a financial crisis of confidence. There is then a complete collapse in the value of bonds and other paper instruments while the price of genuine gold and silver soars.

But why is such a tale set out so clearly in Nostradamus' Prophecies?
Events involving greed, falsification and fraud abound in the history of men yet Nostradamus doesn't mention them much if at all. This not a reference to a tulip craze nor is it of a South Sea bubble. It is not the crash of 1929 nor is it that of 1987 or 2008. And there is nothing I have uncovered that suggests major financial events of the last 500 years appear in other verses

So why this one involving fraudulent paper backing the value of debased gold and silver?

Such an event is not the great shaper of man's destiny yet it is obvious because they are present this gold fraud event is important enough for Nostradamus to describe it.

Even though tales of gold, security, wealth and fraud seem at first to be a little too commonplace for Nostradamus to use in his Prophecies and despite their irrelevance to the greater story they are matters which Nostradamus would have known always gain the attention of pursuers of wealth. It is this that makes them essential to Nostradamus since by this type of inclusion he ensured the survival of his work.

But it is surely laughable to believe Nostradamus penned such stuff for the benefit of greedy men 500 years beyond his time and none inbetween. However a series of notable verses having little future significance would be far less useful to him than sensational ones that helped deliver his main message. Thise suggests that there is probably a link between a gold fraud and the world calamities that follow it.

If this set of ten verses has importance it will be as Nostradamus claimed; a provision of time and place surrounding the people who will instigate the greatest mutation of man's institutions. It will be a guide like that of a gazetteer since it lays out identifiable properties that give the place in time. It will help in clarifying the dates usually set via locations of the stars but denied during the strike from a celestial object that changes our Polar axis alignment.

So it is likely the word simulacre prominent in this Sephirot carries a far more potent story. Simulacre is a Nostradamien poetic device; it is of the type that abounds in Nordic poetry and is a kenning; a word picture that is an imagery not a reality. It is also the story of corporate greed and malfeasance that places our planet at risk; it is the fruit of all Nostradamus' words.

 I have mixed therewith no divination coming from fate. All comes from God and nature, and for the most part it is integrated with the celestial course. It is much like seeing in a flaming mirror, where the vision of the great events is clouded, sad, prodigious and calamitous. Events that in due time will fall upon the principal worshippers, firstly upon the temples of God; secondly, upon those who, sustained by the earth, approach such a decadence. Also a thousand other calamitous events which will be known to happen in due time... Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle to Henry (HEE7)

But these populist verses on  gold-related events also offered opportunities for Nostradamus to build in things that are essential to understanding the main threads.
They can be used to provide an important insight into his methods. And in the hidden ciphers of this set we are indeed given insight into how his code system works.

To this end verses C3Q03 and C8 Q28 become crucial focal points. For instance in C3 Q03 there are adjacent anagram sequences for Sephirothene roles (orintheEpheS elors), meters recur (rsetMe rcure) and join ten emblems (join ten sembleM) indicating the part these Sephirots play in recreating Nostradamus' genuine works; that is it enables the real purpose missing from the public message.

So knowing the legacy of frauds, bubbles and crashes that sprinkle the ages we have one certainty; Nostradamus' placement of gold verses in his Prophecies is a purposeful act. We can expect well defined themes that define time, identity and place.

The chart presented below together with others in this same series fulfills all the criteria set out above.

This chart has strong connections to the Chart on Impact of false gold ambitions upon coming wars.

Access to the individual verses and the original paper where these analyses first appeared can be gained via the links below:

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Nostradamus' Prophecies- Gold Fraud Sephirot  
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