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Nostradamus on the two warring brothers & 21stC climate change effects on Arctic Ocean.
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This chapter covers the events surrounding two brothers whose quarreling leads to vicious wars that distract from the larger issues affecting 22ndC life. The main ciphers for this come from quotes in Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle to Henry. Some relevant extracts are shown below and at the top right of the chart major ciphers appear in a separate box.

Frequency of  prominent  & topic relevant anagrams  found in Nostradamus' Prophecies:

C8 Q58 1: inducements, cleansing, dualities, utilised, usurper, scaling,  2: neutralities, brominate, flexural, clearing, literate, energies, 3: uninspired, lobstermen, intumesced, ascertain , liqueurs, bromine, angelic, Undines, Jesuit, 4: narrates, lacerating, elements, 5; Eternalist, titles, slanderer. 6: Iadeus, pursue, Saudi, 7: Saracen, Tamerlane,

C2 Q95 1:establishable, hibernations, rampagious, Bastille, captains, notionless, insolent, reformers, insisted, noisiest, Caspian, Bothnian, ninth, 2: inhabitable, separable, capable, Detroit, intends, diuide, remorse, 3: uptrends, tensions, parables, stannic, roaring, dissent, 4: remotest, prudent, unaided, Negress, bells, 5: ancients, destines, bestial, labels, 6: dreading, 7: rigour, 8:  azure, meteors, 9: tremors, rolls,

C3 Q98 1: exudatory, terrorism, forecast, 2: forestries, regularise, roguery, fasters, 3: tiresome, contrecoup, orrery, 5: querent, faces, Royals, Sefirots, reeled, 8: quell, places, 9: falser, forces , degree, 10: five, unexerted,

C4 Q94 1: nonthematic, Madame, trebly, 2: grim, serenely, 3: nominate, Magdelaine, seaborne, 5: Cauvins, adage, 6: anchorets, nobly chastens, 7 Angelim, image, agennoss, rigor, ensnare, 8: Pyrmonts, 9: syntrope, enigma,

C2 Q34 1: tribeless, Liberatress, refuellers, defiler, 2: Baalat, preferral, 3: nuance, level, 4: pre-disaster curses, self-rule,5 Neville, relief, 6: parable, cruises, 7: passed, 10: Essene, departs,

C2 Q68 1: calcareousness, treblemeter, clearances, interregna, conceals, Quillon, occluse, 2: vaporiser, uurestles, conceal, approves, oneself, vapors, 3: Argentine, gene-lines, stronger, illness, results, uuetter, 4: Elquida, splendour, uteruses, quailed 5: regnant, saddle, offers,

C1 Q84 1: Chalcedon, Pelasgian, nebulose, bounces, 2: Laplanders, unobscure, Pallas, curacies, flouuer, 3: unseating, sanguine, 4: infernos, Flanders,igneous, circus, prefer. 5: denotes, Guinean, 6 obscure, palls, , 8: carnaged, genius, curbs,

C8 Q81 1: desolation, deflation, defoliant, toilsome, poundage, predefine, archeries, 2: Aquilonaire, demotions, civilise, Dnieper, 3: mortalised, tribute, Icelands, changed, Philip, Iolande, research, foetal / lefato, 4: Sephira, enfold, phial, float, 6. emotions, elation, enfuel, shape 7: simpler , Leonine, 8 : Lords-name, mortalise,

C6 Q07 1: telescopes, galling, 2: Missourian, celestial, 3: apexes, quinone, still, 4: inebriant, liberalist, gangs, erring 5: issued, 6: libels, cadet, infers, 7: copies, selects,  9: scope / copes,

C2 Q91 1: disturbant, Modon, quintole, 2: reversional, immortal, pendants, 3: attendant, cloister, trisector, indolent, travelers, tributes, restrict, quavers, 4: immortals / mortalism, sclerotin, outline, traverse, burst, 5: fouled astral /altars, 6: dangerful, tribute, slandered, Roslin, 8: Beirot, attends, 9: mortals, overran, 10: modern, Solon,

It will be sustained because of the sacrifice of the holy and immaculate host at a time when the lords of Aquilon are two in number. They will be victorious over the Easterners, and will make war with very much noise and tumult. Therein all the East trembles in fear of the brothers, not brothers of the North (Aquilonaires). ...Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle to King Henry [HEE18]

And our age has nearness to this by means of the three who are secretly united in the search for death, treacherously setting traps for one another. And while this renewed Triumvirate will last for seven years, the renown of such a sect will extend throughout the universe...Nostradamus' 1558 Epistle to King Henry [HEE18]

Although it may appear as though the stories in the visible text of Nostradamus' Prophecies, Epistle and Preface  indicate all he had to say such a view is misleading because those stories are deliberately designed to do that. It has always been true regardless of whether you accept Nostradamus' claims to being a prophet that the real stories are hidden in code designed for chosen audiences.

It is easy to accept that one such audience was a select group of his peers, patrons and associates. But he claimed it was also for a future audience and for them the completion of his visions had to be built into what those people see. Yet it had to be cleverly hidden if it were to remain a secret for 500 years as he claimed.

Meaning for this future group had to come from what was inbuilt in the lettering. But that meaning required a vast amount of support if it were to be credible. It had to be interwoven with the content of the text and his stated story lines had to be obviously modern in context and content.

The Sephirot is a device known to Nostradamus as a means of holding ideas together. This technique is equivalent to modern modes of preserving the integrity of meaning in a scrambled message. By the use of packages that define bounds and their relationships with other packages, focus can be restored allowing material they hold to be seen.

In many of the cornerstone verses the anagrams provide the strongest indicators of modernity since there was no way Nostradamus could openly display his interest in what were at the time heretical, unknown or alien topics.

And in these Sephirots that I reconstruct from Nostradamus' works unity is built by their respective ciphers. The ciphers are key words unlocking the basis of code and they take precedence in determining the story Nostradamus set out to tell.

Through this understanding each of these clusters delivers coherence and new insights that illuminate the obscurities that have confounded experts and ordinary readers for over five hundred years.

Although much of the framework for this particular cluster comes by using phrases in verses which reflect similar ideas in the 1558 Epistle, the detail for this frame still relies on the anagrams for things such as pertinent names for people described in the text. This achieves his goal of concealing ideas that might have got him in serious trouble by using keys that parallel those used in rhetorical religious debates in the 16thC.

In this particular cluster we gain insights into the tumultuous relationship of two of the children. Some of this family are born by abnormal means and several have different fathers. It can be deduced from Nostradamus’ writings that the method of conception of the younger son involves insertion of ancient DNA which creates a legacy of illness.

Baalat, also spelled Baʿalat or Baʿalath, (from West Semitic baʿalat, “lady”), often used as a synonym for the special goddess of a region; the 12th dynasty (1991–1786 BC) she was equated with the Egyptian goddess Hathor.

Not only do the anagrams further the story of a family involved in giving birth to a child cloned from ancient 'Christ' DNA but it indicates people turn to ancient legendary female goddesses for names to apply to the mother of the child. The anagrams enabling this conclusion are not trivial; for example in verse C2 Q34 there is an anagram of the name Baalat (aatabl) in the second line and this letter combination only occurs here and in one other verse. Similarly Pallas (slapla) in the fourth line of C1 Q84 only has one other occurrence. They are joined by Aschera (Seracha) in line 2 of C8 Q81 but this name can be found in another eleven of the 942 verses.

The cluster implies ethically problematic remedies are employed. But the differences between the brothers mask greater problems in the world that are the result of climate change. In our time the impacts discussed in the cluster are already part of the modern news cycle.

BBC News - 26 January 2018: China to develop Arctic shipping routes opened by global warming.

As can be seen from this recent headline the northern seas are changing and new routes for linking the East to the West are already opening. But as with so many benefits that man's dominance of the world's resources creates there is a downside. Pollution and invasion probabilities crystallize in this cluster and the details of its impact are to be found in its contents.

Three Brothers story, Family historical names & Family relationships.

Access to the individual verses and the original paper where these analyses first appeared can be gained via the links below:

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Chart of Nostradamus' verse giving the setting for the two brothers  
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